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    Some things .. You better dont know 4 months ago  
    More money 4 months ago  
    Pigs eat everythimg 4 months ago  
    Easyer 4 months ago  
    I can wish more wishes... 4 months ago  
    I can cast spells duh 4 months ago  
    Get to orlando and but everything from harry potter 4 months ago  
    Love Harry Potter and i can cast Stupefy at anyone and more chance to survive in dangerous situations 4 months ago  
    Cute 4 months ago  
    You can do everything with this 4 months ago  
    Talking to much its annoying 4 months ago  
    Dont want to be hitler 4 months ago  
    Dont want to die 4 months ago  
    You can earn money and you are never lonely 4 months ago  
    For Ever 4 months ago  
    Higher chance to survive zombies 4 months ago  
    Dont carw about human 4 months ago  
    Not painful 4 months ago  
    I want to change things i have done before 4 months ago  
    #biggestPotterheadever! 4 months ago  
    Do good for everyone 4 months ago  
    If your to smart your sad because you know the real world 4 months ago  
    If you live twice as long and be sad its you hate it but if youbwon lottery and live normal your happier 4 months ago  
    I want to have privacy and i want to be happy 4 months ago  
    Rich , cool why not 4 months ago  
    #potterhead 4 months ago +1
    The past is too dangerous you can change the present 4 months ago  
    Your death so you dont know it... Simple 4 months ago  
    Yes it can be dangerous to make what you want.. 4 months ago  
    No cellphone duh 4 months ago  
    Dont trust ppl they are killing you 4 months ago  
    RIP stupid ppl 4 months ago  

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