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    just take a rocket louncher and Shut THEM DOWN 2 years ago +1
    its fun 2 years ago +1
    cool i no need to stand up for going to school 2 years ago  
    star wars suck avatar is better avatar is made of titanic autors 2 years ago  
    just swim to another beach 2 years ago  
    justin is in illuminati club 2 years ago  
    i gues i dont die 2 years ago  
    well u can cut off worms right 2 years ago  
    there not typing without shoes so i gues just walk with shoes in glass 2 years ago  
    well jump off cliff 1 cm tall 2 years ago  
    black color is sexy 2 years ago  
    ranjit is saying just hello 2 years ago  
    the gang of gamers and famous youtubers u made vids with them and for subs make money 2 years ago  
    well there dont saying for ever maybe 1 minute 2 years ago  
    oh right im sstupid 2 years ago  
    ?i think shes comediany well who knows right 2 years ago  
    stand up too fsat that u get shooted lol 2 years ago  
    well in my school PUBLIC bathrooms is full with poops 2 years ago  
    well eat a McDonald in car is better and there is no cold 2 years ago  
    well i get subs for my dead channel for doing plane crash vid 2 years ago  
    u know someone doing meal from frog 2 years ago  
    MOMS NOT SO BADS 2 years ago  
    sad thar USA prezident is trump 2 years ago  
    my tablet is broken ahahhaa 2 years ago  
    get pranked? 2 years ago  
    well there saying without tiem limit so yeah be alone 1 second is easy lol 2 years ago  
    well you can go by urself with legs 2 years ago  
    uhm my brother choose this 2 years ago  
    i can be friend with them but 1 dude i shold really HATE 2 years ago  
    burned alive is horrible buried alive is not too much hurt but hurt 2 years ago  
    well its just 1 finger 2 years ago  
    well underwater idk why i choosed this 2 years ago  
    grass stain its just a grass emm grass stain yeah i have green color on my favorite jeans and its ok to me 2 years ago  
    well if youre not kid so u know there is no santa 2 years ago  
    well how u click on youtube vids without eyes stupid 2 years ago  
    Well i dont want be so mean any ways but i choose this lol 2 years ago  
    with friends have fun... 2 years ago  
    well read mind you can from dog so lol from pets and think they like u or no 2 years ago  
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