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    x ray vision sounds like it would hurt ur eyes 2 years ago  
    why would u show a pregnant woman she is not fat if she didn't have a baby in her she would be skinny ._. 2 years ago  
    i wanna be in teh compooter gwoop 2 years ago  
    reading is f*cking boring 2 years ago  
    17%!?!?!? but wat about dos marshmellows 2 years ago  
    cuz im lesbian 2 years ago  
    i was cool looking when i was 10 2 years ago  
    females kinda smarter and i don't have to worry if she looks at my genitals 2 years ago  
    cinema alone makes it quiet and then u can do anything u want and not bother ppl 2 years ago  
    facebook rots your brain 2 years ago  
    texting is always so slow 2 years ago  
    if u stop animal abuse u stop pollution to cuz the sea creatures are animals 2 years ago  
    if my family gets mad ill let them live with me cuz idk i dont wanna be poor 2 years ago  
    dreams.^-^ 2 years ago  
    christmas cuz of pretty lights cookies and more (im not greedy) 2 years ago  
    idc it doesnt rlly matter i just chose one cuz idc 2 years ago +1
    if i listen to baby from justin bever(yes i called him bever) twice i would either go insane or die... 2 years ago  
    movies are usually stupid these days 2 years ago  
    tan and blonde hottest thing their is 2 years ago  
    dont wanna laugh at someone fall but if someone is dancing for no reason they're asking for laughs 2 years ago  
    my friend will be single after that becuz im lesbian ^-^~ plz no judge 2 years ago  
    super smash bros has pokemon 2 years ago  
    cats dont tear up your stuff much 2 years ago  
    maybe ill be lesbian 2 years ago  
    meow 2 years ago  
    vempire time 2 years ago  
    bye bye speeding 2 years ago  
    retirement home becuz everyone there is SOOOOOO NICE 2 years ago  
    homeless cuz then they have homeless ppl homes 2 years ago  
    i could make my fnaf action figure be real life size so that it looks REAL 2 years ago  
    justin is dead to me he is sexuall 2 years ago  
    earth is a beautiful place and i will never want to leave that 2 years ago  
    click the emergency button dummy 2 years ago  
    i already am :( 2 years ago  
    none 2 years ago  
    PIRATE AND SAIL THE 7 SEAS+vaek 2 years ago  
    wet dog better cuz i carry some kinda fan with me everywhere and i dry then 2 years ago  
    pigs...CUZ MONKEYS THROW FREAKIN POOP AT EVERYONE...beautiful pig yes... 2 years ago  
    if i can rule i would give all the good ppl wat they want for 5 dollars 2 years ago  
    no sex...no kids...THATS THE LIFE 2 years ago  
    unicorns cuz mermaids r real piles of mean crud 2 years ago  

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