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he has 1 7 years ago  
not hot but not ugly...average 7 years ago +1
step sis and its VAG. not VIG 7 years ago +3
r u on the crack that u took from the criminals 7 years ago +4
great pic of the sponge 7 years ago +1
griffindore or slytherin 7 years ago  
wipe his shirt 7 years ago +1
stepmom = no relation watsoever 7 years ago +1
both have fake tits 7 years ago +2
obviou 7 years ago  
obviously u have bad speaking skills or never have the guts to speak to ur crush and go off the stereotypes b/c i talk to my crush a lot and i dont use any of those because i can be myself 7 years ago +5
u can persuade them into telling u wats on theor mind that u want to no 7 years ago +2
never played either 7 years ago  
im adopted haha 7 years ago +6
it was never funny to begin with 7 years ago +1
the fruit 7 years ago +1
sonic rainboom 7 years ago +2
then as saying thx the people i helped would help all animal 7 years ago +1
u dont have to get them 7 years ago +1
sharp ends on the side 7 years ago  
ponies r awesome 7 years ago +1
grow up 7 years ago +6
in the words of icarly spagetti tacos 7 years ago +1
that movie was based on a real story 7 years ago  
take it off 7 years ago +7
it means pee out thorns 7 years ago +5
wrong one 7 years ago  
at least they have good taste 7 years ago  
he doesnt have to throw it hard 7 years ago +3
she can retire early and then do something she likes 7 years ago +5
im not anorexic 7 years ago  
i wouldnt need to make a mistake b/c i no wat would happen 7 years ago  
ull get over it and im a guy and yes it does hurt worse 7 years ago  
turtles can live on land 7 years ago +4
friendship is a relationship b/c im not gay 7 years ago  
im not gay 7 years ago +1
im not gay so i wouldnt have a husband 7 years ago +1
i have great disipline 7 years ago  
wrong one 7 years ago  
even without a blanket 7 years ago  
i perfer the floor over the bed 7 years ago +2
ok sense he gave me the choice doesnt count as my wishes wish num 1 = give me a world that is full of hot women sense they all love me...u can see wat happens now 7 years ago  
im not going to hell 7 years ago  
day in the sun= end of twilight 7 years ago +9
in soviet russia we have male justin beiber 7 years ago  
selfish beyotches 7 years ago  
step sis 7 years ago  
its faster 7 years ago  
whoever voted for the other one should be shot dicks 7 years ago +3
depends on if the chunks r from the peanut butter lol 7 years ago +2
stepsis 7 years ago +2
doesnt say it has too be theirs 7 years ago  
turn it sidways 7 years ago +300
thats muffed 7 years ago  
hot stepsis 7 years ago +2
wash the tub then lick 7 years ago  
i skipped because i cant decide haha 7 years ago  
stepparents that r les 7 years ago +1
u saw how well that worked out for voldemort and he killed 7 7 years ago  
will be LESS intelligent means it will still be smart 7 years ago +5
halo sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7 years ago  
yes 7 years ago  
the person is of ur dreams that means u would have them too 7 years ago  
canada is where the sheman singer is from 7 years ago +1
hold onto the rope for my life 7 years ago  
no u dont need them:P 7 years ago +2
as long as im the one kicking 7 years ago +3
write 7 years ago  
foregin languages=languages i dont no and i dont no any animal languages 7 years ago  
if u have x ray vision then ur seeing everone's bones no matter wat sex they r 7 years ago  
ull have to repopulate the island 7 years ago  

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