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    and if your mom died from cancer? ... 7 years ago  
    canada is beautiful =) I would move to Whistler 7 years ago  
    if you were famous wouldn't you be wealthy? 7 years ago +4
    uhhh what if my birthdays on christmas? =O 7 years ago +3
    my moms already dead and shes been cremated and I dont want her face staring at me and Y~Y 7 years ago  
    Woman are superior thank you very much. =) 7 years ago +7
    i have always wanted to be able to read minds haha xD 7 years ago +1
    Thats horrible! Those poor animals D= the kitties and puppies omg!! how could you hurt them? =O 7 years ago  
    wtf? how do owls have babies then? like wtf? 7 years ago  
    I love chrome =O 7 years ago +6
    cause you'd be in the elevator for two hours? haha 7 years ago  
    psh you could just drop something on someones head xD 7 years ago  
    ou'd break your legs like that guy in frozen 7 years ago  
    haha i've seen the movie frozen, i would rather be in an elevator haha 7 years ago  
    people still do weed and no one has ever died from it, so yea it should be legalized. 7 years ago +2
    haha masochistic much? I would much rather be cheated on instead of beaten, of course if I was beaten I could kick their ass, but if they cheated on me I'd still kick their ass haha 7 years ago +1
    haha uhm apple jacks i'd rather I have girl gynecologists because it feels less weird as I am a girl and I'm 15... o.o 7 years ago +1
    $20 is so much better than $3 7 years ago +2
    Haha all of you who chose pornstar hahaha you can be a successful pornstar but I don't want to be a pornstar hahaha 7 years ago  
    If your homeless you still have your family and friends, there are kids who are homeless and go to school. 7 years ago +1
    Bush ruined everything and made it difficult for Obama to do right, he's trying to but its difficult 7 years ago +9

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