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    Aww dang! I thought it said "have your friend take the blame FOR YOU" (-_-) I choose the right.  
    I'm female. Personally, I think shaving is too much of a nuisance.  
    Is it a group of my friends, or a group full of douches?  
    If I had a wife, she'd probably already be a lesbian (i'm a girl).  
    I have a spare key, not a spare phone.  
    With a shot gun...  
    I only choose this one because I would like to have a certain amount of financial stability before bringing a child into this world so that I can give them everything they need with no problems.  
    I want a wolf!  
    How do you expect me to decide between Food and Music!?!?!?!?  
    I would make myself 7 pounds and mess with peoples minds >:)  
    Don't usually hear about the Taliban raping women and young girls... +1
    Aww dang!!! I thought it said who would win!!!! Now im gonna die:(  
    To the people who thumbs-upped the comment that said "Ignorant doesn't mean unintelligent...", Try looking up the definition of those two words and think about it.  
    I would bow instead.  
    Never watched Star Wars but the sith looked bad ass sooo  
    My parents cant kill me over cancer  
    Only becuz the pic is in the shire  
    No prob, only smoke when i get my period :p  
    I live in florida, would have to move in order to use my snowboarding skills much.  
    Already middle class soo...  
    My dream to go to mumbai.  
    WE SHALL WORSHIP LOKI!!!!!!! (thumbs up for tom hiddleston)  
    When you live in florida, you pray for snow.  
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