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    *insert Big Bang Theory intro here* +2
    God doesn't exist, we don't exist, we are nothing, so nothing exists  
    accidentally clicked on this would you rather thing and I'm a dude  
    clicked wrong 1  
    clicked the wrong one  
    I removed the TV in my bedroom....I watch anime on my computer  
    clicked the wrong one  
    both...then I can see if automail or something close to that exists that isn't like the hospital things that suck  
    I'm American and I wanna live in Austalia bc of Trump.... Plz protest against the wall #LetUsAllHateOnTrumpAndHisWall +1
    clicked on the wrong thing..... I always and 4evr will b weird  
    I'd rather be a human pillow for 70 house cats for 1.5 hours  
    I'd want my older and very rude brothers to die because EVERYONE FOR THEMSELVES!!!!! MUHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH~  
    I'd be the average otaku  
    idk what to choose......  
    clicked wrong one again -.-  
    idk witch to choose.....  
    clicked the wrong one :( +1
    I wanted both :P  
    I wanna be both :(  
    *insert TWILIGHT ISN'T LITERATURE meme here* +1
    Immortality- because then I can watch as much anime as I want~ And play video games and stuff  
    that way I don't have to use a vehicle, I just need to watch out for air traffic  
    Love SUCKS  
    That way,if nobody is at my wedding, I could just rise up as a yokai or something... And then go haunt otaku stores worldwide, and do nothing but: help others, scare others, watch anime, look at manga, and derp around like I just don't care  
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