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Would you rather eat raw food raw cookie dough or raw meat 7 years ago 11,964 votes 89 comments 0 likes
Would you rather big ones or small ones 7 years ago 959 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Do u like this or that is 7 years ago 249 votes 6 comments 0 likes

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you should get on chat jaredc 6 years ago  
yes i do 6 years ago  
kkkkkk 7 years ago  
with cute /hot guys would make m y day 7 years ago +1
yuck 7 years ago  
william is really hottttttttttttt 7 years ago  
how old are u austin 7 years ago +7
it is kinda good i cant have either 7 years ago  
both are good 7 years ago  
they are hotttt 7 years ago  
u could do it with him if u are a girl but if u are a guy u might chose ur dad u could do it with u mom if u are a guy 7 years ago  
rock get on chat and help me 7 years ago  
they are better 7 years ago +2
the older guy is real hot 7 years ago +1
that is a little better 7 years ago  
shush 7 years ago  
i ove little kids 7 years ago  
they are real good 7 years ago +2
cooked 7 years ago +1
60 math problems would take about 6 pages 7 years ago  
i have not going to it yet 7 years ago  
lol 7 years ago  
they look hotter 7 years ago +1
i have braces so i cant have starbursts 7 years ago  
yup but not in front of anyone 7 years ago  
i am allergic to bees 7 years ago  
i would want to be alone with me bf 7 years ago  
he is really cute 7 years ago +1
wrong one 7 years ago  
no there is dumb 7 years ago  
no i am 17 7 years ago  
you could shave 7 years ago +6
soooo 7 years ago  
i hate homework 7 years ago +2
wrong thing i already had a french kiss when i was 9 7 years ago  
wrong one 7 years ago  
i think that i would date him with no problems 7 years ago  
i dont care if he is a jerk i love his music and the way he sing and he is nice to his fans and his sister :) 7 years ago  
patrick Swayze was really sexy 7 years ago  
i hate her music 7 years ago  
maybe 7 years ago  
wrong one dang it 7 years ago  
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