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    thuum 5 years ago  
    allison hannigan 5 years ago +2
    skyrim is sooooo dope this isnt even a legit question 5 years ago +4
    emma watson 5 years ago  
    emma watson 5 years ago +2
    family guy plays it safe....southpark shows muhammed and bin ladens tiny peepee 5 years ago +5
    free online 5 years ago  
    courage 5 years ago +1
    darth vader 5 years ago  
    wow 5 years ago +1
    emma watson... 5 years ago  
    attack of the show!!!!! 5 years ago  
    aliens 5 years ago +1
    relax and take notes....while i take tokes 5 years ago +1
    34% like being intentionally lied to everyday...... 5 years ago +3
    i dont think crimson armada is death anything 5 years ago  
    star wars or star pocahontas............... 5 years ago  
    the running of the jew..... oh no shes laid a jew egg....beat it before it hatches 5 years ago  
    13% people are dumb...imma christian btw 5 years ago  
    loud n proud 5 years ago  
    dip spit will kill you...thats why you spit it out.... 5 years ago  
    would i rather do something gross or normal????hmmmm 5 years ago  
    those 71%..... 5 years ago  
    news flash...obama spent more money than bush and every other president COMBINED and still you complain about the amount of money bush spent while supporting obama 5 years ago  
    obama = govt oppression 5 years ago  
    ron paul = liberty and freedom 5 years ago +2
    govt should not be involved in this....people shouldnt have to be told by anyone not to kill babies 5 years ago  
    this is america not the soviet union...the govt has no business making new laws outlawing something 5 years ago  
    obamas policies have been proven to destroy economies throughout history, whereas romney represents the only thing that has ever worked....hard work 5 years ago +21
    he murdered an american citizen and his teenage son in cold blood, constantly lies to the public, and is a communist 5 years ago  
    FDR had people thrown in concentration camps....but thats none of my business 5 years ago  
    both are liars and oppose liberty so what does it matter? 5 years ago  
    theyre both socialists so this is a trick question 5 years ago +2
    theyre both socialists so this is a trick question 5 years ago +2
    if i go to the super bowl that doesnt get me closer to killing obama 5 years ago  
    one is a war hero permanently crippled from service and the other is a communist pig...yet 71% vote for the communist 5 years ago  
    only 14%???? 5 years ago  
    one guy is black so your racist if u didnt vote for him 5 years ago  
    how about the hero of the story....DARTH VADER 5 years ago  
    already been there 5 years ago  
    invisibility and teleportation = bank robbery 5 years ago  
    zombie apocalypse = much fun such shoot 5 years ago  
    african families dont need money the need FOOD and WATER!!!! 5 years ago  
    if you chose to execute innocent person then you have no business complaining about the murderers in the first place cus you are one 5 years ago  
    there will be no human beings post 2200 5 years ago  
    this is not an either or question. 5 years ago +1
    this is not an either or question 5 years ago  

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