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hi, my name is jennifer and i'm 18. that's about all you need to know.

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    better than what i am in now: a nobody in a really bad world  
    you'd probably be very depressed with b  
    B would mean i'd be stuck in that time wouldn't it?  
    maybe people would actually take marrige seriously  
    Every time we fought, we'd have sex and forget about our fight lol  
    i imagine being really smart would make you depressed  
    we're all dead no matter what  
    Wrong one  
    I like being short  
    wrong one omg  
    I'm not that ugly  
    It f***ing wobbled! He's back in reality.  
    haven't had it yet lmao  
    Well, actually, it depends who the loving relationship is with  
    Oh wait I thought it was asking which is worse  
    i tend to gravitate towards having taller partners  
    Wrong one  
    wrong one!!!  
    did you not read the answer omfg +2
    wrong one lmao  
    i'd like to say i would but i probably won't lol  
    they're gonna die soon anyway  
    either way i'm going to end up doing all the work  
    but you're dead, you wouldn't care  
    drowning is my biggest fear  
    and get rejected  
    i honestly wouldn't care, since i don't really like my 'crush' tat much anyway, and my best friend is a guy  
    one hit and i'd be out  
    aren't they gay though  
    it'd still hurt like hell though...  
    what have i done  
    i don't want to look the way i am now forever  
    and that kids, is how i met your mother  
    looks can only get you so far  
    this question makes no sense  
    we talked about this in my philosophy class +1
    why would they have a dead tiger at a zoo?  
    i thought it said what would you rather be in  
    same omg  
    take his money and run  
    i'm not dating a 6 year old  
    not all of todays music is bad  
    are you actually being serious  
    gay marriage  
    eat them  
    she'd be lesbian anyway  
    well sh*t  
    HAHAHA $50,000 FOR ME  
    if you know the cause, you'd be paranoid  
    f*ck them  
    you can't learn to speak to animals, you can learn other languages though  
    i don't think people realise that not all small dogs are chihuahuas  
    uh, they're talking about the horror movie  
    people who chose the holocaust are stupid, it was a huge part of history, you seriously mess time up if you stopped it  
    you just want people to lick your feet  
    i feel like this question was an excuse for you to boast  
    clowns scare the sh*t out of me  
    yes it did, that's exactly what it says  
    it would still burt...  
    EVERY hair, that includes your eyelashes, hair on your head, everything.  
    oh wow  
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