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    Many ways.He would have exiled all African Americans.Tried to arrest head of supreme court.Propagandist. 1 day ago +1
    Reduced regulation. 2 weeks ago  
    Muck Fexico! 4 weeks ago +1
    Tuck fhem all! 4 weeks ago  
    Freedom! 4 weeks ago  
    I do! 4 weeks ago  
    Skipping. 1 month ago  
    Polock. 1 month ago  
    Sagittarius. 1 month ago  
    Would? 1 month ago  
    Is that good? The US is better than most nations. 2 months ago  
    Inventor. 2 months ago +1
    Really tough choice. 2 months ago +1
    Hypnosis 2 months ago +1
    Myself. 2 months ago +1
    Not bad. 2 months ago  
    It is your will. 2 months ago  
    No .This is Pattrick. 2 months ago  
    Also,invest. 2 months ago  
    Rednecks like it.Solely. 2 months ago  
    Yes,he could. 2 months ago  
    No. 2 months ago  
    Tie! 2 months ago +1
    Both! 3 months ago  
    I seem to be. 3 months ago  
    Swallows. 3 months ago  
    Traffic. 3 months ago  
    Puck them ritght in the fussy!\ 3 months ago  
    Puck her right in the fussy! 3 months ago  
    Happy Birthday! 3 months ago  
    First,the limitless pills. 3 months ago +1
    An hour. 3 months ago  
    Zero. 3 months ago  
    SW is more fantasy. 3 months ago +1
    USA is both! 3 months ago  
    Does it sleep? 3 months ago +2
    Good example. 3 months ago +1
    Daimoku. 3 months ago  
    It is an imaginary "thing." 3 months ago  
    Henry as middle name. 3 months ago  
    many. 3 months ago  
    Buck naked. 3 months ago  
    I am both. 3 months ago  
    Clever etymology .Quite skilled,a cunning linguist. 4 months ago  
    Get adjusted. 4 months ago  
    I like both. 4 months ago  
    How are you? 4 months ago +1
    Difficult choice.Okay,i will travel to a dimension where I obtain a time machine. 4 months ago  
    Define age.I am not the person I was a year ago.Am I less than a year old? 4 months ago  
    Mutual interests. 4 months ago  
    Both are good. 4 months ago  
    Light my my ass.. 4 months ago  
    Misread.B. is true. 4 months ago  
    First A ,then B. 4 months ago +1
    Bring it,please. 4 months ago +1
    A would never play.Ever.B is constantly playing. 4 months ago  
    Muck Fexico! 4 months ago  
    Distract yourself. 4 months ago  
    Ekrik? 4 months ago +1
    Skipping. 4 months ago  
    Ignorant mother flickers 4 months ago  
    Rather have or be? 4 months ago  
    Nothing. 4 months ago  
    Sick. 4 months ago +1
    B Actress. 5 months ago  
    I would never let it happen. 5 months ago  
    Movement is not limited to rotation.So,time travel must include spatial travel. 5 months ago  
    A would include B.The earth moves. 5 months ago  
    X no porkers! 5 months ago  
    Neither. 5 months ago  
    Maybe. 5 months ago  
    B would cause vast fires. 5 months ago +1
    Fitty tuck! 5 months ago  
    Muck Fexico! 5 months ago  
    Not use. 5 months ago  
    "Costed" is not a word. 5 months ago  
    Tie,actually. 5 months ago  
    Why would it need worship? Do you want ants to worship you? 5 months ago  
    Who are they? 5 months ago  
    Nutrition increases as it ripens. 5 months ago +5
    Please. 5 months ago  
    Thank you. 5 months ago  
    What country is that? 5 months ago  
    God of creation? 5 months ago +1
    They are human. 5 months ago +1
    The prophecy of God requires his existence. 5 months ago  
    It would be the will of God. 5 months ago  
    Super. 5 months ago +1
    Awesome. 5 months ago +1
    No.That is Ad. Followed by Dult.Ad as in Add. 5 months ago  
    Great! 5 months ago  
    Well. 5 months ago  
    Better than now. 5 months ago  
    Great. 5 months ago  
    Well. 5 months ago  
    Well. 5 months ago  
    Great! 5 months ago  
    Not bad.Better than now. 5 months ago  
    He is searching for his soul stolen by... 5 months ago  
    Modern. 5 months ago +1
    Nano tech will help. 5 months ago  
    Mansion. 5 months ago  
    China,Mexico and.....India. 5 months ago +1
    Great is not always a positive quality. 5 months ago  
    Be myself. 5 months ago  
    Unless the extra weight could be muscle. 5 months ago  
    Tony is a punk. 5 months ago  
    Misclick. 5 months ago  
    Tie. 6 months ago  
    Soup. 6 months ago  
    Boxing? 6 months ago  
    I have both.And more. 6 months ago  
    How deep does it get? 6 months ago  
    For A,could we change the names only? 6 months ago  
    If Hillary had not stolen the nomination,I would have voted for him. 6 months ago  
    Sought something else. 6 months ago  
    If I define evil. 6 months ago  
    NAIR. 6 months ago  
    Both. 6 months ago  
    I hate them all. 6 months ago  
    Either . 6 months ago  
    Pight in the Russy! 6 months ago  
    Tie! 6 months ago  
    I like them both. 6 months ago  
    Myself. 6 months ago  
    Tie. 6 months ago  
    Neither.Retain music and sex. 6 months ago  
    Hotel California is their only good song. 6 months ago  
    You can take my gum but you can not take my penis? 6 months ago  
    B? 6 months ago  
    Circumstances? 6 months ago  
    Al Manning,Jeanne Manning. 6 months ago  
    It can be both. 6 months ago  
    The two are not exclusive. 6 months ago  
    Yes,I win! 6 months ago  
    Filmed here. 6 months ago +1
    No second term for W. 6 months ago  
    Just one? 6 months ago  
    Tie! 6 months ago  
    Fragment/sliver of divine source. 6 months ago +1
    The US is most diverse nation.So,save it. 6 months ago  
    Muck Fexico! 6 months ago  
    Damon Wayne? 6 months ago  
    Muck Fexico. 6 months ago  
    Nor for a billion.Tax free. 6 months ago  
    Skipping."Children" 6 months ago  
    LOL? 6 months ago  
    "Peels" 6 months ago  
    I have no secrets. 6 months ago  
    B is better.Get paid while sleeping. 6 months ago  
    The are opposites. 6 months ago  
    To learn and grow for the next. 6 months ago  
    Tie! 6 months ago  
    No idea.No one can say unless you were there. 6 months ago  
    B.With current knowledge? 6 months ago +2
    Neither.Just a beater. 6 months ago  
    As would 100# of fat.Fat is disgusting. 6 months ago  
    Tigger bitties 6 months ago  
    Puck her in the fussy! 6 months ago  
    Puck them in the fussy! 6 months ago  
    It is imaginary. 6 months ago  
    Puck thme in the fussy? 7 months ago  
    Both. 7 months ago  
    May I puck them in the fussy? 7 months ago  
    ME! IT is me! 7 months ago  
    Skipping. 7 months ago  
    Many.MJ is one. 7 months ago  
    Neither.Sphincters are inedible. 7 months ago  
    If the rooms are full,how would I fit? 7 months ago +1
    B Father twelve? 7 months ago  
    $100 per hour and food provided. 7 months ago  
    You redeemed this site. 7 months ago  
    It is. 7 months ago  
    Ignorant bastards. 7 months ago  
    By giving to the needy or escorts. 7 months ago  
    Sliders. 7 months ago  
    Are you female? 7 months ago  
    My mother,sister and neice would be two mothers,a grand mother three daughters and a grandmother. 7 months ago  
    Both.Evil first. 7 months ago  
    Not a wyr query. 7 months ago  
    Yes,you are right. 7 months ago  
    Brilliant . 7 months ago +2
    Blue october 7 months ago  
    Puck that fussy! 7 months ago  
    No one burns forever.Your conscience has taken a toll. 7 months ago  
    Aside from human interaction,reading and music are great. 7 months ago +2
    If you could care less,you care some. 7 months ago  
    Illegal tax! 7 months ago  
    Why are the exclusive? 7 months ago  
    Not funny.Because it is not English. 7 months ago +1
    Ground hog's day. 7 months ago  
    How would I support them? A make porn? 7 months ago  
    Puck her right in the fussy!\ 7 months ago  
    NO!Send the both back! 7 months ago  
    Everyone dies. 7 months ago  
    Both. 7 months ago  
    They are the same.A clone would start as a baby.Not a person just like you.That is fantasy not science or science fiction. 7 months ago  
    No talent at all,zero. 7 months ago  
    I ate here just now. 7 months ago  
    Nourishment! 7 months ago  
    Listen to her moan my name. 7 months ago  
    Tie! 7 months ago  
    It was fought decades ago. 7 months ago  
    Tie.A would confer some of B. 7 months ago  
    Both are poofs. 7 months ago  
    Why? I have no reason to insult you. 7 months ago +1
    Neither and never. 7 months ago  
    Classic rock/alternative. 7 months ago  
    Right in the Fussy? 8 months ago  
    Pittance. 8 months ago  
    Tie. 8 months ago  
    Monsanto. 8 months ago  
    Neither. 8 months ago  
    Both. 8 months ago +1
    Yum!YUMMY!YUM! 8 months ago  
    Complete goals. 8 months ago  
    Which god? Many thousands have been imagined.How do I choose? 8 months ago  
    His existence is elusive. 8 months ago  
    Reality. 8 months ago  
    Ignorant bastards. 8 months ago  
    Puck her right in the fussy! 8 months ago  
    Wanda Maximof! 8 months ago  
    Milliards? 8 months ago +2
    I eschew the performer. 8 months ago  
    Good query. 8 months ago  
    A normal lifespan is not eternal. 8 months ago  
    And over what duration> 8 months ago  
    How is the Horse meat cooked? 8 months ago  
    To one,not be one.It means a parent was psychopathic. 8 months ago  
    Neither. 8 months ago  
    Myself. 8 months ago  
    B can include Chocolate? 8 months ago  
    Alter the past. 8 months ago  
    Muck Fexico! 8 months ago  
    Sacrifice Fromunda cheese to both. 8 months ago +1
    Title of an influential story.Google it. 8 months ago  
    "Alot" is not a word. 8 months ago  
    Liars. 8 months ago  
    Freak one or two? 8 months ago +1
    Skipping.Poor wording. 8 months ago  
    Both. 8 months ago  
    Ignorant bastards.Look into it. 8 months ago +1
    All of them. 8 months ago  
    A semen Vampires. 8 months ago  
    Great blow hole! 8 months ago  
    %100 9 months ago  
    I am cursed with both.Choking on regret. 9 months ago  
    It is fine.Do not believe the bastards. 9 months ago +2
    Amy was amazing. 9 months ago  
    Who are "Them' and "They."? 9 months ago  
    If A could be muscle? I would rather. 9 months ago +1
    Weekend? 9 months ago  
    Define "Like". 10 months ago  
    Trash vs garbage. 10 months ago  
    Music. 10 months ago +1
    USA!USA!USA! 10 months ago  
    Something worse happened. 10 months ago  
    Stupid.It is one hundred. 10 months ago +1
    How are you? 10 months ago  
    Muck Fexico! 10 months ago +1
    Combine the two.No video gaymes or junk food. 10 months ago  
    Can my gay friend be a lesbian? 10 months ago  
    You puritanical, nazi ,prude bastards. 10 months ago  
    Tie. 10 months ago +1
    Much of the nation was untouched. 10 months ago  
    They are tools.Created for our use.Not as peers. 10 months ago +1
    Misclick.Carroll county VA is higher. 10 months ago  
    LOL 10 months ago +1
    The golden rule is real and instant. 10 months ago  
    NC,USA. 10 months ago  
    I meant anyone using the word.Not your query. 10 months ago  
    Not my style.Just stupid. 10 months ago +1
    Both. 10 months ago  
    Punish success? 10 months ago  
    Neither. 11 months ago  
    Puck them,right in the fussy! 11 months ago  
    Spics are taking over.Breed like rabbits and invade. 11 months ago  
    Which lift? 11 months ago  
    Both are wastes. 11 months ago  
    A talking Mosquito could have as much as needed. 11 months ago  
    Skipping 11 months ago  
    They are sick.Read it.I dare you. 11 months ago  
    Duel.Dual means two. 11 months ago  
    Deflowerer. 11 months ago  
    Neither. 11 months ago +1
    Read and learn.Base queries on knowledge. 11 months ago  
    I wish I were. 11 months ago  
    I did B. 11 months ago  
    ass,slap that ass. 11 months ago  
    No.I like his posts. 11 months ago  
    I heard about on radio and turned on tv. 11 months ago  
    Cool. 11 months ago  
    Both,now. 11 months ago +1
    Wanderer. 11 months ago  
    Both.Do both! 1 year ago +1
    Too many. 1 year ago  
    My mother called my father a "Father fvcker. Quite creative. 1 year ago  
    There are many.Pantheist,theist,spiritual...etc 1 year ago +2
    ME! I am worst ever! 1 year ago  
    Trick query.CD freaks. 1 year ago  
    The money would be in bank. 1 year ago  
    Overrated. 1 year ago  
    Me! It is me! I never make questions! 1 year ago  
    Would I use a seance? 1 year ago  
    NTR?What is that? 1 year ago  
    B would devastate A 1 year ago  
    No April fools prank yet. 1 year ago  
    Not lit. 1 year ago +1
    I waste time here. 1 year ago +1
    Thank Constantine and his wife.They created the cult. 1 year ago +1
    Stupidity level:beyond measure. 1 year ago +1
    Could go either.Nothing to base it on.Except humanity.They are not human.Ergo:nothing. 1 year ago  
    Wonder where she was tall her life. 1 year ago  
    Both are equally likely. 1 year ago  
    Beatles,Doors,Modest mouse,Ugly Casanova 1 year ago  
    Reality warping. 1 year ago  
    Win the lottery. 1 year ago  
    Tough choice. 1 year ago  
    How is this a question? 1 year ago  
    Who cares? 1 year ago  
    I have large hands. 1 year ago +1
    Am I the only straight here 1 year ago  
    Skipping. 1 year ago  
    Les ass faced. 1 year ago  
    Viability is a factor.Also,what are the options? 1 year ago  
    And not reproducing.Plus,the tidal wave of immigration. 1 year ago  
    Neither. 1 year ago  
    Twat? 1 year ago  
    Alex is a cunt. 1 year ago +2
    Shoes. 1 year ago  
    Tie.I can not choose. 1 year ago  
    He did not.13th was passed months after his death. 1 year ago  
    LOL!Thank you! 1 year ago  
    Me,truly me. 1 year ago +1
    Inertia. 1 year ago +1
    The soul has no color. 1 year ago +4
    Captain Mexico would cross border. 1 year ago  
    It only gets better. 1 year ago +1
    Throw rocks. 1 year ago  
    Both. 1 year ago  
    B would be crime free.LOL. 1 year ago  
    B a tiny Chocolate axe? 1 year ago  
    A would negate b. 1 year ago +1
    No.Pride can be positive. 1 year ago  
    Price of existing. 1 year ago  
    Oxymoronic query. 1 year ago  
    Unknown. 1 year ago  
    No gas. 1 year ago  
    Church of Scotland. 1 year ago  
    I am not on a floor. 1 year ago  
    Me! 1 year ago  
    Beatles. 1 year ago  
    If you would not help,you do not deserve to live. 1 year ago  
    Skipping.New worst query. 1 year ago  
    Yes.Is it a sale? 1 year ago  
    Me,myself and I. 1 year ago +1
    Neither. 1 year ago  
    Juck fesus! 1 year ago  
    You spell "licks" wrong. 1 year ago  
    A endows both.The earth moves. 1 year ago  
    Never is my choice. 1 year ago  
    Me 1 year ago  
    A is overrated .B is sublime genius. 1 year ago  
    Is B female? 1 year ago  
    Kali has killed for me. 1 year ago  
    Attacked by flamers? 1 year ago  
    Best comment ever! 1 year ago  
    No contest. 1 year ago +1
    Nourishing. 1 year ago  
    Reality warping. 1 year ago +1
    I win Mega millions tonight! 1 year ago  
    Loop hole:Change their futures by actions.Or tell someone else to reveal it. 1 year ago +1
    No.The question is good.But,people who make decisions like this are deluded and brain washed. 1 year ago  
    Skipping. 1 year ago  
    Not a factor.Only idiots use this criteria. 1 year ago +2
    Neither. 1 year ago  
    Thuck fhem! 1 year ago  
    I live A. 1 year ago  
    Killing is legal but sex is illegal? 1 year ago  
    You are welcome. 1 year ago  
    She/it would fist him to death. 1 year ago  
    All the money from atms ,banks...etc 1 year ago  
    No.By becoming metahuman. 1 year ago  
    Me.Ascension. 1 year ago  
    Heat ray kills him. 1 year ago  
    Xmen,Star trek 1 year ago  
    Beatles,Doors,Modestmouse... 1 year ago  
    Nowhere man.Wealthy. 1 year ago  
    Misclick. 1 year ago  
    Bitten.The word is bitten. 1 year ago  
    Tie! 1 year ago  
    Wish to be the greatest writer,inventor,pornstar.... 1 year ago  
    Puck them right in the fussies! 1 year ago  
    Both. 1 year ago  
    Puck her right in the fussy! 1 year ago  
    All of them! 1 year ago  
    I am my own worst enemy! 1 year ago  
    All of them! 1 year ago +1
    ME!I am the worst ever! 1 year ago  
    Zero.Except "Who is the most gay man alive? The answer is AlexW. 1 year ago +1
    Everyone is someone's baby.So,eighteen plus. 1 year ago +1
    When I see a question this stupid. 1 year ago  
    Both. 1 year ago  
    Except for Iron.His Kryptonite. 1 year ago  
    Cat. 1 year ago  
    It exists. 1 year ago  
    Skipping. 1 year ago +1
    He is imaginary.And the fairy tale is flawed. 1 year ago +1
    The span of time it takes precludes direct observation.Fossil records confirm,however. 1 year ago +1
    And he rested.He chose to? 1 year ago  
    Will of god, 1 year ago  
    He loves us more. 1 year ago +1
    Mine was better than either. 1 year ago  
    If I am dead how can I be murdered? 1 year ago +1
    Bond is trash. 1 year ago  
    Own? See? Be? 1 year ago  
    Misclick. 1 year ago  
    Among the best here. 1 year ago +1
    Skipping. 1 year ago +1
    Make the queries actual "Would you rather?"questions. 1 year ago  
    Skipping. 1 year ago  
    B was stolen from Harlan Ellison. 1 year ago  
    I want to Puck Athena right in the fussy! 1 year ago  
    Both are family names.Henry tried to kill me.So,Lee wins. 1 year ago  
    Apart means away from. A part of means join. 1 year ago  
    Charlize Theron is African. 1 year ago  
    To be? 1 year ago  
    Those are different names.Like Jon and Joan. 1 year ago  
    Muck Fexico! 1 year ago +1
    Winning is the way! 1 year ago  
    No. 1 year ago  
    Slowly? 1 year ago  
    Someone pays. 1 year ago  
    Muck Fexico! 1 year ago  
    ??? 1 year ago  
    Misclick. 1 year ago  
    They can not be killed. 1 year ago  
    To kill? 1 year ago  
    Faithful fate. 1 year ago  
    Rather? Meet? 1 year ago  
    B is more gay than Elton. 1 year ago  
    Luck the faw! 1 year ago  
    For 15 seconds? Go anywhen in time for 15 seconds? 1 year ago  
    Great fairy tale. 1 year ago  
    Trick query.Both are trash. 1 year ago  
    Skipping. 1 year ago  
    Language barrier would prevent interaction. 1 year ago  
    My mother was.rod Serling,too. 1 year ago  
    Rhino. 1 year ago  
    Twat kiss! 1 year ago  
    Fitty tuck! 1 year ago  
    You are a man. 1 year ago  
    He was a tyrant. 1 year ago  
    Good job! 1 year ago  
    Humans are animals. 1 year ago  
    Misclick! 1 year ago  
    Puck them!Right in the fussies! 1 year ago  
    1 would bring 2 or it would be worthless.The Earth is moving. 1 year ago  
    Twilight zone! 1 year ago  
    Wait,X-23 regenerates everything? 1 year ago  
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