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    What the fk? 3 years ago  
    RainbowDash :p 3 years ago +1
    Good 3 years ago  
    Murderers 3 years ago  
    MINECRAFFFFT 3 years ago  
    Family 1st 3 years ago  
    Both murder 3 years ago  
    Obesity 3 years ago  
    I love comics :| 3 years ago  
    Mcdonalds has no vegan choices, all animal cruelty ur shoveling down ur throat 4 a moment of pleasure. 3 years ago  
    Both :| vegan ftw 3 years ago  
    Vegan ftw 3 years ago  
    John because Jennifer will just tlk shyt & b catty 3 years ago +2

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