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    Competitive battling is very hard and takes skill knowledge and strategy to win  
    I have two dads  
    Im a freestyler so i guess i cant dance to this shix  
    The 33% are probably 7 yr olds who live their lives doing embarrassing stuff and cosplays and being a sqeeker  
    Basically saying naruto or one piece i like one piece more but this is not anime so ninja  
    U suck  
    Ur the worst  
    Fuking high scool of the dead. Zombies and chicks  
    If ur loved then the'll give u monie  
    I dont have a cell phone  
    With a ph of 6  
    Wait my birthday is on the 24th of december so um double win  
    I already do  
    Didnt say how hard  
    just take the money and leave then get the other simple +1
    my birthday is Christmas eve so sucks on u  
    like u  
    i just said that when i read the question  
    it will be funny to see them drive bad  
    u could wish for infinate money and have 2 more wishes left  
    spell wear right first  
    im a what?  
    u can have a mermaid to be a maid and a gf but unicorns can rape u with that horn dildo and stab u and kill u  
    or pingu  
    idk what this ment so i chose a bad under-rated answer  
    dude animals can kill u and it will be more painful and scary  
    if we use internet for 1h then we would be going out for 1h  
    wtf does this mean?  
    i'm with ya  
    i have never watched both of these  
    nah because if u spamed it then no one will notice because u basically stopped time  
    if ur immortal then when u get ur head chopped off or something u will be like that forever  
    what is wrong with steven hawking's head  
    ikr these noobs, like 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999million pple are noobs(btw i am being sarcastic with the numbers)  
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