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hi, my name is jennifer and i'm 18. that's about all you need to know.

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Would you rather Have a child now or Never be able to have children 1 year ago 82 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Would you rather side with... Mages or Templars 3 years ago 83 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Who do you dislike more? Your creepy uncle? or Your mean aunt? 3 years ago 130 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather attend a party with... Everyone you've thought about killing? or Everyone who's thought about killing you? 3 years ago 887 votes 21 comments 0 likes
Would you rather always be... Overconfident? or Unconfident? 3 years ago 271 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Would you rather attend a party with... Everyone who's ever thought about having sex with you? or Everyone you've ever thought about having sex with? 3 years ago 420 votes 57 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... Never be in another relationship again? or Be in an arranged marriage with random stranger? 3 years ago 128 votes 29 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be vegan? or Only eat animal products? 3 years ago 405 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather only ever watch... Movies? or T.V Shows? 3 years ago 151 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather only eat... Overcooked food? or Undercooked food? 3 years ago 359 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be a complete nobody? or Be infamous? 3 years ago 130 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be the opposite gender for a day? or Be an animal for a day? 3 years ago 790 votes 18 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Fight in The Hunger Games? or Fight in Battle Royale? 3 years ago 83 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... Have a perfect body but be unattractive? or Be incredibly attractive but have a bad body? 3 years ago 133 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... Change your sexuality? or Change your gender? 3 years ago 760 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather end... Racism or Sexism 3 years ago 138 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... Know the reason we exist (the meaning of life)? or Not? 3 years ago 101 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Do you prefer... Elder Scrolls Series or Dragon Age Series 3 years ago 73 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Only have savoury food/drink for the rest of your life? or Only have sweet food/drink for the rest of your life? 4 years ago 421 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be Smart? or Hardworking? 4 years ago 221 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather store things (photos, files, songs, phone numbers, notes, games, etc.) Digitally/Online? or Physically? 4 years ago 176 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather (both physically and cognitively) Forever be in infancy? (0-2) or Forever be in very old age? (80+) 4 years ago 130 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather A partner taller than you or A partner shorter than you 4 years ago 143 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Talk to your future self? or Talk to your past self? 4 years ago 437 votes 22 comments 0 likes
Would/Did you save your virginity till marriage? Yes or No 4 years ago 195 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Have an artist draw a portrait of you? or A photographer take a picture of you? 4 years ago 264 votes 25 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Walk in on your parents? or Have your parents walk in on you? 4 years ago 263 votes 9 comments 0 likes
You are stranded on a boat with another person. They are a young, harmless man. Your food and water supplies ran out days ago. No land, other boats or ships have been seen yet. You could probably hold on for a couple more days, but the young man is on the brink of death. He is currently sleeping. Do you... Kill him and eat him and be able to last another week or so, and wait for rescue. or Leave him be and hope for the best. 4 years ago 511 votes 15 comments 0 likes
You are on a bridge above some train tracks. You see an out of control train heading towards 5 people stuck on the track. The only way to stop the train is to drop something heavy in front of it. The only weight that would be heavy enough to stop the train is a very fat man who is also watching the train on the bridge. Do you... Push the fat man on the tracks, killing him but saving the five people? or Allow the train to go, killing the 5 people on the track? 4 years ago 132 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Quantity or Quality 4 years ago 185 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Would you rather Torture and brutally murder a random stranger, but no one knows you did? or Not torture and brutally murder a random stranger, but everyone thinks you did? 4 years ago 836 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Zombie Apocalypse? or Alien Invasion? 4 years ago 362 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be half your height? or Double your weight? 4 years ago 159 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Always be too fast? or Always be too slow? 4 years ago 252 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Participate in the X-Factor, and you win, no matter how terrible your act is, and you get a $100,000 cash prize. or Get $50,000 for doing nothing 4 years ago 521 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Have sex with an extremely attractive person, but they have a really strange fetish. or Have sex with someone you don't find attractive, but they don't have any weird fetishes. 4 years ago 1,260 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Is torture always morally wrong? Yes or No 4 years ago 203 votes 8 comments 0 likes

Kimmidoll123 has posted the following comments:

if i was an an elevator i'd die of thirst and go crazy, zombie apocolypse i could grab water, food, supplies and hide for 4 days and maybe have a chance of living 3 years ago  
better than what i am in now: a nobody in a really bad world 3 years ago  
interstellar lmao 3 years ago  
i might actually survive and not go insane 3 years ago  
someone would probably buy it 3 years ago  
i wish i liked fallout 4 more 3 years ago  
it was just a prank bro 3 years ago  
the villains never win even with good intentions 3 years ago  
no it wasn't, i'm just curious 3 years ago  
i'm a sad virgin 3 years ago  
can't i just cheat on them? 3 years ago  
f him i can choose my own friends thanks 3 years ago  
oh i thought this meant smash as in punch 3 years ago +1
i'm 5'3" 3 years ago  
you'd probably be very depressed with b 3 years ago  
i'll just get my partner to do the deed for me 3 years ago  
B would mean i'd be stuck in that time wouldn't it? 3 years ago  
archery? 3 years ago  
the earlier seasons were hilarious 3 years ago  
shane dawson creeps me out 3 years ago  
i think there's something after death, not necessarily a heaven or hell, but something 3 years ago +1
i'll just share 3 years ago +1
i can already sing 3 years ago  
i'm closer with my dad 3 years ago  
plastic surgeryyy! 3 years ago +2
i'll just take it out 3 years ago  
he's not THAT bad at singing is he? 3 years ago  
same 3 years ago  
i do kinda wish i could change it to something cooler, but i don't really want to have to start a new account 3 years ago  
better chance of surviving i guess? 3 years ago  
the lesser of two evils 3 years ago  
someone punching me in the face would probs hurt more than someone calling me ugly 3 years ago  
Australia 3 years ago  
i'm not from america so 3 years ago +2
lenses hurt my eyes 3 years ago  
i love music but i love movies more 3 years ago +3
both of them got boring really quickly 3 years ago  
i don't want to be rude 3 years ago  
misclick!!! 3 years ago  
i don't like eggs 3 years ago +1
i wanna turn into spaghetti 3 years ago  
go visit the family, if they don't take me back i'll kill the twin and take her place 3 years ago  
usually make me think more 3 years ago +2
misclick 3 years ago +1
i can't eat pizza due to allergies anyway, the struggle is real 3 years ago  
i'm not old enough 3 years ago  
if you mean the first matrix movie only, the rest are a travesty 3 years ago  
that is a blessing 3 years ago +1
sadly 3 years ago  
i'd say go out regularly and have a good group of friends 3 years ago  
i don't have the patience 3 years ago  
maybe people would actually take marrige seriously 3 years ago  
Every time we fought, we'd have sex and forget about our fight lol 3 years ago  
i imagine being really smart would make you depressed 3 years ago  
what if we know each other irl 3 years ago  
with the time one i'd fcuk up things way too much or be scared to do anything in case i did fcuk up 3 years ago +1
i wore a bikini ONCE but i was so incredibly self-conscious i never wore it again without something over top 3 years ago  
they're jewish 3 years ago  
i would be slaughtered with just a baseball bat in a fight with superman, but batman can't kill people soooo 3 years ago  
i don't search up anything weird or watch porn 3 years ago  
i don't drive much AND one of my biggest fears is drowning, not being able to swim would not help 3 years ago  
if my favourite food is potato, i cook the potato in different ways any make it many foods 3 years ago +1
the card only says 'hub' and she wouldn't even know what it's for 3 years ago +1
melbourne 3 years ago  
better than just rotting in the ground for eternity. i'd also be fine with reincarnation 3 years ago  
eye 3 years ago  
turn off the lights 3 years ago  
oboe 3 years ago +1
it depends, if it's because everyone is just using a loophole i'll get irritated, otherwise i don't care 3 years ago  
we're all dead no matter what 3 years ago  
WHAT IS THIS WIZARDRY?! 3 years ago  
sneaky authors note 3 years ago  
they'll be dead soon 3 years ago  
i don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend lol 3 years ago +1
i'd probably be happier if i was dumber 3 years ago  
someones defensive about denying the fact that babies are gross... 3 years ago  
you can't, read the explanation. 3 years ago  
babies are gross 3 years ago  
they both terrify me 3 years ago  
i'm a female and a "child" so i'd probs be put on a boat 3 years ago  
thank you! 3 years ago +1
i feel like they both have a lot of baggage 3 years ago  
kill them 3 years ago  
it depends on how much i loved the person, if i really really loved them i'd give them a second chance 3 years ago +2
i'm a female though so i'd expect she'd have a vagina? 3 years ago +2
i can choose my friends, i can't choose my parents unfortunately. 3 years ago +3
the ocean terrifies me 3 years ago +1
uh wrong one, i do 3 years ago  
i'm too shy 3 years ago  
only my close friends 3 years ago  
i'd like to go to a party seeing as i never get invited to them 3 years ago  
the walking dead 3 years ago  
i watch more tv than i do anime 3 years ago  
junk food! 3 years ago +1
i'm a freak, i know 3 years ago  
i always coma on sundays 3 years ago  
bacon 3 years ago +1
tbh i'm glad, i'm still young so i'll find them some day 3 years ago  
hopefully they burst 3 years ago  
cinnamon 3 years ago  
did this recently 3 years ago  
INFP, i'm not really sure if that's accurate but alright 3 years ago  
ice cream 3 years ago  
earrings? 3 years ago  
happens a lot, i know they're joking though 3 years ago  
i'm about as passive as you get 3 years ago  
yeah 3 years ago  
he was photographed filming with jesus' character 3 years ago  
they don't always follow the comics, correct, but the deaths usually occur anyway, so glen isn't dead right now, but he will be later 3 years ago  
no thanks 3 years ago  
he's not actually dead yet, he dies by getting his head smashed in my negan later 3 years ago  
50 is a good time to die, i think i'd be pretty satisfied with my life after banging that many hot guys 3 years ago  
i could land in water...? also, less height to fall from 3 years ago +1
i love ellen page 3 years ago  
moisturising 3 years ago  
if anyone says no they're lying 3 years ago +1
if it were possible 3 years ago  
actress 3 years ago  
my first playthrough i usually create a character based on myself 3 years ago  
i'm extremely picky so the casualties would be minimal 3 years ago  
i'll pay people to laugh at my jokes 3 years ago +2
It wouldn't screw up time and space as much 3 years ago  
Is this a joke? 3 years ago +1
I'll take one from gone girl and slit his throat with a box cutter 3 years ago  
It depends if the group are strangers or people I can trust 3 years ago +1
I'm confused 3 years ago  
very much so 3 years ago  
i can't eat cheese :( 3 years ago  
no it doesn't, it means that nobody cares about you, in this question anyway 3 years ago  
i change my mind! my nickname would be di, people would probably think it was short for diana, little do they know... 3 years ago  
"why isn't there a both button?" 3 years ago  
fcuk them lmao 3 years ago  
wait wrong one 3 years ago  
WHAT, HOW IS A WINNING?! 3 years ago  
when i wasn't vegan, italian herbs and cheese bread with lettuce, onions and cheddar 3 years ago  
same here 3 years ago  
Wrong one 4 years ago  
i've done this before 4 years ago  
i would normally take the axe but i have experience in archery so it'd be better to take the bow 4 years ago  
A: Marry Chris, sleep with Zac, kill Benedict (sorry!) B: Marry Leo, sleep with George and kill Johnny 4 years ago  
i have no clue what this question is asking 4 years ago  
60 is enough for me 4 years ago  
399 4 years ago  
i don't see how you could compare the sherlock and doctor who. they're both good, and both very different 4 years ago  
i'm pretty sure my mum wouldn't want me marrying an evil psychopath, i trust her choices 4 years ago  
i'm always attracted to people a lot older than me 4 years ago  
round the twist was so weird, i loved it 4 years ago  
i don't have a 'love of my life' 4 years ago +1
what if my worst nightmare is that my biggest dream won't come true? 4 years ago  
i'm straight edge but i don't really care what anyone else does. their life not mine. 4 years ago  
i think my grandma would die of a heart attack 4 years ago +3
the definition of attractiveness may have changed over 10,000 years 4 years ago  
i already have big eyes 4 years ago  
Works out perfect for me 4 years ago  
I like being short 4 years ago  
wrong one omg 4 years ago  
I'm not that ugly 4 years ago  
It f***ing wobbled! He's back in reality. 4 years ago  
I don't leave the house anyway 4 years ago  
i haven't watched the second one in ages 4 years ago  
creepy af 4 years ago +1
i would only invite 3 people in the first place lol 4 years ago +1
plot his murder 4 years ago  
i always said zee but try to say zed bc i always got told off in school for saying it wrong 4 years ago  
i like my accent 4 years ago  
kill myself lol 4 years ago  
being successful doesn't just mean having money 4 years ago +1
i'll buy friends! 4 years ago  
i use a towel, bath mats are breeding grounds for bacteria 4 years ago  
i don't really like driving, too stressful 4 years ago  
haven't had it yet lmao 4 years ago  
Well, actually, it depends who the loving relationship is with 4 years ago  
Oh wait I thought it was asking which is worse 4 years ago  
pie can be savoury or sweet 4 years ago  
they're both awful, but i slightly preferred the hunger games 4 years ago  
didn't he just come out as gay 4 years ago  
at least i'm asleep 4 years ago  
i tend to gravitate towards having taller partners 4 years ago  
who 4 years ago  
actually no the other one would be way cooler 4 years ago  
i have no idea what either are 4 years ago  
it's not funny if i have to explain it to you 4 years ago  
soz but i love my dog too much 4 years ago  
unintentional pun? 4 years ago  
not worth it 4 years ago  
only bc she's around my age 4 years ago  
i don't know what this is but i hate sushi so 4 years ago  
can we retake? i think i blinked 4 years ago  
wrong one lol 4 years ago  
wrong one! 4 years ago  
tbh i think of the walking dead 4 years ago  
neither 4 years ago +2
why not 4 years ago  
i only need 2 lol 4 years ago  
they both suck 4 years ago  
jail's in australia are like hotels 4 years ago  
jump into the water 4 years ago  
good looking male teachers give me something to look at 4 years ago  
wait for the other one, by lose does that mean they die or we just don't talk? 4 years ago  
this is a really good question 4 years ago  
just dye my hair white 4 years ago  
don't have one 4 years ago  
should've read the explanation, hey? 4 years ago  
if you had've read the explanation, i did. but especially for you, i edited the title 4 years ago  
you'd be behaving & have the brain function of a baby, you'd barely be able to talk 4 years ago  
call the police lmao 4 years ago  
wrong one, i'd sue the other guy 4 years ago  
i'm young, there isn't really that much to forget 4 years ago  
i've done this before 4 years ago  
posted stupid videos on youtube 4 years ago  
wrong one 4 years ago  
we'll find better, more environmentally friendly methods of fuel 4 years ago +1
toe 4 years ago  
i just want to go to hawaii 4 years ago  
war will kill us all 4 years ago  
so pretty much the sims in real life 4 years ago  
the lesser of two evils 4 years ago +1
i liked beyond two souls when the ending was with ryan 4 years ago  
are u right 4 years ago +1
Wrong one 4 years ago  
WRONG ONE DEAR GOD 4 years ago  
wrong one 4 years ago  
i have three, they're adorable 4 years ago  
wrong one!!! 4 years ago  
sure 4 years ago  
whatever floats your boat hun 4 years ago  
and kill them 4 years ago  
6 idk why 4 years ago  
i read that as eat not this that 4 years ago  
good riddance to bad rubbish 4 years ago  
i'm a girl so all good 4 years ago  
i'd die slowly if it was painless 4 years ago  
wrong one 4 years ago  
did you not read the answer omfg 4 years ago +2
wrong one 4 years ago  
too bad they did lmao 4 years ago  
wtf 4 years ago  
wrong one lmao 4 years ago  
wrong one 4 years ago  
jo 4 years ago  
i am terrified of the ocean 4 years ago  
wait do i et $1,000,000,000 or do i have to pay that much 4 years ago  
me all the time 4 years ago  
i'd totally be down to be with a girl if it felt right but i know my family would disown me 4 years ago  
don't have a basement i win 4 years ago  
i don't want sand up my vagina 4 years ago  
i'd just buy food lmao 4 years ago +1
i could start the human race again if i get to a sperm bank 4 years ago  
they'd understand 4 years ago  
no 4 years ago  
wait 4 years ago  
i've made a terrible mistake! 4 years ago  
you can just renovate 4 years ago  
wrong one 4 years ago  
they could get it removed if they wanted to 4 years ago  
this question make no sense 4 years ago  
could always have another one lol 4 years ago  
CAAAARRRRRLLL 4 years ago +2
okay fair enough 4 years ago  
wrong one 4 years ago +1
i don't have a partner so HA 4 years ago  
did any of you even read A? 4 years ago +1
i could always have more i guess 4 years ago  
WRONG ONE 4 years ago  
no i mean like have a conversation 4 years ago  
none of us know when we're going to die so...? 4 years ago +2
i'd just find another crush lol 4 years ago +1
i'll sue the school lol 4 years ago  
you must have HEAPS of friends 4 years ago  
what...? people are confusing lol 4 years ago  
i've always wanted to marry a super villain 4 years ago +1
it's messy 4 years ago  
as long as i can choose who 4 years ago  
i'd like to say i would but i probably won't lol 4 years ago  
well what option would fit?? 4 years ago +1
what the hell?? 4 years ago  
being a guy would be interesting 4 years ago  
there's only 3 lol 4 years ago  
wrong one 4 years ago +1
divorce! 4 years ago +2
that girl in the picture isn't really a good example of british girls 4 years ago  
aren't they both gay though? 4 years ago  
australians do it better 4 years ago  
"want to get married?" 4 years ago +1
my utopia wouldn't be utopia without people... 4 years ago +2
already do 4 years ago  
it's harder for girls to get off anyway 4 years ago  
just put a bag over her head lol 4 years ago +1
run 4 years ago +1
do people not realise how big dinosaurs are?!?! 4 years ago  
one million isn't worth it 4 years ago +1
they can always lose the weight 4 years ago  
at least i'm not stupid 4 years ago +1
by 'finished' do you mean orgasm? cause in that case you could just stop right before and they don't leave 4 years ago +1
the second one has happened to me lol 4 years ago  
divorce straight away 4 years ago +1
wait i thought it was about a guys bodyshape 4 years ago +2
it would get a bit messy 4 years ago +5
my ambition is to have a happy long-lasting relationship with someone soooo... 4 years ago  
WRONG ONE 4 years ago  
that means my boyfriend wouldn't cheat and i know i wouldn't cheat on him 4 years ago +2
poison their food 4 years ago +3
what? i can safely say i have never had a sexual thought about either of my two best friends (who are male) and likewise for them, they're both gay. 4 years ago +2
but what if the person i was in a loving relationship with was the person i've loved for a long time? 4 years ago +2
if they cheated they're clearly not worth my time 4 years ago +4
oh wait i thought it said help them through it 4 years ago +1
TRUE LOVE DOESN'T EXIST 4 years ago +1
oops wrong one 4 years ago +1
what have i done 4 years ago +4
human nature i suppose 4 years ago  
i don't have a boyfriend 4 years ago  
haters gonna hate 4 years ago +2
27 or 7 4 years ago +1
i may choose not to have sex but i'd always have the option if i really wanted to 4 years ago +1
love at first sight isn't real 4 years ago +4
if you say no you're lying, if you were both broke you wouldn't be able to do much 4 years ago  
they're gonna die soon anyway 4 years ago  
either way i'm going to end up doing all the work 4 years ago  
wrong one 4 years ago  
it could end with a date? 4 years ago +2
first time i actually had a valentine 4 years ago +2
he was bordering on stalker 4 years ago  
IT'LL BE LIKE DIVERGENT 4 years ago +2
WRONG ONE 4 years ago  
i'd just make someone i actually really liked my enemy 4 years ago  
i don't want the whole world to end just because i wanted to be with my soulmate... 4 years ago +2
i don't want to live to 200 4 years ago +1
i just picked the pretty picture 4 years ago +4
this question makes no sense 4 years ago  
already half way there lol 4 years ago  
wheelchair lol 4 years ago  
it is possible to have more than one true love 4 years ago  
i regretted my decision ofter i saw 'time demons' 4 years ago +1
wtf 4 years ago  
wear contacts lol 4 years ago +3
at least i didn't turn them off my gender 4 years ago  
i can already do A quite well 4 years ago +1
there are vegan/healthy cakes 4 years ago  
ignorance is bliss 4 years ago +1
so i being ignored? 4 years ago  
hire a maid lol 4 years ago  
but you're dead, you wouldn't care 4 years ago  
nbhd 4 years ago  
too many loopholes 4 years ago  
drowning is my biggest fear 4 years ago  
most likely 4 years ago  
it was 4 years ago +1
i doubt you'd be able to, you're in the middle of nowhere and with no resources and are very weak, so no, you can't. 4 years ago  
you'd die in a couple of days if you didn't eat him 4 years ago  
it's not about the physics, it doesn't matter if they don't make sense 4 years ago  
i'm a girl, i win 4 years ago  
that is the dumbest loophole i have ever seen 4 years ago +16
divorce him 4 years ago  
just knock her unconscious lol 4 years ago +5
what this question doesn't make sense 4 years ago +7
what, girls have pubic hair too? 4 years ago  
i'll get over it 4 years ago +5
wow 4 years ago  
enjoy being alone forever 4 years ago  
WRONG ONE 4 years ago  
and get rejected 4 years ago  
i honestly wouldn't care, since i don't really like my 'crush' tat much anyway, and my best friend is a guy 4 years ago  
divorce! 4 years ago  
one hit and i'd be out 4 years ago  
aren't they gay though 4 years ago  
it'd still hurt like hell though... 4 years ago  
what have i done 4 years ago  
I CHANGE MY MIND 4 years ago  
i actually want to see what being a guy is like 4 years ago  
i hardly leave the house lol 4 years ago  
ox 4 years ago  
lol nipples and vig 4 years ago +1
lol thing 4 years ago +1
blood 4 years ago  
you know aids is incurable right 4 years ago +2
depends on who 4 years ago  
that'd be interesting 4 years ago  
i'm happy with what i am 4 years ago +1
i'd change my ways 4 years ago +2
killing hitler would alter history too much 4 years ago  
that'd be a good thing 4 years ago  
wow i thought lotr would've had more votes 4 years ago +1
i'm confused 4 years ago  
ew 4 years ago  
i don't want to look the way i am now forever 4 years ago  
and that kids, is how i met your mother 4 years ago  
looks can only get you so far 4 years ago  
i could crush them into dust and mix them with something else 4 years ago  
your question doesn't make sense 4 years ago  
i doubt you'll survive being thrown into the sun 4 years ago  
BLUE METH 4 years ago  
both are bad 4 years ago +1
hurray! 4 years ago  
as long as i'm in front 4 years ago  
i'd move out lol 4 years ago +1
this question makes no sense 4 years ago  
we talked about this in my philosophy class 4 years ago +1
why would they have a dead tiger at a zoo? 4 years ago  
i could deal with that 4 years ago  
i thought it said what would you rather be in 4 years ago  
at least i'd survive 4 years ago +16
one quick decapitation and it'd be over 4 years ago  
stop drop and roll 4 years ago  
same omg 4 years ago  
that is probably the stupidest comment i have ever read 4 years ago  
they're KIDS movies??? 5 years ago  
i'd only do it for a year or two and them i'd quit 5 years ago  
take his money and run 5 years ago  
i'm not dating a 6 year old 5 years ago  
neither 5 years ago  
not all of todays music is bad 5 years ago  
are you actually being serious 5 years ago  
i'm christian and i voted for gay marrige, don't be so ignorant 5 years ago  
what the hell are you going to do with a 7ft dick 5 years ago  
i have a massive fear of drowining 5 years ago  
gay marriage 5 years ago  
eat them 5 years ago  
she'd be lesbian anyway 5 years ago  
well sh*t 5 years ago  
HAHAHA $50,000 FOR ME 5 years ago  
if you know the cause, you'd be paranoid 5 years ago  
f*ck them 5 years ago  
untrue 5 years ago  
Australia! 5 years ago +1
you can't learn to speak to animals, you can learn other languages though 5 years ago  
i don't think people realise that not all small dogs are chihuahuas 5 years ago  
uh, they're talking about the horror movie 5 years ago  
people who chose the holocaust are stupid, it was a huge part of history, you seriously mess time up if you stopped it 5 years ago  
never seen either 5 years ago +1
who cares? i'm not cutting off my finger 5 years ago  
you just want people to lick your feet 5 years ago  
i feel like this question was an excuse for you to boast 5 years ago  
i probably wouldn't be prom queen if everyone hated me... 5 years ago +17
This is a really good question. 5 years ago  
please elaborate 5 years ago  
I NEED THIS 5 years ago  
green tea is gross 5 years ago +2
clowns scare the sh*t out of me 5 years ago  
yes it did, that's exactly what it says 5 years ago  
i'm a girl, so i win 5 years ago  
it would still burt... 5 years ago  
EVERY hair, that includes your eyelashes, hair on your head, everything. 5 years ago  
how does that matter? 5 years ago  
oh wow 5 years ago  
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