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Would you rather Have This or Have This 3 years ago 114 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Which one do u like better Harry Potter+Ginny Weasley or Hermione Granger+Ron Weasley 3 years ago 58 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Have a Macbook or Have a Windows 3 years ago 66 votes 20 comments 0 likes
Which girl would you want to be? Luna or Cho 3 years ago 104 votes 6 comments 0 likes

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rrrather. 3 years ago  
Hi5 me 2! 3 years ago +1
Lol -_- do u really think so? ;) 3 years ago  
Mainly because the only person who voted was me.... 3 years ago  
$5 3 years ago  
Lol I'm using a MAcbook 3 years ago  
Me: HArry and Hermione!! match in heven!! 3 years ago  
Is it just me, but i think the word "superman" is quite lame ;) 3 years ago  
I luvv italian food!!!! 3 years ago  
FLUFFY CUSHIONZZZ!!! 3 years ago  
You are so fu*ing cold blooded, as*hole 3 years ago  
Would you live or die 3 years ago  
Ewwww 3 years ago  
Zombies aren't people 3 years ago  
No i'm not 3 years ago  
BIG BANG RULES 3 years ago  
#ihatefrozennn 3 years ago  
WHAT THE..... 3 years ago  
didn't say no phones! ;) 3 years ago  
Ja 3 years ago  
So why is That huh? 3 years ago  
Hong Kong? 3 years ago  
At least I'm still on Earth 3 years ago +3
Normal skin 3 years ago  
Guten Tag. Wie heiƟe du? 3 years ago  
4% of people chose A? WOW THIS IS SO UNBELIEVEABLE 3 years ago  
PHOENIX GO!!!!!! 3 years ago  
Why on EARTH would ANYONE even have THIS on their mind?!?!?! 3 years ago  
Sounds fun :) 3 years ago +2
Is it just me, but What is the clique? 3 years ago  
No, he was born without arms AND legs, AND he is famous. 3 years ago  
Best Question EVER!!! 3 years ago  
37%now 3 years ago  
:( Really little people have chosen harry Potter 3 years ago  
Wheelchairs 3 years ago  
I can anyways 3 years ago  
I'm a girl 3 years ago  
LOL 3 years ago  
Won't go into forests anyways.... 3 years ago  
Optical illusions 3 years ago  
Would you rather be pretty or ugly. 3 years ago  
FREE CAR! YESSSSS! 3 years ago  
Cool buildings! 3 years ago +2
Why would I hold a coconut? *submerges in water now* 3 years ago  
Why do we need A? 3 years ago +1
Haha: meh:) 3 years ago  
Ha Ha the 23% of ppl are so MENTALLY RETARDED 3 years ago +1
Is this political? Didn't know that 3 years ago  
At least i'm dead and I don't know... 3 years ago  
Those 11% if ppl are mentally retarded 3 years ago  
for only one time. 3 years ago  
equipment=elevator.LOL 3 years ago  
I speak German. so... 3 years ago  
Lippo 3 years ago  
Was this even a question? 3 years ago  
FIREFOX STINKZ 3 years ago  
huh? 3 years ago  
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