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Would you rather have the common cold for 2 months or have a deathly, painful disease for 1 week 7 years ago 285 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be superwoman or be a famous popstar 7 years ago 268 votes 5 comments 0 likes

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awesomer! 7 years ago  
definitely! 7 years ago +1
white shirts are lame... 7 years ago  
oh ya:) 7 years ago  
you can always stop alcoholism 7 years ago  
hehe ;) 7 years ago  
idk what the 1st one means??? 7 years ago +1
lindsay lohan=ajksdfhjkadsflvalksdf (That's me puking) 7 years ago +1
the other one's NASTY! 7 years ago  
itz ok 7 years ago  
you NEED water :/ 7 years ago  
actually, not trying to be a no it all, but tallness, due to bones, can kill you 7 years ago  
i could rlly care less 7 years ago +2
i could get another 10 dollar one :? 7 years ago  
summer NEEDS to happen 7 years ago +4
agreed 7 years ago  
idk.... 7 years ago  
idk...i think it'd be sooner 7 years ago +1
i agree with restarting and making it better 7 years ago  
i would finally get my antidote to work:) idk lol 7 years ago  
it'd be funner:) 7 years ago  
ikr:) 7 years ago  
after....could find another? 7 years ago  
they are sweeter 7 years ago  
Duh?! 7 years ago  
not what happenED 7 years ago  
i wanna know what happens 7 years ago  
brushing teeth feeling=BETTER 7 years ago  
ghosts are cool...ig 7 years ago  
both are great, but i love chocolate 7 years ago +1
he's like almost immortal 7 years ago  
blocks the sun?? 7 years ago +1
not taking a shower is great! NOT!!!!!!!! 7 years ago +1
easier 7 years ago  
it'd be cooler in the summer and it'd just be pretty to look at. plus, its more efficient and PLUS you can trust its location 7 years ago  
they get more freedom 7 years ago +3
sweeter 7 years ago  
well, prison is horrible and it's reversed 7 years ago  
not grosssss 7 years ago +1
it's more mysterious and pretty 7 years ago  
this is better..the other SICK 7 years ago +1
its prettier :) 7 years ago  
watching them is better 7 years ago  
glee is annoying 7 years ago +2
amazingly better 7 years ago  
Borat is wayyyy funnier :p 7 years ago  
i dont do anything wrong (cough cough) 7 years ago  
nosy.... 7 years ago  
eric is better :) 7 years ago +2
give up family...i hate them 7 years ago +3
i'm shy, so whispering is good 4 me 7 years ago +3
i would rather die in water because its peaceful and semi warm 7 years ago  
mansion all the way:) 7 years ago  
fity-fity lol 7 years ago  
NICKI MINAJ YO! 7 years ago +1
vampires are better lol 7 years ago  
british girl uniforms wayyyy better 7 years ago  
hamsters are gross, no hamster please lol 7 years ago  
almost impossible for both...actually 7 years ago  
i;d rather die 7 years ago  

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