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My grandparents are dead. So basically, I'd be dancing in front of no one. So ha.  
Probably just vacationing.  
I appear 12, so at least I'd look a year older, note: I'm 18. +2
Oh and just so you know, if you don't already, in order (sorry posting again, hehe) they are: Good morning, Green, White, hit, beautiful, hello, brother, young, Fish, and tall. +1
Though I already know some, but no enough. The only words I can remember right this second are Buongiorno, Verde, Blanca, Copire, Bello, Chiao, Fratello, Giovanni, Pesce, and Alto.  
Or no sex for a certain amount of time. In the case of this question, I think it means being celibate for the rest of your life. So basically you'd be like an Asexual. +1
Aliens may be man, dumbass. We call them alien, doesn't mean they aren't just like us. We call foreigners aliens and they are still humans, now aren't they? +3
People are strange, I can't believe find out your wife is a lesbian is winning. There's nothing wrong with having a gay child, and at least they will still always be your child. Whereas, with a lesbian wife, you would lose them, they would leave you for a woman.  
Vitamin water is much healthier, especially if you get the zero calorie ones. +36
I didn't say he would win. I said he should win.  
I don't want either of those losers to win. I want Joe Schriner to win, but sadly he has no chance, he's just a third party candidate. :( So if either of those 2 win, goodbye world, because I'm pretty sure the world will end, just not in anyway that people expected, it's gonna go down because these 2 don't know what they're doing, we're going to starve to death cause he have no jobs and no money. +2
The price is right models look like they have more fun. +6
Both are cool. But the underground house just looks cooler and more fun. You could hide away easier. I've always loved hiding away, it's fun and peaceful. :) +3
Doesn't work that well, trust me. Especially not if it's over 100 degrees. Then it's still pretty miserable even with a real fan. But, it's still not that simple to choose. Because it may be easier to get warmer than it is to get cool. But, if you're in the coldest place on earth the blanket won't help much, and fan ain't gonna help much in the hottest place. So it mostly comes down to which one you can like and can handle better.  
Well it said it was a wolf pup when I chose the pic, so if it's not, sorry about that.  
Apparently so, haha.  
What the f**k's you're problem guys?  
Not funny jerk.  
And what reason is that?.......(not that I really would like an answer to that question because I'm pretty sure I already know what you would say, which would be that I'm ugly.)  
Haha riiiggghhht. It's not like I'm the only one that voted for Veggies. They're awesome! Infact, there's only a few fruits that I like. And plenty I hate, like Pineapples, coconuts, bananas, Avacado, Watermelon, Pear, Strawberries, etc. There's only a couple Veggies I can name right now that I hate, which are, Onions, Artichoke, Peas, and Celery.  
Just because it's called Spidy Sense doesn't mean he has sixth sense. Lol.  
Just like Neoxkais. You'd be sent into shock. Well, that or you might have a heart attack.  
Awe, the baby in the first pic is adorable, even cuter than the second baby. +3
Never tried filet mignon and steak sucks, so......  
Yes it does, retard. +1
Then you'd be cheating.  
Oh and plus, more people died. And also, more children died. +2
The Holocaust was worse, any person who picks otherwise, is heartless. And I think the deaths in the Holocaust were probably a little more frightening. +8
Metroid is a girl. And you get to play as a guy in Zelda. Dummy. +6
Why would you want to look like him? He's really ugly. +7
Spread my wings and fly away. +1
Ooops, picked wrong one.  
British ones look prettier and cooler. Japanese one are kind of lame.  
Can't escape death. It will follow you everywhere you go. You can run, but you can't hide. +11
I was actually able to win money from this, I'd be winning 50,000 right now. :P +4
I don't watch High School Musical. :P So I wouldn't have to do it everytime I see it. +5
No you don't. +3
If this person is too dumb to know what head is (or too young), I'm pretty sure they're too dumb (or young) to know what Fellacio is. +1
Putin's awesome. I wish he was our president.  
Doesn't say you couldn't clean it out first. Or you could go to a store and lick a brand new bathtub. :P  
That's not funny. +1
I always wondered how that dog won the World's Ugliest Dog Contest. I always thought it was kind of cute.  
Thanks. :)  
I would die.....just buy thinking about it. +1
Wrong one!  
That's not nice, the guy in the most likely has something wrong with him.  
Russians are hot, Cubans are not (no offense, lol)  
A significant other is someone you love...........  
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