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    If Hitler wasn't here history would be altered BIG time. +2039
    YOLO is a twisted version of Hakuna Matata.  
    You have a sick mind, my friend. +1
    Didn't say how long you have to give up the computer.  
    Dude, he's clearly biting the cane and it looks a little sexual.  
    I'm pretty sure you can't go wrong with either.  
    I think marioluigi doesn't like guys. +3
    ^ Best comment ever.  
    Styles from 20 years ago are what people are wearing anyway.  
    You can just buy internet. +4
    It would be funny in a silent room. +3691
    The whole world does it. Let them see.  
    It doesn't say you get to keep the money.  
    You just said it didn't exist...then you said it's a chemical reaction in the brain. Cool Story Bro.  
    If you are making fun of my grammar, just know that I don't curse a lot, idiot.  
    I just realized "summer" is actually winter in Australia.  
    A small peck!  
    I'm pretty sure they don't know.  
    Wouldn't you rather rape a chicken at Burger King, so you can have it your way?  
    I see what you did there...  
    Three bodies attached together from head to anus..they even "used the bathroom" in each other's mouths.  
    My grandparents are blind. +4
    I'd kick most of them out.  
    No s*x.  
    The same place could mean the same country. +1
    I'm a morning person anyway. +1
    I already stay inside with my laptop for the whole summer. +2
    That dude is possessed by demons.  
    Well duh, to be in love is a dream, so it would be accomplished.  
    Christmas: An excuse to get presents when you've been bad the whole year.  
    Chuck Norris has his own party.  
    The guilt of stealing a candy bar! DUH. +247
    If you know it all, you can have it all. +1
    I bet most of the 80 % are Beliebers. +519
    I'd give him $5 just because his sign is awesome. +1
    I'm a girl  
    My true love is gonna be rich. Problem solved. +3480
    I'm already a boss.  
    Especially during a presentation!  
    Sorry, I hate cats.  
    F yall, green apples are the shizz. +730
    What is that man doing with the cane? LOL +748
    I don't plan changing my gender when I grow up. +3
    I guess your mom's a man?  
    You can't find MC Hammer's career but you can't touch this! XD  
    You could be 25 and still have the mind of a 3 year old.  
    A TV show created the universe? XD +2
    BLANKETS all the time!  
    If I'm immortal, I'd tell someone to shoot me just for the fun of it.  
    23 % are pedophiles.  
    Australians speak English...  
    I download illegal music already.. +762
    I prefer when he didn't exist. +2
    Live w/o them could simply mean living in a separate house as them.  
    I'm the girl who's kicking. +398
    Define "perfect". +1
    Go to a party with my date. duhh.  
    Nice to know.  
    Notice he put "should be not". +3
    I look at my reflection in a window. +1
    P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney. +881
    Can't live with the guilt.  
    Let's get it over with!  
    I've always wanted to see the inside.  
    I just noticed they spelled Michael wrong..hah.  
    What if he meant the album?  
    No..I think you chose the right one.  
    You picked Justin...  
    P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney  
    For those who said Biebs, kill yourself. +1
    50/50 WTH!  
    I never heard of this....maybe because Obama isn't considering this. +1
    Silent, but deadly. +6
    True that.  
    You mean you meant racism*  
    There only needs to be two people at a wedding.. +2
    The exact time so I can live my life to the fullest. +2
    Sell them all to get a better car, or have a surplus just in case something happens.  
    Foods have liquids in them sometimes, i.e. steak. +1
    Didn't say how much mud.. +269
    Love is love. Who are we to judge? +58
    You don't have to worry about anything as a kid!  
    I'd always spend the night at my friend's +1
    Spankings only last an hour  
    I just really dislike Kim K  
    No brainer. +2
    Confident, not cocky. (:  
    They forgot to put "an hour" at the end.  
    Give up some of the kids for adoption!  
    DEC 21 2012...I'm coming for you!  
    They have surgeries for that!  
    Fire fumes kill you faster.  
    It didn't say the same house.  
    Man's best friend! +2
    If my friend took a lollipop, sure. If it was murder, well you're on your own on that one. +1
    I got cat food. Problem solved.  
    Having talent can bring the mullah. +3
    Wouldn't you die anyway? +1
    We have a bunch of problems in our current generation that need fixing. +3
    No sugar daddy for me! haha  
    Moron, it is a fruit; but just included with the veggies.  
    I would not give ALL of it to the less fortunate. Dumb question. +3
    There's a thing called "let em' see"!  
    I can't be FOREVER ALONE. I get nightmares. +2
    I ain't paying no employees, nor am I listening to some nuthead. +6
    I hate male gynecologists! +2
    Some ppl just don't care.. +3
    Let's get it over with! Ha +1
    50/50! +3
    Why would you shoot a baby? (an exception would be hitler)  
    Ugly babies can grow up to be cute! +1
    You could build your smartness  
    I'm getting 50,000! +1
    Oooh we got some thieves! +1
    Dude, I'm a girl! +4
    The 19% are the people who haven't seen HP.  
    It'd be better to be 54 because being a teenage parent is a stressful thing. +1
    War because the $ not spent on war could go towards ending world hunger! +2
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