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    hmm broken tv or a small dent in my car 6 years ago +59
    then i could justify saying "Autobots, roll out" anytime me and my friends go anywhere 6 years ago +11
    english? 6 years ago  
    um fly be super strong glow and shoot sh*t from your hands. F*** YES 6 years ago +2
    you drink more than a bottle on the average trip to the beach so yeah 6 years ago +52
    dibs on the front 6 years ago  
    this^ 6 years ago  
    both. there is always a time for either 6 years ago  
    wow 1/5 of these voters are either children or wrong 6 years ago  
    how is this sports 6 years ago  
    i would rather watch a dog take a dump on my face than Douchey shore 6 years ago  
    even if it was 10 times easier to be a veegan i would still go for the meat 6 years ago  
    Why does that matter 6 years ago  
    my parents had me when they were younger than 19 and i live a perfectly normal middle class life now. when a woman gives birth when she is that old there is a much greater risk of complications 6 years ago  
    money can only get you so much 6 years ago  
    tomboy are more fun and less drama 6 years ago  
    i think it means both 6 years ago  
    who the hell cares 6 years ago  
    middle ground? 6 years ago  
    imagine the boobs youd get if you were riding a fire breathing unicorn 6 years ago +3
    i can only hope that ti and lil wayne pull off a simultaneous kill shot 6 years ago  
    link and sam fisher 6 years ago +1
    Finish him 6 years ago +4
    we all know whos got what between their thighs i think thats worth not have to crap hovering over a tank filled with other peopls crap 6 years ago +1
    Lord of the rings music makes my spine tingle 6 years ago +2
    0!! i just started :) 6 years ago  
    um im in college i already dont sleep, but if i skip one meal i feel like im gonna die so.. yeah 6 years ago +9
    guy with ripped chest or toned butt. Problem solved 6 years ago  
    i dont even have a response for the 1/3 that chose firefox 6 years ago  
    you mean i get to be warm... AND NAKED 6 years ago +7
    in this country what you know doesnt matter all that people care about is what fake prestigious degree did you get from where. i undersstand the irony of this as i am a college student 6 years ago +6
    ummm yeah why not 6 years ago  
    tower of pimps! 6 years ago  
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