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    skip +1
    god is real  
    same person  
    nether the chicken had to lay it but for the chicken to live it must be layedso nether  
    i want god to take me' +3
    i love homework  
    the sea now a day has snakes sharks lot of sharks crocdiel  
    idd be rich and have guards  
    there the same  
    can i have that 1,ooo,ooo,oooo,ooooo worh of a car yes you can  
    you need blood to live with out bones you couldcould slid du  
    john rocks hairy poter  
    iddask who are you  
    same du  
    im a dude  
    in fast  
    if i never stoped eating idd be fat and dead +1
    nether these are gay  
    idd sell all of it then have around 10,000  
    the green looks fake  
    i can fit in a locker and open it if anny tryed id beat there ass  
    vitamin water are grose  
    yes i can  
    by reading every thing you could read mines and when the teacher asks a question you read her mine ha i win  
    god is real i love him praise hi praise him  
    i love rill chrismas trees  
    i hate justin bieber  
    same person du in not ansewing  
    i love cold  
    i love being rich  
    if you leleport your be safe when some one attacks you and never be late  
    i hate him  
    there both the same trick question  
    yah pool heat  
    hamster are heltie for you but grose  
    i love cold showers  
    go damocrate obama rocks he won  
    The Economy was going to hell with Bush and Clinton. How soon pople forget. Jobs are better now and the economy is growing! It's only the media who support Republicans that don't want people to realize this  
    If your dream is to love the person of your dreams then if all your dreams come true you would be with the person of your dreams and have all your other dreams come true too  
    I will never be even with the one true God  
    Can I have a Delorium instead?  
    Not the same thing... a geek is really smart a nerd is just someone who never lifts their nose from a book  
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