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    Ur famous either way.  
    I love this  
    More money  
    Selfish people :-P  
    no ides who any of these are  
    Because everyone might acct different towards me not like total beaches  
    what the f is final fansty  
    i would die  
    OMG i only sleep for about 6 hours  
    i dont want to shareeeeeeeeeeee  
    he got fired and he is much more famous now so  
    i'm sorry but that means no air!  
    don't believe in god  
    my socks always feel dirty after a hour  
    watched it  
    i do anyway  
    I don't care if people judge me  
    It's fame or love um 22 per cent is SELFISH!"  
    You will have to give them up anyway to have kids!  
    Someone could call a doctor!  
    I'm to young I only understood what A was when I read the comments  
    i have an older brother.....  
    I like star wars LOL  
    It will show i haven't commented shins  
    Of the baby  
    The picture creeped me out!  
    Sorry fat people  
    The hairstyle creeped me out  
    I would take wishes but someone I know a friend needs it more  
    I don't do anything naughty!  
    PLAY TIME! I dont mind getting wet the poor dogs!  
    my best friend is a boy and my crush so BAM +2
    I'm already smart :P  
    it's only 10% PLUS at least I was happy When I died  
    You don't know the personality of the celebrity,You haven't Your crush you know everything about well most things anyway.  
    It's obvious people  
    I hate Apples  
    I don't need sex and i'm going to adopt anyway  
    I will not risk i5  
    I play tag A LOT! It's like I might win zap into the classroom and become I NVISABELE WOO  
    There is no such thing as zombies so HA!  
    It would be so useful to fix mistakes  
    I dont need the money! The starving families need it!  
    YOLO is my life motto the Hukuna Matata is for babies  
    I can handle this! I have the sims 3  
    I a NZ person so I dont use Amazon  
    I would only be 60 Kgs! Plus I am the shortest girl in 6th grade and i love exerxising  
    I don't want to see my family and friends dying around me!  
    Brains dont score u dates!  
    in the harry potter world it woud be to much drama and u can die  
    It would be cooler to go into the future, My grandma has told me enough times of what the old times were like  
    No Comment  
    It would be weird if your death was "Your brothers aunt is going to kill u" um mm ok to much info!  
    Love is worth fame! You will be famous and happy if you have your tue love because they make u happy  
    "hey babe I need to use the bathroom" Your boyfriend says at a party "No your going to go upstairs and make out with a girl, it's other dick!" When your BFF says, "Hey I cant hang out tonight" "Listen beach I know you think i'm a slut!"  
    Wrong button. Anyway! I would be famous because you will have a famous best-friend anyway  
    What's wrong with New Zealand?  
    Plus I won't stay up all night worrying that when I find true love they might just love me for the money.  
    I can earn 10,000,000 dollars after I find my true love! Otherwise at least i'm happy that will be worth unlimited money!  
    A clown really? i love McDonald more than the next guy but clowns make me freak out!  
    Everyone calm down! I knew this question would affect everyone! Look the thing is people who believe in god that's good! God believes in you to be strong and confident and kind with your feelings so why are you insulting other peoples thoughts? I know I think the big bang created the world only because I don't think one man could make the world... But that's what I think! People feel free to be happy and believe what you want to believe  
    A baby because sure you may feel guilty for the rest of your life but what would it be like killing 100 puppies! If killing one baby makes you feel guilty 100 PUPPIES! Some work! +1
    At least I would die soon knowing I spent the money wisely and usefully!  
    If someone ruled there would be rules like you have to be nice to blah blah blah and yeah yeah yeah but when no one rules there will be no problems and no worries so everyone can smile so I smile.  
    because you could like carry a really heavy thing and people will be like wowwwwwwwwwwwww and you can be like AWESOME now wheres the 100 pounds weights?  
    Because it can go on for generations and generations!  
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