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Hi, I'm kobi, I like to do stuff, answer and ask questions, I have a twitter, a facebook, a youtube, yeah I do online stuff and also offline stuff. I like music, creativity, I sing, yeah anyway that's me.

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I hate to say this but I've actually already been to every single place on the Europe tour, and I've never been to the Bahamas. So I chose there. And I just want to relax right now :) 3 years ago  
Lol same 5 years ago  
OMG does Runescape still exist? I played it as a young child, and I would go back to playing! 5 years ago +4
being popular it never says you can't also be very smart, and being both would be more fun because otherwise people might hate you and get jealous if you are smarter than them and that might be hard for you. 5 years ago  
Ipad because of all the apps, and I could just keep the computer I have now along with it. 5 years ago  
One is better for gaming if you like PC gaming (Windows), the other is better for art and music design (Mac). I voted Mac because I am an Apple person and use apple products much more frequently. 5 years ago +58
i voted Ray Gun because I felt like I wouldn't have to get as close to the zombies as with a lightsaber, and i felt like I would just want to open fire and kill them from a distance. I guess if I did have to reload that would be troublesome... 5 years ago +3
Lol I'm a vegetarian and Morgan Freeman is AMAZING 5 years ago  
Alright so being a huge potterhead I really don't find this to be a difficult question at all. I am actually surprised 15% of people chose Twilight over HP. 5 years ago  
i just thought if you're in a funeral or something somber and you sneeze, you will have to start laughing, whereas if you are already laughing, it will be more appropriate to sneeze. 5 years ago  

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