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    Warframe FTW! 4 years ago  
    Women love the accent 5 years ago +1
    Evil dead so no 5 years ago  
    I was bored. 5 years ago +1
    Rednecks are not racist they are just people who work in the sun 5 years ago  
    Blood bending 5 years ago +1
    Same thing 5 years ago +1
    Drifting 5 years ago  
    i would by an xbox fusion 6 years ago  
    wouldnt be the first time 6 years ago  
    no shame 6 years ago  
    muslims immediatly deported 6 years ago  
    tough love 6 years ago  
    muscle 6 years ago  
    i just remembered that is how my cousin died 6 years ago  
    cant help someone thats already dead 6 years ago +4
    mob of the dead 6 years ago  
    already do 6 years ago  
    like shallow hal 6 years ago  
    perfect amount of time till i can drive 6 years ago +1
    i didnt feel like doing the math 6 years ago  
    earth bending 6 years ago +2
    i have before 6 years ago +1
    it is a soft spot between our universe and an alternate one 6 years ago  
    english is so easy math not so much 6 years ago +1
    im 13 6 years ago +2
    if you give free electricicity you wont make a profit 6 years ago  
    i played through that part like ten times tryin to stop it 6 years ago +1
    red dead redemption undead nightmare 6 years ago  
    as pewdiepie would say BARREL 6 years ago +2
    jim carrey 6 years ago  
    1967 chevy impala for the win 6 years ago +21
    lived in death valley and hated every minute of it 6 years ago  
    already do 6 years ago  
    hate anime but love black ops 2 6 years ago +2
    go with b and u get skrewd 6 years ago  
    HULK SMASH 6 years ago  
    alpha wolf 6 years ago +1
    if u have ever been to haiti u will know voodoo is real 6 years ago  
    parkour can save your life 6 years ago +2
    xbox 360 6 years ago  
    forever alone 6 years ago  
    tough one 6 years ago  
    mustang and sally 6 years ago +2
    earthbending 6 years ago +1
    hell hounds from nazi zombies 6 years ago  
    i think ugly but every one else thinks handsome 6 years ago +1
    i played oblivion and it sucked 6 years ago  
    send in the reapers 6 years ago  
    no 6 years ago  
    remove shyness 6 years ago  
    car 6 years ago  
    i want that knife 6 years ago  
    i know what turkey is 6 years ago  
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