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    i'd loose the same person either way 4 years ago  
    I'm already the younger of 3 siblings, and by being the youngest, i got spoiled growing up. :) 4 years ago  
    seriously,how hard of a question is this? 4 years ago  
    never said how hard, how bout a milligram of force, like a light feather, downy soft, etc 4 years ago +1
    more of a chance of your crush liking you 4 years ago  
    no pain no gain 4 years ago +1
    taking test would suck though 4 years ago  
    fall from a high cliff onto a huge, wide ledge, a foot below the top the cliff, i win. 4 years ago  
    nothing ventured nothing gained 4 years ago  
    learn the 5 languages, then develop them 4 years ago  
    smaller government thank you 4 years ago  
    i would just get out of it 4 years ago  
    was a mormon missionary for two years, used to it 4 years ago  
    what about gas mileage? 4 years ago  
    looks fade comedy doesn't, and girls love a guy that can make them laugh 4 years ago  
    can it be stuffed animal kittens? 4 years ago  
    shoot a baby a kiss. PWND this question 4 years ago  
    oxygen mask and tank. haha 4 years ago  
    sober 4 years ago  
    foreplay....... 4 years ago  
    i just thought of this right after clicking, look in the mirror of Erised and get the sorcerers stone,.. I win 4 years ago  
    can you say cheaper by the dozen? 4 years ago  
    already skinny? 4 years ago  
    okay to be honest, i would donate some to charity, but not all of it. and does would my wife count as less fortunate? 4 years ago  
    well does swallowing your saliva count, you already do that unconsciously several times a day 4 years ago  
    well when you get married you loose part of your social life, then the rest when you have kids, soo, ill take the social life with my family 4 years ago  
    ill suffer, suffer a full stomach from the juicy meaty steak i ate 4 years ago  
    rest with other peeps 4 years ago  
    is it a hot girl whom I'm not related to that'd be doing the spanking? hahaha 4 years ago +1
    working out 4 years ago  
    as long as this country keeps it free market economy, where i can be, necks ya 4 years ago  
    unlimited supply of chocolate, means i can give more to girls 4 years ago  
    both, i really don't care 4 years ago  
    skip 4 years ago  
    well my current job is school., so if i count grants and scholar ships as pay, i can just double all that : ) 4 years ago  
    inovation, thank you mr jobs, 4 years ago  
    upper middle class ain't bad 4 years ago  
    soap, the tiny travel size from motel six, never said what size of soap 4 years ago  
    never said how long i'd be homeless for, or just live in an RV 4 years ago  
    oderless fart, thank you very much 4 years ago  
    who say's you have to kick the wall hard, kick it very lighthtly, or with the ball of the foot. no toes hurt 4 years ago  
    ill kiss their hand, their kissed some one with meth mouth 4 years ago  
    does 4-5 count as a bunch 4 years ago  
    i think i read the question wrong .depends, if my friend was to take the blame for something i did I'm not sure i'd like it. but if he's guilty every way, let him take his now blame 4 years ago  
    life wasn't meant to be easy, only meant to be worth it 4 years ago  
    i alreaay have a pretty good memory, soooo... 4 years ago  
    already experienced physical, past a kidney stone just last month 4 years ago  
    citric acid 4 years ago  
    1st degree burn from touching a hot plate, oops burned alive. 4 years ago  
    lets see 7 maybe9 month vacation in one spot, 1 month ski trip, 2 months for summer, maybe 3 and maybe 1 month of spontaneity 4 years ago  
    well i love living, so i can make 20,000 doing that in addition to my job...loop hole 4 years ago  
    youtube, which is owned by google 4 years ago  
    lets see, pee mixed with water down the drain, followed by hot soapy water, or dirty the toilet,,,,,shower 4 years ago  
    well with the same sex, it leaves rooms for the other sex and hot girls 4 years ago  
    1 word, bath 4 years ago  
    bye, bye, obama care 4 years ago  
    mtn dew, thankyou 4 years ago  
    is this really a question? of course out side 4 years ago  
    200k per year, still pretty dang good money 4 years ago  
    drive into the parking lot or driveway, or only a foot. extremely tired, then take a nap, prob solved 4 years ago  
    a with one wish wish for a super high paying, little work job, like owner of a big company, or b, wish that every penny i own would be worth a dollar to everyone else 4 years ago  
    actually, never mind, be friend zoned, by my crush, move on, find another hot girl, but if the hottest girl in the world was my best friend, then ya, but nope, that author had ;to sneak that comment in. 4 years ago  
    dogs dry out 4 years ago  
    taking this, on my shiny mac 4 years ago  
    miss read the question, i meant speak and write, 4 years ago  
    ill play wow,,...for 5 min. and then never touch it again, now i don't have to die, mouse messed up, and clicked death though 4 years ago  
    I'm only like 107, so double my weight, and double with muscle 4 years ago  

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