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    Have you actually seen/read Twilight? Hmm, probably not. You're just going by what other people think instead of forming your own opinions.  
    Well, I don't use miniclip. It's just the only one I've heard of. Don't be such a jerk.  
    Only if that's my gravestone.  
    Brenda Song. She's not in a Disney Channel show in real life.  
    OW. Just OW.  
    Wasted money, my friend.  
    Aw, such a good person :)  
    Oh. He looks a lot like him. Still not hot, though.  
    It looks a lot like him. Who is he?  
    Is this implying that- if I am correct in thinking this is him- Zac Efrom is really hot?  
    I don't really like tablets.  
    Neither do you.  
    I just want to be able to play with barbies and NOT LOOK WEIRD>  
    At least I climbed Everest!  
    Crap! I forgot about how cheap white shirts are.  
    I tend to get more prseents.  
    Seriously? 18% could handle missing out on know exactly what they're eating?  
    Well, I'd want to accomplish SOMETHING in my life.  
    Have you ever actually seen Twilight?  
    I'm lazy. What do you think?  
    We are middle class. It kinda sucks.  
    I'm too claustrophobic...  
    I am way too claustrophobic for an elevator.  
    Nahhh I'm good.  
    I don't like Obama, but I'm not exactly an idiot.  
    You are a very homo sapien.  
    Lines at stores don't cause thousands of deaths each year.  
    My mom said that if Obama be came president again we're moving to Belize. Unfortunately, we still have another year on our lease :(  
    Sure, I'll wait til I'm 16! +2
    Hermione marries RON WEASLEY. I'd take that over marrying someone allergic to the sun ANY day.  
    And I'm sick of hearing moves like jagger.  
    You will be mine, Taylor Lautner.  
    I want to meet my German, Irish, and English ancestors!  
    I'd be sitting in the living room with my mom, and all of a sudden she'd fart and be like, "What the hell?"  
    I hate baths, because then everyone can hear me sloshing around.  
    The mirror of Erised shows you what you truly desire, in the bottom of your heart. Polyjuice potion turns you into a person of your choice for an hour, if you put a piece of that person's hair in the potion.  
    I want a smart baby because I'll probably be living with it when it grows up, so it needs a good-paying job.  
    I would love a normal life spa! Will I get massages?  
    I want to have more time to make my life meaningful. Money doesn't give your life purpose, and I want to have enough time to find my purpose in life.  
    Sorry, but I love my clothes. Ain't nobody taking my shirts.  
    OH MY FREAKING GOD at pic 1  
    Now that's true love, in picture A.  
    This girl would!  
    I hate it when people sing "Happy Birthday" to me. What am I supposed to do when they're singing? Not like I can join them.  
    What's with the enthusiasm in your question!  
    You could, it would just be very boring.  
    awww don't make me choose!  
    Seriously, what is the difference?  
    What does hunger have to do with anything?  
    An STD.  
    I just want to be able to play with Barbies and NOT LOOK WEIRD.  
    i love racing  
    Hmm... no you didn't. +3
    GAH wrong one. I guess I... answered without... thinking...  
    I'll take 75 years of pain with an eternity of happiness in the end. +3
    I'm so lazy I'd probably use my teleporting power to move from my bed five feet over to my computer.  
    I just don't think he's attractive... Neither is Harry or Niall, in my opinion. I'm sorry :(  
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