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Would you rather Neopets be real or Moshi Monsters be real 7 years ago 1,546 votes 35 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Marry Chuck Ragan or marry Dave Hause 7 years ago 217 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Marry Brian Fallon or marry Frank Turner 7 years ago 154 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Bath in milk or bath in chocolate 7 years ago 616 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Would you rather All your drawings can come to life or Your imaginary friends can become real 7 years ago 712 votes 26 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have a Ferret for a pet or or a hamster 7 years ago 1,787 votes 34 comments 1 like
Would you rather have a Fennec Fox for a pet or or a sugar glider 7 years ago 1,507 votes 26 comments 0 likes
If you had to pick would you rather.... Be cursed with hypertrichosis or Or be cursed with Progeria 7 years ago 337 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Ladies (or certain men) if you had to pick, would you rather... Marry Steven Tyler or Or Shane McGowan 7 years ago 6,870 votes 112 comments 1 like
If you had to choose, would you rather Live in the hottest place on earth? or Coldest place on earth? 7 years ago 86,896 votes 615 comments 1 like
Would you rather Be a wolf for the rest of your life or Be an owl for the rest of your life 7 years ago 323,532 votes 2,724 comments 10 likes
Would you rather? Death by fire or Death by lightning 7 years ago 70,026 votes 608 comments 2 likes
If both your child and your husband/wife were dying and you had to choose to save one, would you rather..... Save your dying child or Save your dying husband/wife 7 years ago 92,678 votes 1,120 comments 2 likes
Would you rather be? Dying painlessly, but completely alone or Dying very painfully but surrounded by everyone you love and all the attention in the world 7 years ago 315,022 votes 1,118 comments 13 likes

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Better to have genuine peace, rather than peace just because they have to in order to get the money. 7 years ago  
Can the infinity card bring infinite anything or just infinite money. Cause it can bring infinite anything, I'll just make infinite peace. 7 years ago +1
I guess if I was worried about people seeing me naked (which I am) I just wouldn't fly anyway. Better than people talking about me behind my back (even though they already do all the time) cause I hate that. :| 7 years ago  
(CONTINUED since I acidentally pressed enter to early) could hide away there during the end of the world, or during a war, especially a nuclear wear or any atomic bombs. 7 years ago  
I can hide from the bad guys, if I was a criminal I could hide from the cops. Games of hide n seek would be absolutely ace in there! It would be fun to explore. I could hide things there. And I 7 years ago  
It didn't say you don't have to pay for the food..... 7 years ago  
If I know how, I can tell everyone and we can try and fix it so it never happens. Unless it's something that's unfixable, like global warming or something. 7 years ago  
I'm neither, honestly. I'm closer to Christianity though. I have no real religion. I have my own religion. I believed in God and Christ, but I don't follow the typical Christian rules or anything. I just follow my own rules and have my own theories of the world. As long as I'm believing in God and Christ, it's all good. 7 years ago +2
My grandparents are dead. So basically, I'd be dancing in front of no one. So ha. 7 years ago  
Futurama's okay, but it's really not funny. 7 years ago +4
What's cis? I just chose the prettier girl. 7 years ago +2
I've never even heard of electric scissors so I'm pretty sure I could do without them. And what the hell is a dymaxion map anyway? 7 years ago  
Probably trying to get biggest difference. I should have picked the first one just to mess with them. :P 7 years ago +2
Doesn't mean he's having sex with the man, could just be helping film it. Ha! :P 7 years ago +3
Uh? What? 7 years ago +8
Both suck most of the time. 7 years ago  
I know Carlin a bit. Starting watching some of his vids after he'd first died. 7 years ago  
But then you'd have to be with a man too (Or if you're a girl, then you'd have to be with girls) that would be weird. That also goes for homosexuals, just opposite of what I first said. 7 years ago  
Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? 7 years ago +2
Ewwwwwwwwwwww, I hate burgers! This question sucks. And I don't know why I chose White Castle, never had, love Mcdonalds. But doesn't matter I guess, cause I hate burgers. 7 years ago  
You should have put *Air Conditioner.* Anyway, I like the cold better so yeah. 7 years ago  
I'd be dead if I chose the first. Lol. The second I may live. 7 years ago +5
Daniel Craig is sexy! :D 7 years ago +1
It's not as fun anymore. :( Now that Nickelodeon bought it or whatever. 7 years ago  
Neopets. 7 years ago  
But he's still sexy. :) Of course I still for Frank because he's cuter, btw the way, he has tattoos too, they're just covered in that picture. 7 years ago  
Unless you draw a million dollar bill, that's pretty easy. Or just a million dollar check. 7 years ago  
I have 2 ferrets. They look almost exactly alike, except Vincent's nose is mostly pink, and Angelo's nose is mostly brown, plus Angelo's body is longer, and his teeth, tail, ear, etc. Basically he's just a larger version of Vinnie. Plus Vinnie has sharper teeth. Angel's are more dull. And Vinnie is more playful, he loves to play with shoes and plastic bags. Angelo loves playing with plastic bottles and making messes lol. Plus my Vinnie is faster, but Angel's tougher. They are so awesome! :D 7 years ago +2
I always wondered.....why do ferrets like shoes so much? 7 years ago  
Lol. Really? The Torah I'm pretty sure is the Jewish bible. 7 years ago  
Looks like styrofoam (or however that's spelled) in the beanbag right there and that's highly poisonous, or so I've heard. 7 years ago  
Probably just vacationing. 7 years ago  
If you go to a regular campground they usually have restrooms. 7 years ago +3
I stayed the night at my nieces house one time and that happened, we just used old t-shirts to dry off with. 7 years ago +4
Different characters for one, and I'm not even a fan and I know that. :P 7 years ago +2
But your name also has 2 t's in it. :) 7 years ago +2
Cody Rhodes is so f'ing ugly! Not that Sheamus is good looking either. Really, I hate all wrestlers cause I hate wrestling, except that rich Mexican guy (forget his name.) Cause he's really cute. And that Vegan guy who was mean to that girl (forget his name also) cause he's cute too, and I'm sure he's not such a jerk in real life. 7 years ago  
Ooops, I mean, Schriner. 7 years ago +1
I'm voting for Joe Schnider. :) 7 years ago +1
Born in 94' baby! Though if I could pick any decade, I'd pick 80's cause of the Punk scene or maybe the early 1900's for easier and more peaceful times. 7 years ago  
Yeah you are. 7 years ago +1
Don't know the first guy. But Diggy always seemed like a nice and cool guy, watched his family's show a little bit when it was on MTV. 7 years ago  
I don't like Usher but at least it's REAL music. 7 years ago +2
Wrong one, meant Hawaii. 7 years ago  
Hawaii's not that hot. 7 years ago  
I've never been on a date before. :| 7 years ago +2
There's no calling on an Ipod Touch anyway, duh. 7 years ago  
Both are not scary, lol. 7 years ago +1
Barbies are fake and shallow and have unrealistically large breasts. 7 years ago +5
Cap'n Crunch sucks! (although I do love that game they gave away in it years ago when I was little that had those cute little crunchlings in it, don't laugh but I still play it some times *blushes*) 7 years ago +2
I'd love to be a ginger. I'm a brunette and I'm thinking of dying my hair a reddish brown color, maybe auburn, not sure. 7 years ago +3
If if he/she does have behaviour problems (which it may not, anyway), you can always train it to be better behaved. 7 years ago +3
Finally, another Three Stooges hater in the world. Never seen one of those before! :D 7 years ago  
Both are disgusting and very cruel!!! You sicken me samaelj 7 years ago +7
I don't have math tests. This year is math free, and it's also my final year of school anyway. 7 years ago  
How does it not make sense? He's saying either way you're gonna be dead, so it's makes no sense to ask the question. 7 years ago  
Don't know the first guy, but I'm pretty sure he sucks too. But I just went with Robbie cause at least I know him. 7 years ago +1
Um no, you've got that wrong, lightning is typically less harmful. 7 years ago  
Not everyone, but I do! :) 7 years ago  
Struck by lightning would be a much cooler thing to brag about than a shark bite. There's a very rare chance to be struck by lightning, so I guess if you find being hurt cool, it would be cool you were the one of a very small amount of people who have been struck. A chance of being bitten by a shark is quite large if you go to the ocean. 7 years ago +1
Both would hurt, but they say there's only a very slight chance of dying from a lightning strike anyway, though there's little larger of a chance of being f'd up for life, like brain dead or something, but still better chance of surviving than a shark attack. My Dad was struck by lightning and lived, my uncle was also struck by lightning and lived. And I met a girl the other day that was struck by lightning and lived, I believe I may also know one other person who lived through it, not sure though. 7 years ago  
What's with the digusting question, ya nasty!? 7 years ago  
Um, that's not cute.....EVER.... 7 years ago +1
Never seen vertical, looks f'd up. 7 years ago  
I'm already a white girl. By the way, your pictures make no sense. 7 years ago +4
Neither really. xP 7 years ago +7
I cut neither. They break off all the time before they get too long anyway. So ha. :P 7 years ago +1
May I vomit now? O.O 7 years ago +2
I'm pretty sure gloves were not invented for sweaty palms, so no, that's not what gloves are for ya dumbass. 7 years ago +4
But it said really slowly, so what if it's slower than the crucifixion? 7 years ago  
I already can barely smell anyway. 7 years ago  
Not if you're careful. And markers work way better than crayons and look way better too. 7 years ago +1
Stop mentioning pools, you're making me want to cry! I want a pool so bad but I can't get one till next year. I've been wanting for about 8 or 9 years. :( 7 years ago +1
I think you meant to say hot tub, right? 7 years ago  
Stop making me hungry, I just ate, I don't want to get fatter. :P 7 years ago  
Ahhh! Kill it!!! Kill it with fire!!!!!! Who doesn't like Reeses? This person is not human!!! :O 7 years ago  
What's a Whatchamacallit? 7 years ago +1
Neither is gonna cost $5,000,000 anyway. So either way I'll still have plenty left over. I pick car because the car would cost way more money than the college. I would like a Lamborghini, which is very expensive. As for the college I would like to go to, well I plan on doing an online college, and it only costs about $1,000 per year. And I think for what I want I only have to take it one or two years anyway. So that's pretty cheap. 7 years ago  
Because people are really annoying when they do stuff like that. 7 years ago  
I don't know about Monoxide, but wouldn't even kill Hitler for $100, I wouldn't kill anyone ever. Unless I had to. 7 years ago  
Racist. 7 years ago +1
But having toilet paper on your shoe is something embarrassing, duh. 7 years ago  
As long as it's my earwax, at least you can digest earwax, you can't really digest hair. 7 years ago +2
Sometimes you need ice to make something cold, because it's not already cold. 7 years ago +1
Hey at least the can is clean, it will just taste like tuna, the ice will be dirty and disgusting. 7 years ago  
It said with your eyes closed, you can't blink. 7 years ago +7
What's so gross about the first one? 7 years ago +5
Pssh, sorry, but I don't consider some stupid army veteran a hero. I hate war, it's not necessary. 7 years ago +5
I know right? 7 years ago  
Don't think it works like that, it said CONTROL TIME AND DIE obviously, that means, if you control the time, no matter what, you'll die. 7 years ago  
Loving the questions, keep it up! :) 7 years ago +4
Seriously, what is wrong with you, you sicko!? 7 years ago +3
Their a** 7 years ago  
Old people can fight too. 7 years ago +1
I appear 12, so at least I'd look a year older, note: I'm 18. 7 years ago +2
What exactly do we have toes for anyway? 7 years ago +3
I hope you're older, that girl there is still a teenager I think. She's on the Nickelodeon show Victorious. 7 years ago  
Fire ants would kill you probably, since you're diving into that huge ant hill. Bee hive, unless you're allergic, it shouldn't kill you, besides, maybe the hives next to a lake, I'll just keep running, so they sting me a little less, cause I'll just jump in the lake. 7 years ago +1
Obvious answer. Although WoWP isn't my favorite Disney show (used to be but I don't watch it much anymore, and now it's over, but still), my favorite's are Ant Farm, Good Luck Charlie, and Jessie, especially Jessie! Love it. :) Hate Jackass Beaver. 7 years ago +1
Already don't have a cell phone. :P Would like one though, but can't live without my internet. 7 years ago  
Uhhh, really, Seth is soooo not hot, no idea why he's there. The other guy's kind of cute I guess, whoever he is. 7 years ago +1
Yeah! Nirvana! Foo Fighters are alright too though. :) 7 years ago  
I have, I just thumbs up'd you just cause you're lucky you've never heard of them. :P 7 years ago +1
Never listened to them, never wanna. Hate that kind of stuff. Punk Rock's where it's at! Woo! and Folk! :O 7 years ago +1
Stealing's not cool man, not cool. 7 years ago  
Pssh, doesn't look sexy to me, at least not in that picture. But the guy on the left looks kind of cute. Only reason why I chose him. 7 years ago +2
You look like a gremlin. 7 years ago +9
The second is prettier than the first girl, she just needs to shave. 7 years ago +4
Mario is pretty annoying, Luigi, not as much. 7 years ago  
Lol, wait, I just thumbs up'd this without thinking. Asexual typically are virgins. And if they do have sex, they don't enjoy. The closet they get to anything sexual is that most of them masturbate and enjoy it, but some don't even do that. 7 years ago  
I don't know why, but I kind of would like to be Jewish, and I'm really neither though, I'm sort of my own religion, I believe in God, but I don't really conform to the rules of any religion that believes in God. 7 years ago +1
Australia got some freaky animals, cute ones too, but lets emphasize the FREAKY ANIMALS part. 7 years ago +1
What's up the weird as hell questions Shady? O.O Lol. 7 years ago  
Uh, yeah they kind of are. Glasses are so cool, people go out and buy fake ones cause they can't wear real ones, but they wanna look cool. 7 years ago  
I would look so cute with glasses. I've always wanted those thick square glasses that the nerds and emos wear. :) I'm thinking of buying the fake ones. 7 years ago  
They do that in the ocean too, and so do the animals, and it doesn't get cleaned, at least the pool can get cleaned out when it's dirty. 7 years ago  
No one said you would jump, but you still could fall. 7 years ago  
At least Justin is decent looking, Adam is one ugly motherf***er. 7 years ago +5
My dad has heart problems and lung problems from smoking. 7 years ago +4
But if she didn't smoke, she may have lived to be over one hundred. Maybe she would lived for another 10 or 20 years. 7 years ago +4
Australia's got so many poisonous bugs and animals down there. I know some places in America have a quite a few, but not where I live. I don't think we have any deadly animals, just Brown Recluse and Black Widow. And I think we MAY have some Rattlesnakes down here, but rarely, if any at all. 7 years ago  
I'm already 18, so basically I had to choose the second one. And this question makes no sense anyway. 7 years ago +3
I hope those images are fake, especially the second one. 7 years ago +2
He's the Russian leader. 7 years ago  
Putin's kind of sexy for an old man. 7 years ago  
I know right? She probably thinks you can hold Kangaroos too. Ahaha. 7 years ago +1
Isn't Whitney the original singer anyway? 7 years ago +6
If it's not very high-end, the clothes are cheaper, so I can get more. I don't shop very expensive places anyway. Most expensive clothing store I show at is probably Kohls, or I used to shop at Hot Topic (which was expensive), until it turned Emo and whatever. 7 years ago +5
It says whenever you want, so obvisouly, you could afford it. 7 years ago +2
Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! THAT.FIRST.HOME!!!!!!! 7 years ago  
Oh and just so you know, if you don't already, in order (sorry posting again, hehe) they are: Good morning, Green, White, hit, beautiful, hello, brother, young, Fish, and tall. 7 years ago +1
Though I already know some, but no enough. The only words I can remember right this second are Buongiorno, Verde, Blanca, Copire, Bello, Chiao, Fratello, Giovanni, Pesce, and Alto. 7 years ago  
Italiano 7 years ago  
I don't have balls. :D And my Dad is one tough man, so that would hurt. If I had balls my mom couldn't kick me anyway, cause she can barely move her legs. 7 years ago +1
I've gotten gum stuck in my hair multiple times already. It's usually not that hard to get it out, and if you can't, just cut it out and hope it doesn't look bad. If so, wear a hat. I'm always getting gum stuck in my hair while I'm sleeping. xD 7 years ago  
Neither do I. But I chew it everyday. ;) 7 years ago +1
1912, not bad, not bad at all. Cause what if 100 years later, it 100 times worse than it is now. At least 1912 was rather nice, and I've always wanted to live in the olden days. I love my internet, but it would to try and survive without it, and everyone would be outside having fun like you're supposed to. :) 7 years ago +2
I don't drink, so I just picked the one that looks and sounds better. 7 years ago +1
I'd love to be a scientist. Besides, they usually make more money. :) 7 years ago +2
The heart is really cute. Can't even see the foot ones so I don't know what they look like, but I don't want a tattoo on the bottom of my foot, who does that? ......Apparently the person in the pictures does 7 years ago +2
Meant cupcake, was confused by the pictures since they are mixed up. 7 years ago  
You can just tip the bowl over and drink out of it. Alot easier than it would be for you to drink the soup, you'd have to lick it up like a dog. :P 7 years ago  
Yay another Ohioan on the site! O-H-I-O! 7 years ago  
I'm not really a fan generalizing either, but it is kind of true. The second just wouldn't look right on a girl. I mean, the first one I guess could fine on a guy though. 7 years ago  
Who are they? Also, I agree with Kimberly. These are demeaning, at least make ones with guys, then it won't be as bad. 7 years ago  
By the way, keep it up with these questions, I really like them. 7 years ago  
The second one is beautiful. The first one is kind of lame. 7 years ago  
Who are those girls anyway? 7 years ago +2
Spears is one ugly lady. I don't care much for Perry either but she's still prettier, more talented too. 7 years ago  
Because maybe they like commenting, and they are allowed to comment on whatever they like to. Plus, I'm pretty sure I've seen them comment on almost every question anyway, not just this one. 7 years ago +1
They ARE NOT funny. 7 years ago +5
Ahhh, I love tattoos but those things are creepy. I've seen the second one before but I've never seen the first one. 7 years ago  
Agreed. 7 years ago  
I chose the camp, I'm afraid of large bodies of water and drowning. There's no way I would have survived that, and I did I would have nightmares for the rest of my life and be even more terrified of going near the water ever again or a boat ever again. 7 years ago +1
Four sized to small you couldn't even fit into them at all. 7 years ago  
I didn't read the book and I still answered. :P I just went by appearance and they are both ugly. I remember when Josh Hutcherson used to be cute though, now he's not. 7 years ago  
What is Kabbalah? I've never heard of it. 7 years ago +2
I hate juggalos, I don't get it? And most of them seem like white trash makeup or masks 7 years ago +1
So basically, this will be more of a, are you a boy or a girl? question. Because most guys will chose right, and most girls will chose left. You should do more tattoo questions but do them better next time, no offense. :) 7 years ago  
At least I can sleep. Noise doesn't bother me much anyway, used to it. 7 years ago  
I probably will look like I'm 10 when I'm 40 anyway lol. People already say I look younger than my actual age. I'm 18, most people say I look like I'm 12 or 13. I kind of hate it though, but I'd rather look alot younger than alot older. 7 years ago +3
At least my parents having sex together is normal, making out with my brother or sister is disgusting and is incest. 7 years ago  
They say love is the most important thing in the world. 7 years ago +6
As long as it's my toenail it won't be as bad I guess. 7 years ago +3
I already have mostly given up soda anyway. I drink it very rarely, and when I do, most of the time it's diet. 7 years ago  
Over-cooked, because alot of undercooked food can contain salmonella, and I don't want to die from salmonella poisoning. 7 years ago +4
Doesn't work that way. He didn't say 10 degrees Fahrenheit, so it could mean Celcius (or however it's spelled) Although, since I'm American, we always go by Fahrenheit anyway. 7 years ago +2
Since when are male teacher pedos? Men can be teachers just as much as women can, jerk. 7 years ago +1
They'd crush in a garbage truck most of the time, so you'd be dead. You'd get out of there when it dumps you, but all that will be there is crushed bits of your body everywhere. 7 years ago  
The second one, I'd rather came back again one day, than die forever. Except I wouldn't get to go to heaven would I? Since I'd be revived later on. But still. 7 years ago +1
I love Dairy WAY too much to give it up, don't care for grains so much, except for cereal, bagels, and a couple other bakery kind of foods. 7 years ago +1
Actually, it is. You can go to jail for it. People kill themselves because of cyberbullies. Cyberbullying is just as much a crime as is real bullying. 7 years ago +3
I can't believe most people chose tax fraud. People would wanna kick your ass if you're a tax fraud. Cyber bully, well at the most, the might laugh at you cause that's the only thing you're in there for. 7 years ago +3
That's what I'm wondering, but I'm not even gonna think about looking it up, you never what you'll find you randomly google things you don't know. Haha. 7 years ago  
Longboard is lame. :P 7 years ago +5
I hate pop, but I hate techno more. 7 years ago  
You can put cushions on the chairs. :) 7 years ago +7
Lol, you'd gain way more than 50 lbs, and lose more than one tooth, I'm sure. Anyway, I'd love all the candy in the state, haha, but it would take me 10-30 years to eat it all, so I guess thanksgiving, besides, who says it can't be a small thanksgiving meal. :P 7 years ago +4
Both are kind of ugly though. 7 years ago +2
Still would count as "home" 7 years ago  
Oooops, I keep picking wrong answers. Lol. I meant the first one, because I love my home, but I also love the outdoors, besides, I would also never be able to go to stores or to friends houses if I couldn't leave the house. That would suck. I'll just live in the streets or live with a friend. 7 years ago  
Crap, wait, meant to pick speed reader cause I can already type pretty fast anyway, don't really need to type much faster. But I would love to be able to read faster, cause I don't really like reading, that why I could read my book report books faster or anything else I don't really want to read, so it won't consume as much time. :P 7 years ago  
That must explain why you're name is anon20. Lol. 7 years ago  
I guess at least if I was a model I'd be pretty. 7 years ago +4
Neither really. :P 7 years ago  
That's kind of what I wanted anyway, except with some black zebra stripes with it too. :) 7 years ago  
I love both so much, but Panthers are a little cuter, and Black is my favorite color. :) 7 years ago  
I'd rather date a bad guy than be a bad girl, at least I can go find someone else who ACTUALLY loves me, but if I'm the bad person, it would be hard to find someone, and I'd be doing wrong to them all the time by being with them just for money. 7 years ago +4
I have much cooler and cuter names picked out for boy animals (children too) than girls animals (children too). Cause I know much more boys names than girls names for some reason. Besides, I already own a girl kitten, so I'd rather get a male for something different, and then they could have kittens and I'd keep each and every single one of those cuties. :D Well, except I'd give one to my little niece cause I know she would love to have a kitten since she can't have puppies cause she lives in an apartment kind of place, whatever they call them. 7 years ago  
I love waterbeds. My parents have one. They hate it. They liked it when they were a little younger but they say it hurts their backs now. But when I lay on it, MOST. COMFIEST. BED. EVER!!!!!!!! :D 7 years ago  
One of my biggest fears is drowning (although, so is dying, so I really don't care for this question, lol) 7 years ago +4
I love both so much, but I do want to be a teacher when I get older so I chose the 2nd one. 7 years ago +1
Converse baby! :) Both are awesome though. 7 years ago +1
Both are awesome, although I like those better, but the option of awesome shoes is much better. I love cool shoes and I wish I had some right now. All I have is one pair of trashy plain gray shoes I got from Walmart (I hate Walmart) Blech! 7 years ago  
Yay! Haunted here I come! Lol. That would be so fun. :) I've always wanted to see ghosts anyway. 7 years ago +1
As long as the temperature gets no higher than 75 the whole year. Or if it goes higher I have a bunch of air conditioners to cool it off and a huge above ground pool for me to cool off in when I'm outside. 7 years ago +1
Ugh, I hate heels. Those slippers are adorable. 7 years ago  
Oh crap, wait, I change my answer, I pick really long nails, cause how would you scratch and itch if your nails were that short forever. And always use my long nails to open things and hate it when my nails are shorter and I can't do that. 7 years ago +4
I love Blue!!!!!!!!!! 7 years ago  
I just so happen to be one of those people that it looks weird on, lol. Well, there are a couple colors that look okay on me, but, most don't. 7 years ago  
Not if you use just a little tiny bit, like I do when I wear sometimes wear make up. 7 years ago +1
People can comment on whatever they want to shut up. That's what the comment section was made for. Geez! 7 years ago +5
Donuts are the most amazing thing in the world (besides cheesecake), and I just read an article about some REALLY bad chemicals being most ice cream products, including something that they use in antifreeze. 7 years ago +4
Ooops, I change my answer, cause random1234 is right, you can get cancer from bad sunburn. I'd rather lose limbs or something instead of getting cancer and possibly dying from it. 7 years ago +2
Or no sex for a certain amount of time. In the case of this question, I think it means being celibate for the rest of your life. So basically you'd be like an Asexual. 7 years ago +1
Just fine with me. I want to adopt anyway. :D 7 years ago +3
Sir, I'm sorry, but you don't understand the pain of having a baby. 7 years ago +2
Infact, I use hot sauce at least once a day, everyday, unless I run out, then I have to wait till I get more. 7 years ago  
100 jalepenos would be too easy, and I'd love to try the bhut jolokia pepper. I wish I was a part of the show Heat Seekers, cause that would be fun, I love spicy stuff. :) 7 years ago +1
I'm pretty sure it means the whole thing. 7 years ago +1
Oh, and plus, hitler killed more people than the 911 attacks did. 7 years ago +1
That would be a good thing if there was no world war 2 without Hitler, cause then that would be one less war had. 7 years ago  
You're retarded...... 7 years ago +13
Ooops, wrong one. I thought perfect pitch meant, like throwing a throwing kind of pitch. But I guess it means singing, so I pick perfect pitch. 7 years ago  
Lol at the fact that the person thinks it Katy Williams. I don't like Hayley Williams anyway, but she's better than whoever that other guy is. 7 years ago +2
Oh God! I hate screamo. *throws up* Alternative is better. Although if I could pick from any music in the world I would pick Punk and Folk. 7 years ago +3
I don't like JB so I would hate to kiss him. But kissing two gay guys is fine, I mean, they're gay, so it's not romantic anyway, it would just be friendly, which is kinda cute, especially if they're cute, hehe. 7 years ago +5
I don't get naval piercings. They are stupid and pointless in my opinion. But nose piercing are cute on most people, depending on what type you get. 7 years ago +1
Ooops, wrong one. Meant to click on Fruit. Love my veggies. 7 years ago +4
You would just have to shave it everyday, which sucks, but it's either that or have a jungle in your armpit. 7 years ago +2
Aliens may be man, dumbass. We call them alien, doesn't mean they aren't just like us. We call foreigners aliens and they are still humans, now aren't they? 7 years ago +3
I'll eat a teeny tiny little speck of glass that shouldn't hurt me any, it would be so small you could barely even see it. 7 years ago +1
Actually, some people do feel what they are dreaming in real life. And some people actually die while dreaming in real life cause they get scared to death (literally) 7 years ago +2
I only 3 real friends, so that adds one. :) 7 years ago +1
Who says I can't live forever and be famous and successful at the same time? :D 7 years ago +5
I don't no one cooking me food naked, eww, not even my own bf. Yuck!. XP 7 years ago +4
Wtf? Why would anyone want to make out with their dad and what does that have to do with a parent dying? Your nasty. 7 years ago +8
Sweet! 3 pairs of shoes! I only have one pair. That would be awesome. Except I'd miss my walk in closet. :( But wait! Who said I can't have more than one cloest. Muahuahhuah! :D 7 years ago  
I'm pretty sure by that they mean someone half your age. So it would be about 7 1/2. 7 years ago +1
I guess rather date a 36 year old than a 9 year old cause that would be illegal. 7 years ago +1
What's the point in knowing secrets if I die right after and I'd probably figure them out once I die anyway? Makes no sense. 7 years ago +2
You generally suck. 7 years ago +2
Heard the 3rd is the best, so I guess I'll pick the 2nd. 7 years ago +2
If they scare you, than they must be good movies, so why'd you have a poll for which is worse? 7 years ago +2
Mark is super cute and rich, Jesse is pretty ugly and not as rich. 7 years ago  
I love sleeping and I also love eating, so of course I'll pick the first one. :) 7 years ago +4
I chose 54 cause I'm already 17, so it's not possible for the first one. Otherwise I'd pick the first. Although I really prefer not to have a baby at all. I want to adopt in a couple years. 7 years ago +3
I'm not sure why I chose cereal now that I think about it. Lol. I mean, I couldn't stand eating soup all the time cause I hate most soups and I love cereal. But you can't survive on cereal, you could survive on only soup cause you can have any and all of your food groups in it. 7 years ago +1
Didn't say how much. Haha. I'll just eat a tiny little speck of it. 7 years ago  
Who's the adorable Booboo guy? 7 years ago +1
I think you have the pictures mixed up???? 7 years ago +4
They're both really ugly, then and now, but I guess Leo is a little better looking. 7 years ago  
As long as the room isn't too cold, I'd be just fine with being stuck in a room with a polar bear. :) 7 years ago +1
Never said you couldn't have real people living with you too, so it will be just fine. 7 years ago  
Debbie Ryan is so gorgeous, I wish I looked like her. Selena is pretty too, just not as much and I think Debbie is a little bit better of an actress, plus she's in my favorite show Jessie, and I stopped Wizards a couple years ago, so.....yeah. 7 years ago +4
Ha, scary, Metapod is anything but scary. He's actually rather dull and wimpy, but he better defense than Magikarp, Magikarp can't really do anything, and he's so weird that's actually kind of scary. Lol. 7 years ago +2
If you were in jail, just walk through the walls to escape. If you were kidnapped and held hostage by some person, just walk through the walls to get away. Also a good way to prank someone. Or if you locked yourself out of your house, just walk right through the walls. :) 7 years ago +3
I'm guessing Ice Lollies is probably just what they call them in the UK, which is where the asker is from. 7 years ago +7
People are strange, I can't believe find out your wife is a lesbian is winning. There's nothing wrong with having a gay child, and at least they will still always be your child. Whereas, with a lesbian wife, you would lose them, they would leave you for a woman. 7 years ago  
I'd rather they were at least dumping me for someone prettier, I mean, how terrible how would it feel for them to dump you were someone uglier? It would make you feel uglier. 7 years ago +2
I live with both, but I guess if they split and I had to choose, I'd pick my Dad. 7 years ago +3
Why would you get made fun of for taking a bath? Anyway, I don't care, I pick cause I don't care for showers much, even though you don't get as clean bathing. 7 years ago +6
Not bad, as long as you get to go to a nice, reputable nursing home. Might be kind of fun, you get to be lazy and play lots of bingo. Ahaha. 7 years ago +5
Most of the time, I find braces cute on people. :) 7 years ago +5
Mexme1 he could wish for infinity money. You put 1 wish (can only be money) That sounds like it means you can wish for any amount of money that you want, including infinity. 7 years ago  
I can dye my hair blue any time (and still be able to get rid of it) I'd rather have purple eyes. 7 years ago  
Who says you can only see through clothes and skin? You could also see through walls and stuff. I'd use to see presents I got before I open them. Lol. But anyway, I would rather pick the cloak, I can scare people. :D Or if there's any other reason I need to be unseen, I can use the cloak. I could sneak out of the house at night if I wanted to cause no one could see me. If someone was trying to chase me down and kill, put on the cloak and BAM! They can't see me, hard to kill me if you can't see me. :) 7 years ago  
Since I'm a girl it doesn't really matter anyway since I would be sitting down. But this still makes no sense, either way you'd be doing the same thing. It's just typed in reserve order pretty much. 7 years ago +5
My sexy man Piers Morgan. :) 7 years ago  
Umm....are you stupid, guest from Ontario? The first one shows a man saving someone who is, probably, a stranger. The second shows someone saving their pets from a flood. Those match up perfectly with their counterparts. 7 years ago +3
Both really suck for me, cause the first one is disgusting and so is the second, but the second is made worse if you have no living grandparents, because in that case, you'd have to be digging up their bodies and performing some sort necrophilia with just their bones. Eww, seriously jeremys2, what kind of people were you raised by? Demons? You're sick. 7 years ago +6
Who wouldn't want to live in a supermarket for 14 days! I would want to leave. It might be a little lonely, but I'll just take a cell phone with me so I can still socialize a little if I want to. And I get any food I want, as long as they have it there. And most supermarkets sell cheap toys too, especially in their machines, so I can use those to try and entertain myself. Lol. And I'll climb the shelves and stuff, like a little kid, haha. And literally, play with my food, for fun. As for the library, that would get boring fast, what would you do? Read? I don't think I could survive on just reading or talking to my friend for 14 days. And what would you eat and drink? 7 years ago +6
Can't live on only sugar. You'd die from too much of it, very fast too. 7 years ago +5
I don't even know who William Wallace is. Besides Leonidas looks way tougher and more heroic (and cuter). 7 years ago  
Oh and much tougher, of course. 7 years ago  
The Sopranos are boring, The Corleones are better. (and cuter *wink* *wink*) :D 7 years ago +1
It says choked out. Means you'd be choked till you pass out, can't escape. 7 years ago +5
At least JB is pretty good looking. I would puke if I had even come anywhere near one of those big time rush freaks. 7 years ago +4
I know right? They are so ugly. I don't get people like so much about them. Ugliest guys I've ever seen. O.O 7 years ago +4
At least if I live in the flower I can see what's going on around me and be around people and living things, as long as no animals try to eat me. If I live in a water tower it'd feel like I was living in a prison, I'd be all alone and trapped in that thing. And what would I eat? 7 years ago +5
I don't know who the heck Bassnectar is, so I choose them. 7 years ago +4
People eat flowers, there are certain that people say taste good, though I've personally never tried it. As for raw meat, it can make you very sick or kill you, unless it's fish. 7 years ago +3
I think I'd rather be protecting my Dad from sexually transmitted diseases or getting my mom pregnant than be a sex toy to pleasure my mom with. Ew. 7 years ago +6
Hj since I'm a girl. 7 years ago +5
Nails grow back, and teeth don't if you have your adult teeth, but you can get false teeth. 7 years ago +2
Ginger boys are hot! And I'd love to be a ginger girl cause they are so pretty, one my nieces is a ginger and so is my older sister, they are both beautiful. And the niece has very handsome looking boyfriend (who shes been with for about 4 years now) and my sister has a husband she's been with for at least 20 years now, I think. So obviously, gingers are awesome! :) 7 years ago +3
Well, you could get plastic surgery, technically. 7 years ago  
I think it's just a scab. 7 years ago +1
If I was a guy I'd pick the first one, but I picked the second cause I don't think most girls look right with mohawks. 7 years ago +3
I'd say more like 2 feet. 7 years ago  
That's not really point, I don't think. It would hurt like hell. And you could die if you didn't get pressure put on it or get it sewed up in time, cause you would bleed to death. 7 years ago +4
Lazy 7 years ago +1
I don't care for either much, but at least Mahone is very cute, Bieber isn't that great looking, especially not in that ugly picture of him 7 years ago +2
Global warming has already happened, so the first answer makes no sense anyway. 7 years ago +1
People should stop trying to copy my question. I've seen alot of these questions ever since I made mine. 7 years ago +7
That was a tough decision cause I hate both, unless it's Chef Boyardee Pasta. 7 years ago  
The puppy is VERY cute, but I've seen cuter. Like my own 2 dogs and a dog I used to have R.I.P. 7 years ago  
9 lives. 7 years ago +13
I don't call it flannel though, I just call it plaid. I love plaid! I just got a new plaid jacket yesterday and it came with a red scarf. Yay! :D So cute. It was red and black. 7 years ago  
The guy on the left is freaking hot! But I don't like the piercings. Although the left piercings are disgusting too, but easier to hide. 7 years ago  
I guess being crushed to death would be a bit faster than chocolate poisoning. 7 years ago +2
I never cut them anyway. And they definitely don't look like in that picture, They look just fine. 7 years ago +3
For some reason I read this as immortal, but still, my answer stays the same. 7 years ago +2
Obese women can be beautiful too just so you know. 7 years ago +7
It's easier to hide no ears, than to hide big ears. 7 years ago  
I don't want an Ipad, I want an Ipod Touch though. :) And 400 bucks is awesome, I'll take it and throw my b-day party next month. :) 7 years ago +2
Wow, shadowsora actually posted a question that's non-biased! :O 7 years ago +7
I could never murder piers. :O He's sexy. 7 years ago +2
What's shuffling? 7 years ago +2
Nevermind, I saw it's where a person has to try and drink a whole gallon in a day, I could do that anyday. I've drank almost a whole gallon in a day before, I do it all the time. 7 years ago  
What is the milk challenge anyway? I just chose it cause I LOVE milk. 7 years ago  
Ooops, wrong answer, I meant cell phone. 7 years ago +2
Then again, you might not have it on Nick in Australia, since shows premiere at different times in different countries usually. 7 years ago +1
It is now. I think it just premiered a few weeks ago. 7 years ago +1
UK, duh. USA sucks. 7 years ago +5
Vitamin water is much healthier, especially if you get the zero calorie ones. 7 years ago +36
I like the who looks hotter ones. :) 7 years ago +3
Hey, I'd only be 7in shorter than I am now. :P 7 years ago +1
Wait, wrong one. I'm past 17 anyway. :P Plus I'd like to be able to adopt instead, I don't want to have a kid, 7 years ago  
No, more girls than boys. 7 years ago +3
I'm 17, so 14 is less weird I guess. :P 7 years ago  
I didn't say he would win. I said he should win. 7 years ago  
Mechanic pencils exist, you know. 7 years ago  
I don't want either of those losers to win. I want Joe Schriner to win, but sadly he has no chance, he's just a third party candidate. :( So if either of those 2 win, goodbye world, because I'm pretty sure the world will end, just not in anyway that people expected, it's gonna go down because these 2 don't know what they're doing, we're going to starve to death cause he have no jobs and no money. 7 years ago +2
Probably a little 10 year old kid on here, who's not allowed to have one. Lol. That or they just have really horrible grammar and spelling and is too stupid to get a facebook on their own. xD 7 years ago +1
Both are kind of lame. 7 years ago +6
I like Time Warner Cable the best, too bad it wasn't an option. I actually would love DirectTV too though, it's just that with Warner, we get the internet and phone with it, you don't with DirectTV. 7 years ago  
It would be cool to see a demon personally, I've always wanted to see the paranormal, but I've heard they can really hurt you if they possess you, they can even kill you, so, I pick Chuck Norris, at least I won't be risking death by getting kicked in the face once. 7 years ago +2
If the first guy lost weight, he'd be pretty cute, the other guy looks like a douche. 7 years ago +1
Why would you use that picture for the first answer? She isn't ugly, she is amazingly beautiful, I kind of wish I looked like her. I've always liked that picture. The second girl is extremely ugly. 7 years ago +15
I'll just get that brita thing and purify the water like they do in commercials. 7 years ago +3
The price is right models look like they have more fun. 7 years ago +6
It's supposed to mean would you rather BE a male stripper or BE a female prostitute. 7 years ago +1
Dig Dug ftw. When I was a kid I used to play the same level forever cause I'd see how long I could stay away from the monsters, half the time I didn't even try to kill them, lol. 7 years ago +2
I guess I pick gay because either way I'd end up being gay, since I'm a girl, and at least I could pick a prettier woman to be with than her. Lol. 7 years ago +3
You think that's inappropriate? Apparently you have seen the nude pics on here, they're way worse. 7 years ago +2
......Spaghetti is pasta........ 7 years ago +6
Shoplifting is terrible and morally wrong. As least a DUI isn't quite as morally wrong, and you can always stop being an alcoholic (not easy, but still), but it's almost impossible to stop stealing and being untruthful. 7 years ago +1
I hate chores!!!!!! I hate schoolwork too, but at least I can just sit down and do school, so if I'm feeling lazy, it will be easier to motivate myself to sit down and do homework rather than move around doing chores. 7 years ago  
I actually used to like Hannah Montana, except for the last season which sucked. It was too focused on her music (which sucked) instead the rest of the shows plot. 7 years ago +1
Obviously if you are gay you'd rather kiss same sex, or if you are straight you will kiss the opposite. Unless you are bi, then it just depends on whether you prefer men over women. Because it seems most bisexual I know have a preference for one of the genders, it's not equal. 7 years ago +2
Wait, I change my answer, I would rather go without shower, as disgusting as that would be, at least I wouldn't feel pain. After having a really bad tooth infection today, it influences my answer. I will never not brush my teeth again because I never ever want to experience this again, I can't handle it. 7 years ago  
As disgusting as it would be, I'd rather pick Diarrhea, it may smell very disgusting and I might vomiting while swimming through it, but, just because my mouth is open, doesn't mean I have to swallow anything, it's not neccessarily going to get into my mouth since I would be swimming above water. Whereas with scabs you would HAVE to swallow. You could end up with a disease from the blood on the scab if they have any disease. 7 years ago  
First of all, don't want people to see my disgusting body and I don't want to see theirs. Secondly, it would be even easier to get raped. And finally, I love clothes, it helps define who you are and makes you more unique. People would look even more similar (especially twins) if they didn't wear clothing. Sometimes for example, with a twin, you could tell one from the other simply by the way they dress. And if the one dressed like the other you wouldn't be able to notice so easily that they were not that person. Same if they're both naked. 7 years ago  
Mum means mom.......and Nanna means grandma.....that's not hard to understand.....the person's spelling was ace. Apparently you just know nothing about other countries. Mum and Nanna are often used in England for example. 7 years ago  
I'd rather bang my nanna (if she was still alive) yeah, it might be weird banging your grandma, she's really old for one, but she's a little more distantly related than your own mom is. 7 years ago  
If you had no friend on facebook, no one knowing your password wouldn't matter anyway. 7 years ago +3
I'd prefer selling my house, I can buy a new one, which would be awesome! And still have some money left over for a brand new car. 7 years ago  
I wonder what kind of sick person chose the 2nd option? This question makes no sense. Adopting starving children would be awesome! I've always wanted to adopt kids when I'm older anyway. :) 7 years ago +2
I think Debbie is very pretty. :) She's my favorite actress. 7 years ago +2
You seriously think you can outrun a ferret? You apparently know nothing about them. My ferret is faster than my dogs, my cat, and every single person in my house. He's like Sonic The Hedgehog. :P 7 years ago  
Not all of them. Most people say they all bite, but I don't really think that's true. Any animal can be nice if you train it right. Ferrets bite to, but if you train them right, they don't. 7 years ago  
But the thing that makes the question not so easy, is because, yes, with one you get a longer lifespan, but some people are more focused on their appearance, and if they had to look unusual they would rather die. 7 years ago +1
Yes, you can, why wouldn't you? 7 years ago  
I know nothing about Survivor. But Cochran is really freaking sexy! And I love Australian accents. :D 7 years ago  
The 2nd answers got some pretty cute guys. :D Lol. And they look like they know more about wilderness. 7 years ago +4
Ozzy would be pretty cute if he'd get a haircut. :) 7 years ago  
I hate Palin, and Clinton is pretty decent, but....Palin seems to know the wilderness pretty well, so at least I should be pretty safe with her. 7 years ago +4
GoodGuyGreg wouldn't kick my ass anyway, he's too nice. :) 7 years ago +5
But then you can admit you were wrong, and beg God for forgiveness, and convert to the Christian faith. 7 years ago +8
Apple pie is gross. Blech! Infact I hate fruit pies, except lemon. And sometimes cherry. 7 years ago +3
You must live in opposite land. :P Jacob is the ugliest man alive. 7 years ago +2
If you got rid of all the pedophiles there would be no more child pornography, except the old stuff. 7 years ago +4
What kind of sick freak would pick the second option? 7 years ago  
Either way we'd die technically. Can't live without bugs, plants and animals. 7 years ago  
Rather my daughter not enjoy her job, but be making some nice money to support herself and family, than be a slut. :P 7 years ago +3
I agree with this person! :) Though I guess if I have to pick, I choose weed, less dangerous. 7 years ago +4
If I learn accordion I can go ask Dropkick Murphys if they need an extra accordion player. Haha. 7 years ago  
Both are cool. But the underground house just looks cooler and more fun. You could hide away easier. I've always loved hiding away, it's fun and peaceful. :) 7 years ago +3
See, some people would probably think, why would you want your drawings to come real, if you can just imagine the same things you can draw, but if you go with Dogbert's logic, you'll notice it's not the same. If you have horrible imagination you can just trace everything. Or at least learn to draw already imagined characters. :) 7 years ago  
It has multiple names actually. It's also known as Werewolf Syndrome. 7 years ago  
Doesn't work that well, trust me. Especially not if it's over 100 degrees. Then it's still pretty miserable even with a real fan. But, it's still not that simple to choose. Because it may be easier to get warmer than it is to get cool. But, if you're in the coldest place on earth the blanket won't help much, and fan ain't gonna help much in the hottest place. So it mostly comes down to which one you can like and can handle better. 7 years ago  
Well it said it was a wolf pup when I chose the pic, so if it's not, sorry about that. 7 years ago  
It wouldn't be the same though, and then again, you could also get married again, so it goes both ways. 7 years ago  
You haven't heard of Moshi Monsters? I don't even use the website, but I know what they are. It's a virtual pet site where you raise cute monsters. They even make Moshi Monster toys. 7 years ago +1
Then you can just eat if off of yourself. xD 7 years ago +1
Apparently so, haha. 7 years ago  
What the f**k's you're problem guys? 7 years ago  
Not funny jerk. 7 years ago  
And what reason is that?.......(not that I really would like an answer to that question because I'm pretty sure I already know what you would say, which would be that I'm ugly.) 7 years ago  
Haha riiiggghhht. It's not like I'm the only one that voted for Veggies. They're awesome! Infact, there's only a few fruits that I like. And plenty I hate, like Pineapples, coconuts, bananas, Avacado, Watermelon, Pear, Strawberries, etc. There's only a couple Veggies I can name right now that I hate, which are, Onions, Artichoke, Peas, and Celery. 7 years ago  
Just because it's called Spidy Sense doesn't mean he has sixth sense. Lol. 7 years ago  
Just like Neoxkais. You'd be sent into shock. Well, that or you might have a heart attack. 7 years ago  
I'll just bathe after. Besides who said I couldn't go in with a hazmat suit on to keep myself from even touching? Lol. XD 7 years ago  
At least if I saw the landmines I could avoid them easier. The snakes could chase me. I'd just be super careful and search the ground before every step I take. 7 years ago +2
And how exactly would the prevent them from blowing up in your face and killing you? 7 years ago +1
You'd die from constipation, and at least the diarrhea would only last one day and wouldn't be quite as painful. 7 years ago +1
Uh no, not really. It does glide around kind of like a bat though. But they're even smaller. Way less vicious, typically do not carry diseases, especially not contagious one. Teeth aren't as sharp. They don't sleep upside down. They're domesticated pets. Very friendly, even with children. Etc. And they're are super cute. I don't have one, but I always wanted one. 7 years ago  
Something different. They are both horrible diseases, I was just curious as to which one people think is worse to have to suffer with. 7 years ago +2
Which mouth? Cause both mouths are little ugly. Haha. But Shane looks like he just didn't take care of his teeth well enough. Whereas Steven was born with his mouth like that. 7 years ago  
That girl is very pretty for your information, jerk. 7 years ago +1
The scrooge, he gets revisited by those ghosts. I always wanted that to happen to me. Lol. 7 years ago  
I can't even do one push up, let alone 50. :P 7 years ago +3 you have eyes? 7 years ago +5
Sorry, but.....lazy. 7 years ago  
Awe, the baby in the first pic is adorable, even cuter than the second baby. 7 years ago +3
The fat girls pretty. I wish I was pretty like her. I'm already fat. :| 7 years ago  
Can't live on Doritos either. 7 years ago +2
OMG! Cutest monkey ever. :) 7 years ago +1
I hate reading most of the time, unless it's political, scientific, or a biography. And even then, I only read a select few books. 7 years ago  
Never tried filet mignon and steak sucks, so...... 7 years ago  
Yes it does, retard. 7 years ago +1
James Bond is sexy. :) 7 years ago +1
Both are terrible. 7 years ago  
Then you'd be cheating. 7 years ago  
They're both gross 7 years ago  
Both suck. 7 years ago +4
Do you live under a rock? 7 years ago  
I LOVE WEASELS :) 7 years ago  
I never wear socks anyway. Lol. 7 years ago  
Oh and plus, more people died. And also, more children died. 7 years ago +2
The Holocaust was worse, any person who picks otherwise, is heartless. And I think the deaths in the Holocaust were probably a little more frightening. 7 years ago +8
Metroid is a girl. And you get to play as a guy in Zelda. Dummy. 7 years ago +6
Polar Bears are close to extinction and that Polar is so freaking cute that I wanna cry right now, and I would die for that adorable little guy. So I pick Polar Bear. 7 years ago +1
No they're not, they're endangered. 7 years ago  
There's chance I'll survive while I'm alone in the woods than there is a chance surviving while possessed. 7 years ago +6
Still gives you no right to hit them. 7 years ago  
Both suck. 7 years ago  
Bones looks cool, but I never heard of it. I know Volcom and it's cool. 7 years ago  
Skyrim sounds lame. 7 years ago  
Wasabi, since I've never tried it before. 7 years ago  
Both suck. 7 years ago  
Why would you want to look like him? He's really ugly. 7 years ago +7
Spread my wings and fly away. 7 years ago +1
Ooops, picked wrong one. 7 years ago  
Both suck!!! *vomits* 7 years ago  
Who says I have to eat it? You just said to put it on there. I'll just toss, or trick my brother into eating it. :P 7 years ago +2
Both suck. 7 years ago +2
I'd rather stay Aries, it's confusing to have a change. 7 years ago  
Just cover it as much as possible. 7 years ago +3
I hate Twiilight, but I guess I'd pick team Edward, at least he's cute. Jacob horrifyingly ugly. 7 years ago +2
I've pulled an all nighter before, I just couldn't sleep, so it happened, not voluntarily though. 7 years ago  
If it's my husband or boyfriend then it's really not bad. 7 years ago  
Timberlake is ugly, Goslings not too bad. 7 years ago +1
Oh, and wait, I just noticed, it says be unable to drink water, so therefore I can just drink something else. I rarely drink water anyway, ahaha. Too easy. 7 years ago +6
I've went a whole entire without drinking because I forgot so I don't think 2 days would be so bad. 7 years ago  
BK is disgusting. I had their Salad, felt like I wanted throw up afterwards. Horrible menu too. 7 years ago +1
British ones look prettier and cooler. Japanese one are kind of lame. 7 years ago  
Tea's okay, but it doesn't have enough flavor, no matter how you make it, to me at least. 7 years ago  
Know neither, but the second one looks better. 7 years ago  
What's chipotle? 7 years ago +4
Harry Potter world would be boring to me. 7 years ago  
Most blondes are ugly (and dumb) and red heads are cute/pretty. 7 years ago +2
I picked 9 year old, not because I'm creepy, cause I find it disgusting anyway, but because if it was a nine year old, at least it could be a boy and non family. 7 years ago +3
I'm a girl, but I still picked princess lol. 7 years ago +4
I don't know, even if it was my own spit, I still wouldn't wanna bathe in it, ew. 7 years ago  
I rarely cut either of them. But......before you go thinking, ewwww, typically my toenails fall off easy, they're not that tough, and either my fingernails fall off or I bite them off. 7 years ago +1
I already can barely smell anything, so, not a big deal. 7 years ago +1
Hey, you didn't say how much green, I'll wear one necklace with a tiny little green jewel in it. :P 7 years ago +2
You can also get rid of your friends. 7 years ago +2
Who eats noodles raw? Ewww. 7 years ago +5
Can't escape death. It will follow you everywhere you go. You can run, but you can't hide. 7 years ago +11
I was actually able to win money from this, I'd be winning 50,000 right now. :P 7 years ago +4
He's probably saying that because he couldn't bike to Alaska even if he wanted to. He'd have to hitchhike. 7 years ago +2
So is the heart. 7 years ago  
Why would you want to live forever if there's no living thing left. There would be no beauty, everything would be gone. Plants, people animals, if all those things die, everything else gets destroyed pretty much. It would be horrible. 7 years ago  
I don't watch High School Musical. :P So I wouldn't have to do it everytime I see it. 7 years ago +5
But it doesn't work for people who are fully deaf. 7 years ago +5
No you don't. 7 years ago +3
If this person is too dumb to know what head is (or too young), I'm pretty sure they're too dumb (or young) to know what Fellacio is. 7 years ago +1
Actually, I don't think it's photoshopped. You ever heard of dye? 7 years ago +1
Kissing a dog is not beastiality. 7 years ago +1
Putin's awesome. I wish he was our president. 7 years ago  
Doesn't say you couldn't clean it out first. Or you could go to a store and lick a brand new bathtub. :P 7 years ago  
That's not funny. 7 years ago +1
I always wondered how that dog won the World's Ugliest Dog Contest. I always thought it was kind of cute. 7 years ago  
Streetlight, baby!! RGF sucks! 7 years ago +2
Charlie Brown's not ugly, he's a cutie. The vampire is ugly! 7 years ago  
Just because the court says she's not guilty, doesn't mean she's not guilty. Don't believe everything you hear. Everyone knows she killed her daughter. 7 years ago +3
All That was sooooo stupid. It wasn't even funny. It's a little kiddie show. 7 years ago  
What a coincidence. I was just reading a ton of stuff about Palmistry today. And I was doing free online Palm Readings too. It's fun. 7 years ago  
You'll die with no parachute. At least there's a small chance of surviving in the woods. If you're lucky you'll have brought a flashlight with you. 7 years ago +8
Thanks. :) 7 years ago  
Ooops chose wrong one. 7 years ago  
It was still his project, he was working in the band. Duh. 7 years ago +1
*company, and no cares. They're 2 completely different foods. Just saying. 7 years ago +2
Who is he, he looks kind of cute? (Robert L. that is) 7 years ago  
I would die.....just buy thinking about it. 7 years ago +1
They're both terribly ugly and stupid. 7 years ago +1
Wrong one! 7 years ago  
That's not nice, the guy in the most likely has something wrong with him. 7 years ago  
I've never seen that picture on the right before. It's amazing. I wonder who created it. :) 7 years ago  
Russians are hot, Cubans are not (no offense, lol) 7 years ago  
A significant other is someone you love........... 7 years ago  
You could eat a little toy bowling ball, it never said you had to eat a real one. :P Heck I'll just go make a chocolate bowling ball and eat it. Haha. 7 years ago +1
Never heard of Forza. 7 years ago +1
Who the heck is the 2nd person? I just picked Gaga because, though she's ugly, I know who she is. 7 years ago +1
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