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o_o 6 years ago  
I think he meant "hunting" being looking for a sex partner... 6 years ago  
I like curly hair on OTHER people. Not myself. 6 years ago  
That was creative wordplay. CRAP! 6 years ago  
I olive you too 6 years ago  
Well, now you've seen it another time. 6 years ago +5
Your photo says yes. 6 years ago +1
Not sure... eh, if you give them some of your ghostly powers they can be a ghost with you 6 years ago +1
...Considering I am a new user. 6 years ago +5
I'd rather not lose every friend I have. 6 years ago  
I read Touching Spirit Bear. 6 years ago +2
What's the point of turning invisible at night if you're already not even that visible anyway? 6 years ago  
I thought it was hot chocolate 6 years ago  
For a little bit. Just to add to my popularity. 6 years ago +2
I like to fall asleep in the back. 6 years ago +1
1 gu355 1 h4v3 t0 j01n t00, th3n 6 years ago +4
Have Stan AND my dad? Well, that means I'd get my father back. 6 years ago +3
That's what I was wondering 6 years ago  
I don't own anything called "Balck Ops 2". I only have Black Ops 2. 6 years ago +2
Yes. 6 years ago  
Not like that, like you can sit on chairs. 6 years ago  
Well I just made an account yesterday so sorry, didn't know 6 years ago  
I combine Steam with EA. Boom. 6 years ago +1
I guess I'm just too much of a Percy Jackson fan. 6 years ago  
Don't ask me, all I know about guns are from video games. 6 years ago  
DANG IT!!!! Now I can't change my answer :C 6 years ago  
Isn't Demeter Persephone's mother? You can't beat your own mom. 6 years ago +2
Guessing you read Percy Jackson series? 6 years ago +2
I thought so due to your picture. Haha. 6 years ago  
Oh the pranks I could pull 6 years ago +1
Says the guy who can't touch his own face. 6 years ago  
I highly doubt that many black men that went through that are still alive today. 6 years ago  
Mine was born in 1962 6 years ago  
I'm with you. C: 6 years ago  
Only because I love My Side Of The Mountain. 6 years ago  
I could teleport to the shower 6 years ago +4
I like both of them lol 6 years ago  
Oh crap, me too 6 years ago  
Wow, how did you know? 6 years ago +1
I'd get nothing done in a group but I'd still rather be in a group. 6 years ago  
Who are you. 6 years ago  
I'm already a nonbeliever. This is too easy. 6 years ago +6
Wow. How have you never heard of Zuko? 6 years ago  
My cousin went out with a senior and she was a freshman last year. Of course he's actually in college now. 6 years ago  
Internet is my life, man. Don't even talk about taking it away. 6 years ago  
Only you 6 years ago  
Thanks 6 years ago  
All that shows up is Cute Girl Temper Tantrum. Crap. 6 years ago  
What about neither? That would be a pretty intense world. 6 years ago +5
Honestly, she's a lot less of a slut than Taylor Swift. 6 years ago +1
Yes, and I burned life's house down... with the lemons. 6 years ago +5
True 6 years ago  
Just because of the picture. 6 years ago +3
And me! *high five* 6 years ago +1
This reminded me of IDGAF by BOTDF. Weirdest band ever. 6 years ago  
Could you tell me her name? I'd like to see the video. 6 years ago  
Took me awhile after I read. But I guess I can just decide that those insults don't matter because I usually do remember a lot of insults anyway. 6 years ago  
Oh my god that murdered me right there 6 years ago  
Just proving my ignorance to these creative questions :P 6 years ago  
I expected you of all people to vote for Anime due to your photo. 6 years ago  
I wasn't being serious :L 6 years ago  
Why? 6 years ago  
I want nice hair 6 years ago +1
That's why I'll treat you like trash 6 years ago +3
Idk I feel like I could see my dad. 6 years ago +1
I don't trust myself with fire. 6 years ago +4
umad? 6 years ago +1
How is Manga gory? 6 years ago +4
I am a girl 6 years ago  
Lure, you have quite a bit of an obsession there. 6 years ago  
Other one is creepy 6 years ago +1
But... you still voted for them? You don't like people posting videos? 6 years ago  
A smack on the bottom, not death. 6 years ago  
LOL I JUST GOT THAT HAHA! Chell doesn't talk. 6 years ago  
Just because it's a ninja turtle 6 years ago  
MORE ICECREAM 6 years ago +1
I like knives. ;3 6 years ago +1
I love smores 6 years ago +2
I love her eyes 6 years ago +6
Black moment 6 years ago  
They won't remember me and I can clean my tongue 6 years ago  
I don't want it to have NO souce 6 years ago  
pff w/e 6 years ago  
Nice 6 years ago  
I dont know. Why you put a period there. 6 years ago  
I think blue rare is when it's so rare that it's bloody 6 years ago +3
Really? 6 years ago  
You suck 6 years ago  
Who needs poetry. 6 years ago  
Already done 6 years ago  
It would be funny when I talk 6 years ago  
They never said you spoiled it for them 6 years ago  
Dude. Dude. Dude. STOP! 6 years ago  
GGGAAAHHH I HATE YOU 6 years ago  
A what? 6 years ago  
Right? xD 6 years ago  
WHO'S CHANGED THE MOST. Not who's more awesome 6 years ago +7
How am I supposed to know? 6 years ago  
You're all dying anyway. And you made me get bitten you l0s3rz. 6 years ago  
There's always M&Ms. 6 years ago  
It depends how close you are with him. 6 years ago  
I still live with my parents so they buy me my starbucks. Not my problem 6 years ago  
Durrr no one cares about my birthday 6 years ago  
I would tell everyone how I feel about them and FINALLY GET THOSE HOES OUT OF MY LIFE 6 years ago  
Other people have my keys 6 years ago  
Guys have easy lives not worrying about getting fat or how big your boobs or butt are and not worrying about your period. 6 years ago  
Tails 6 years ago  
Private Wedding vs. No one loves you and your dead 6 years ago  
Never seen Star Trek 6 years ago  
Hakuna Matata because YOLO 6 years ago  
I love music 6 years ago  
I'd wish to be famous, thus getting me money. 6 years ago  
I already get away with lying. 6 years ago  
I want that tongue, bro. 6 years ago  
New friends. 6 years ago  
Dude I just want to die happy 6 years ago  
Either way the world is ending. I'd rather put my video gaming skills to the test than be blown up. 6 years ago  
DANG IT I WAS GOING TO SAY THAT!!! 6 years ago  
I can be both. Boom. 6 years ago  
At least you can enjoy the view 6 years ago  
What to do with rain: get wet, what to do with snow: make snowmen and igloos 6 years ago  
25% of people are trying to be smart. 6 years ago  
Same thing 6 years ago  
There's always google translate 6 years ago  
I'm not that sick 6 years ago  
Pigs are so cute 6 years ago  
I could yell at people for no reason and freak them out because of what they were thinking 6 years ago  
What if she was a slut and had no friend? 6 years ago  
W/E bro. 6 years ago  
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