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    duh 1 month ago  
    which isn't many people 1 month ago  
    easy and quick 1 month ago  
    I'm selfish 1 month ago  
    there's still the option of affairs, yes? 1 month ago  
    all in good fun 1 month ago  
    10 people of my choice? hell yeah 1 month ago  
    without bees we'd be pretty fcked 1 month ago  
    easy 1 month ago  
    easy 1 month ago  
    knives are a lot easier to use. a lot neater, too 1 month ago  
    obviously 1 month ago  
    fishing is harder 1 month ago  
    for the experience ;) 1 month ago  
    bye fag 1 month ago  
    what's a 100 people off the face of the earth when there are so many, anyway 1 month ago  
    easier to use 1 month ago  
    no animals no food 1 month ago  
    might be a situation where if you want to kill someone, you'd just have to blink, not necessarily a "you blink at someone (even by accident) they die" situation 1 month ago +1
    I already do 2 months ago  
    Can I make my own dreams come true instead 2 months ago  
    can't bite into a block of butter, can ya? 2 months ago  
    it's always summer here, even in the winter 2 months ago  
    who? 2 months ago  
    dude cars sucks 2 months ago  
    chainsawed or knifed.... ehhhhh 2 months ago  

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