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Who would you rather have grown up with? Jesus or Buddha 6 years ago 229 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather an actual would you rather question that either, expands your mind, or makes you laugh or a shameless self promotion of someones mediocre art 6 years ago 232 votes 24 comments 0 likes
Would you rather live with a group of Satanic clowns or Meth head carnies 6 years ago 219 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be a baller or a player 6 years ago 195 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be forced to get.... huge breast implants or huge butt implants 6 years ago 256 votes 12 comments 0 likes
How do you feel about people who use the word foodstuffs? Smug or Descriptive 6 years ago 194 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... (not knowing what the future would hold) uproot your family and leave behind everything you have to flee Germany when the nazi party came to power.. or Stay in Germany and become a Nazi to get a better job and a nicer home. 6 years ago 191 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Have a crowd of people cheer for you and chant your name for doing something good! or get a letter from someone thanking you and telling you that something you did saved their life and they will never forget you or your act of kindness! 6 years ago 216 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Do you have an arch enemy? yes or no 6 years ago 240 votes 5 comments 0 likes
When do you check your rrrather account? Before you go to bed? or When you get up? 6 years ago 177 votes 25 comments 0 likes
Would you rather watch classic cartoons or anime 6 years ago 250 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather believe that.... our understanding of history is relatively accurate and reflects a balanced depiction of events? or The history we are taught in school is wrong, and reflects a biased accounts of events? 6 years ago 223 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather create a new site called rrrather anime for all anime questions, and prohibit anime questions on rrrather. or continue to allow every other question on rrrather to be about anime. 6 years ago 430 votes 44 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be paralyzed and locked in a tiny dark cell for life, but you are able to travel, in a dream state, anywhere in your mind. You can only observe. you can never interact or affect (like a ghost)? or be lost at the center of the worlds largest desert, but anatomically/physiologically normal, but have no concept of past or future. you are completely bound to the present and have no chance for ever learning, changing, hoping, or dreaming? 6 years ago 225 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be a happy-go-lucky hippy? or a staunch and serious suit? 6 years ago 207 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Which do you most agree with? humans are the smartest creature on the earth! We are here to oversee and controle the other species! or all creatures have an equal level of intelligence. It just comes in different forms. We should coexist in equality. 6 years ago 281 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be a bad apple or a perfect little angel 6 years ago 220 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Is there a completely objective way to distinguish good art from bad art Yes or No 6 years ago 244 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Which do you dislike more? dumb people who make fun of individuals with mental handicaps? or people who bash homosexuals because they are secretly insecure about their own sexuality? 6 years ago 252 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Since the creation of rrrather, is the average question that is being posted... becoming dumber? or becoming more intelligent? 6 years ago 240 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be an artist who is world renowned for mastering a style that was very popular 100 years ago! or Be a starving artist who is credited with creating a new style that nobody likes, but will eventually became the rage 20 years after you die 6 years ago 205 votes 7 comments 0 likes
As we progress through time do you think the average person is becoming.... Smarter or Dumber 6 years ago 291 votes 30 comments 0 likes
Would you rather abolish the sale of fully and sem automatic guns. or abolish the sale of violent video games (manhunt, grand theft auto, gears of war, etc.) 6 years ago 281 votes 41 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... drive a truck. or drive a hybrid 6 years ago 265 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be A bacillus bacteria (Decompose rotten organic matter) on a dog turd or A sweat gland cell in the but crack of a very fat man 6 years ago 177 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Who represents the better all around athlete A MMA fighter or A NFL quarterback 6 years ago 280 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Would you rather find out your significant other had cheated on you with: a stripper or a virgin 6 years ago 304 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Is science the new religion? Yes or No 6 years ago 266 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather debate with someone of your own intelligence level? or Debate with someone less intelligent? 6 years ago 242 votes 6 comments 0 likes
You can replace any single component of a ship and it is still the same ship, so over time if you replace almost every component of that ship and then reassemble the replaced (older/used) components back together into a ship what is the consiquence? does the first ship then become a new ship? or do you consider both to be the same ship? 6 years ago 181 votes 12 comments 0 likes
How do oyu feel about the word MOIST? good discriptive word or That word disgusts me 6 years ago 261 votes 22 comments 0 likes
What is love? A powerful force that cant be explained or An evolutionary trait. 6 years ago 248 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Whats the strongest muscle in the human body? the heart or the masseter 6 years ago 257 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Is Citizen Kane worthy of being called on of the best movies of all time? YES! or No (get outta here Rosebud!) 6 years ago 194 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Is the Federal Reserve Good or Bad 6 years ago 203 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Do you believe that there are an infinite number of points between any two points? yes motion is an illusion or No that just can be 6 years ago 253 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Do you secretly think that your farts stink much less than other peoples farts? yes or No 6 years ago 263 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Do all humans share one similar moral code, or does it differ between individuals? Morality is universal or We all have different morals 6 years ago 268 votes 6 comments 0 likes
If God spoke to you and told you to go around telling people that he was not real and he then charged you to convert as many religious people to atheism as you could, would you? Yes or No 6 years ago 231 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Would you rather a gentleman take off his jacket and lay it across a pudle for a lady. or the dude ignore the puddle and let the woman get her shoes muddy. 7 years ago 737 votes 32 comments 0 likes
If you were flexable enought to pleasure yourself orally would you? Yes! or No! 7 years ago 304,391 votes 848 comments 19 likes
Would you rather safe or free 7 years ago 313 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be forced to sacrefice your current way of living in an attempt to sustain the planets environment as it currently is or have to flee from your home and adapt to a new environment 7 years ago 336 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather constanly give other people very good, life changing, advice or constantly get very good advice from other people 7 years ago 313 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather plant something or pick something 7 years ago 358 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather take the last slice or share the last slice 7 years ago 466 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Which is mightier the pen or the sword 7 years ago 407 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather see the government of your country get overthrown by a bloody revolution or have things continue on as they are 7 years ago 305 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Die and be buried in the ground to decompose. or Die and be cryogenically frozen, and then revived at a later date? 7 years ago 391 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather spend a day working out with chuck norris or spend a day rocking out with uncle jesse 7 years ago 347 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Give up half of what you currently own and live more simply knowing that your sacrefices enable people in desperate need to live a beter life, or keep all of your current possesions, and live with the fact that some people are starving to death and have nothing? 7 years ago 83,136 votes 1,128 comments 1 like
Would you rather have an erection that never went away? or never be able to get it up? 7 years ago 538 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather meet the love of your life and have them leave you and move to the other side of the planet, where you would never see or hear from them again? or move down the street, where you had to see them every day? 7 years ago 2,492 votes 21 comments 1 like
Would you rather God forgive satin for all of his misdeeds and make him a saint, thus insuring peace and tranquility or God continue to hold his grudge against satin and have evil continue to exist. 7 years ago 561 votes 34 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be born with... dwarfism or gigantism 7 years ago 357 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have your home infested with skunks or spiders 7 years ago 658 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have... three arms, with the third arm protruding from your back or three eyes with the third eye located on the back of your head 7 years ago 680 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be stuck in a room with an unlimited smorgasbord of your favorite foods, but have your mouth completely sown shut or your anus completey sown shut 7 years ago 230 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... Contract a non deadly but very noticable type of genital herpes or be wrongfully accused and convicted of being a sex offender 7 years ago 3,009 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be given credit for a very dihonerable and shameful act or have someone take the full credit for a groundbreaking idea that you created 7 years ago 537 votes 5 comments 0 likes

Leemoney475 has posted the following comments:

I do declare! Its nice to see same people still enjoy their rrrather served up with a bit of wit and wisdom! 5 years ago  
is this a joke? 5 years ago  
lets say they both started off with tons of potential, but they are both getting played out 5 years ago  
hitler invented raisin cookies! 5 years ago +1
had jfk been able to run for a second term the policies he was preparing to inact would have benefited freedom world wide 5 years ago  
dont worry little one it will all be ok 5 years ago  
i really wish i could say that i even gave half a sh!t about your opinion of me, but i cant. you average people are always so angry, and anal about the basic concepts that you are able to grasp. 5 years ago  
to celebrate the winter solstice 5 years ago  
its the spice of life 5 years ago  
beer me! 5 years ago +1
most true healing is the result of the body repairing its slef via its own methods. 5 years ago  
i wonder if the last thing to flash through his head was, "why did i waste soo much time on this earth making such crappy movies that pander to the lowest IQ audience 5 years ago +2
life is what you make it 5 years ago +3
Buster! 5 years ago  
this kid needs to get laid! 5 years ago +5
what an astute observation! you really are gifted! lets get this man a sticker!!! 5 years ago  
well then how should we reward him? 5 years ago  
smoookin! 5 years ago  
bucket list material! 5 years ago +3
redskins... their comback is hapening so slowly that at times it would appear that they are degrading, but dont be fooled! ; ) 5 years ago  
wow! what a unique, well thought out, and mind expanding question this is! you are sooooo talented! where is alex with a gold star when you need him! 5 years ago  
the saying calling a spade a spade means to talk about something bluntly, not to lie, or to speak about it in simple truthful terms. 5 years ago  
someone who is not one. 5 years ago  
nothing changes. our physical body deterierates and our ability to experience "consciousness" ends. other than that nothing changes 5 years ago +1
lets call a spade a spade here. Most americans today are fat, lazy, and slow. all we have going for us is that our grandparents and their parents and their parents and their parents..... and so on were the sh!t. 5 years ago  
fear is the obstacle that stands between every person and fulfillment. it comes in many shades and sizes, but its always fear in some form 5 years ago  
the possible existance of a god has no sway over any of my decisions. even if there is on, we would be ants to him, and im sure even the most outrageous actions that we can imagine, would be precieved to this god as incredibly insignifigant and exponentially unimportant in the grand scheme of things. 5 years ago  
crying is the epitomy of showing weakness. the question is not asking weather you think being weak is ok or not, its asking if crying is a sign of weakness. it quite literally is the physical manifestation of personally overwhelming levels of emotional stress and anxiety 5 years ago +1
why afghanistan? 5 years ago  
yes! lets all pay homage to the gods of capitalism and greed, by sacreficing our already strapped financial resopurces to satisfy their ravenous appetites! 5 years ago  
then why are you waisting space posting this garbage? 5 years ago  
i cant recall very many questions about genital mutilation, and even fewer responses like what you are describing. that being said... it does not surprise me at all that one of the brainiacs on this site would say that 5 years ago +2
what the hell are you talking about? this is a good question that actually requires youto think and tries your moral code. This is what the origianl rrrather was all about before all you teenyboppers came and turned it into a social network for rejects! 5 years ago +3
surgical assistant 5 years ago  
i honestly dont give a sh*t. donate my body to a group of necrophiliacs for all i care! ;) 5 years ago +2
every time i try to rape they always end up consenting! oy vey! 5 years ago +2
that way i can go out reenacting my favorite miley cyrus music video! 5 years ago +2
consise does not = poorly written. it takes linguistic skill to make your point in a few words. 5 years ago  
its about time someone finally had the balls to ask the question that was on all our minds!!! 5 years ago +7
the only thing that changes is that our physical body stops functioning, and our ability to experience "concious though" ends. 5 years ago +1
how can a question that is short and to the point be poorly written? 5 years ago +2
try petting the workers. perhaps they will be temporarily subdued and you can continue petting as you wish 5 years ago +2
oooh. what a very sexy question! 5 years ago  
thats how much i dislike twilight! 5 years ago  
why is that 5 years ago  
i have always wondered what my internal anatomy looks like 5 years ago  
obviously you guys dont know much about ancient africna history 5 years ago +1
if only your mother had chose to have an abortion. 5 years ago +4
deez nutz! 5 years ago  
how so? 5 years ago  
it comes in handy 5 years ago  
gender is a mixture of anatomy, endocrynology, psychology, and society! 5 years ago  
if you can anatomically or physiologically explain the soul to me ill be a believer 5 years ago  
if i were you i would invest in a good pair of boots 5 years ago  
they were the original north american anit terrorist task force! 5 years ago +3
a dislikes you! 5 years ago +2
but i think we can all agrre that teddy was #1 5 years ago  
i think i dated her a few years ago 5 years ago +6
good and evil are social constructs. They are totally dictated by social norms. just look at different cultures and you can see slight variances in the moral code. the more removed the culture is the more their views on good and evil/ rigth and wrong differ from the mainstream. 5 years ago +2
ashes to ashes and dust to dust 5 years ago  
smooth ER is by far the most orgasmic organelle! 5 years ago +2
yes you are going to hell never has a human utter any more reprehinsible words than those! you are now the new hitler! 5 years ago  
it always does 5 years ago  
just killing time at work 5 years ago  
video games are changing the way peoples brains are hardwired. its not even up for debate. it makes you more capable to be a tiny peon in the new global digital world, but if this sytem were to ever fail all you little video game people are gonna wish that you had spent more time outdoors learning to actually do things rather than simulating those things with a computer. 5 years ago +1
oh hell yeah! 5 years ago +1
highway to the danger zone! 5 years ago  
Carmen electra was on baywatch, kevein federline was some some sort of pool boy who dated brittney spears 5 years ago  
isnt that ironic! 5 years ago +2
you people need to put away your computers and go out in public and interact with others! 5 years ago  
would you rather ask 10 really good questions or 1000 crappy questions? I think i already know your answer 5 years ago +2
radio 5 years ago  
i think you missed the point 5 years ago  
i would prob get murdered in my sleep 5 years ago +1
ill hit one up at the gym when its raining or freezing out 5 years ago  
wwjd 5 years ago  
the age of enlightment, the american revolution! i would love to live at that time 5 years ago  
madonnas music from that era is soo played out and obnoxious. 5 years ago +1
you are prob the funniest mother f'er on this site! keep it up! 5 years ago +2
i say we just ban all residents of arkansas from participating in rrrather. from now on i will be happy to provide steriotypical bible belltish rightwing responses whenever needed! 5 years ago +2
yes! i used to love to hate her 5 years ago  
baby-buoy! 5 years ago  
when i say it is! 5 years ago +3
if someone puts on that much weight it usually is a sign of a deeper psychological issue (depression, anxiety, addictin) and those are possibly things that i would break it off over. 5 years ago  
girl you bes get back to the bathroom and finish what you started!!! 5 years ago +1
both 5 years ago  
i got thug love for my nationwide posse! 5 years ago  
most girls order a salad on the first date anyhow 5 years ago +1
quality trumps quantity 5 years ago  
you're a slick one sally! 5 years ago  
the're both addictive, and will rot your teeth, but one makes you fat while one makes you thin, and one is a hell of alot more fun to do at parties than the other. 5 years ago  
tatoo of all of the members of one direction? 5 years ago  
collection of barbies? 5 years ago  
vag? 5 years ago  
selfish no, but def less able to critically think, less determination, less will power, and much much more dependant on the system to survive! 5 years ago  
i have no idea? 5 years ago  
thomas jefferson! 5 years ago  
lame!!! 5 years ago  
are you making these yourself? 5 years ago +2
i did the AT two summers ago i need to explore a new range 5 years ago  
i dont like the options. If the authority represents a sytem that is rooted in fairness and truth then it should be respected. if the authority is corrupt then it most be resisted at all cost! 5 years ago +1
authority is cultural/societal, where as power transcends these circles and extends to all forms of life.\ 5 years ago +1
its as simple as consciously rerouting your neural networks! takes time and work 5 years ago  
its your story 5 years ago  
justwanttoknow would win because he is a 15th degree black belt! nothing can stand in his way! 5 years ago  
how exactly does a white blood cell get trapped behind enemy lines? 5 years ago  
Small Penis? 5 years ago  
biologically its prime time, but socially it tends to be frowned upon 5 years ago +5
lets fight conformity by dressing like 30% of the young population and listening to music that is horrible! 5 years ago  
jesus rodriguez is my land lord, and he did save my life from drowning last year, so i guess... yes he is! 5 years ago +4
you cant have one without the other 5 years ago +1
most people are sheep and only vote for whoever fox news tells them to vote for. they wouldnt know a good candidate if the saw it! 5 years ago  
i believe all chaps are assless. otherwise they would just be pants! 5 years ago +1
says the butt hurt cry baby! 5 years ago  
yeah theres not much to know! let me guess your a 5th degree black belt, A student at harvord, starting quarter back, who is currently trying to decide weather to accept the astronaut job offer from NASA or run for president? you dont have a gf by choice, but you use you 15 inch tool to bang a different super model evernight? you're prob about to hop in your ferari and race it to VA and kick my a$$... youre the friggin man! 5 years ago  
i can tell your a very disciplined fighter by how quick you are to flaunt it to random pepople who you want to impress/intimidate. as far as your intellectual prowess i do admit to being your inferior when it comes to the art of identifying testicles and anal sphincters of various species! kudos! 5 years ago  
long as all parties are of age its what ever floats your boat 5 years ago +6
mcdonalds is poisoning a generation of young people very similarly to how big tobacco fooled our parents and grandparents into believing smoking was not harmful! 5 years ago  
well considering that this is the internet, and that you dont have to worry about any actual physical ramifications for any of the things you say, i would be more conserned for you if you were actually petrified 5 years ago  
you bes just mind your own unless you wanna be next on the chopping block? 5 years ago  
im always hungry for an A!!! 5 years ago  
im interviewing for the musical cats 5 years ago +5
you have a very low threshold for taunting. im sorry that my comments are hurting your feelings! lets make a deal... you change your icon to something that suits your actual personality and ill stop belittling you? 5 years ago  
yes people lame jokes that are impossible to discern as jokes are off limits! 5 years ago  
now we're talkin!!! 5 years ago  
nooo not the nay-nays!!! 5 years ago +3
do you think its cool to pretend that youre such a heartless bastard? does this make you feel like a tough guy? this comment is intended for you too Tberr 5 years ago  
i dont get the who cany hype. i've never really been that into sweets 5 years ago  
ok time to start working on a new goal! 5 years ago  
in all honesty we are software driven machines ourselves. DNA is our software. so it would kinda be like a battle of the machines! 5 years ago  
if they are good teachers they do 5 years ago +5
hahaha wtf? whats up with this question? "hey baby would you like to have vaginal sex?" 5 years ago +6
yeah but who would inforce the anti trust legislation? 5 years ago  
but wouldnt all of the largest firms hold a majority of the power? 5 years ago  
the mayans played ball sports to settle their differences. where are you getting your history from? 5 years ago  
tell me more! 5 years ago  
no but its all life, just because its not fuzzy and cute doesnt make it any less legit 5 years ago  
calli to va in 48 hours! 5 years ago  
the aztecs were constantly at war and were know to conduct frequent massive human sacrefices to their gods. the mayans were much more peaceful 5 years ago +1
socialism would be amazing, but only if our politicians were not corrupt 5 years ago  
thats wonderful! people like you make the WYR experience soo much more enjoyable for me 5 years ago  
you just strike me as a duche 5 years ago  
I have a general understanding of physics and thermo dynamics so i feel like i can feild most of the questions that would arise from the rrrather crowd 5 years ago  
wow! pleas dont hold back! tell us how you really feel 5 years ago +2
yeah its broke 5 years ago  
so are you counting yourself as one of the people who has the slightest understanding of quantum mechanics? 5 years ago  
over an extended period it never works 5 years ago +1
BOATMAN!!! 5 years ago  
quantum mechanics/ quantum physics is physics on a sub atomic scale. It explans how energy and matter can both be particle and wave simultaneously 5 years ago  
we just came up with our own versions of names and symbols for systems that have always existed 5 years ago +2
so would you say that giraffes are the most intelligent life form on earth? 5 years ago  
thats what she said!!! 5 years ago  
oh its broke! 5 years ago +4
in your opinion... that's a rather biased view point on the evolutionary progression of life on this planet 5 years ago  
humans are social beings. we were originally hardwired to form deep lasting bonds with those around us, but as our society evolves we are becoming more like a bacterial colony. it is more beneficial to quickly send out very specific information to many individuals throught the "colony" rather than slowly passing down information to the few closest to you. 5 years ago +2
how else are you supposed to protect yourself from crooked cops? ; ) 5 years ago +2
i have only seen wild n out once, but i think its funny that they rip on him for hosting a kids show on nickelodeon, because it seem to me like wild n out is also a kids show 5 years ago  
such as? 5 years ago  
apocalypse now! 5 years ago  
it is that black and white. The laws of physics are constant. they are in no way altered or manipulated by the types of chemicals present. however, chemistry is completely bound by the laws of physics and this is how we know so much about sub atomic paticles that we cant even see. 5 years ago  
not much meat on them bones! 5 years ago  
the laws of physics govern how particles interact to cause chemistry. 5 years ago +2
grab some homies and find a happy hour 5 years ago +3
would you prefer another 20 question round of battle of the campbells soup flavors? 5 years ago +1
that doesnt answer my question! 5 years ago  
so does the blame fall on the askers of this questions or the people who continuously get their panties ruffled every time they see it asked? 5 years ago  
thats a very specific ammount? 5 years ago +2
or are you refering to the government that uses the war on drugs as a method of crippling central american countries who are torn between powerful drug cartels and what their big angy brother to the north wants 5 years ago +1
its almost chemically identical to aderol, and im sure most of you prob pop that stuff multiple times a day, so why not bypass big pharma and get your sh*t from a friendly local drug dealer! 5 years ago  
if so thats very strange 5 years ago  
sleep is the cousin of death! 5 years ago +1
ok? you tell yourself whatever helps you sleep better at night 5 years ago  
the sad thing is that you think that now, but one of these days youre going to look back and realize you know very little and have actually cheated yourself out of knowledg and experiences! 5 years ago  
if you whine ill ignore you, dont get up in my face unless yer fixin ta throw down! 5 years ago  
yeah its not fair, which is on of the reasons im a canibal! ; ) 5 years ago +1
i love how most american think that the internet is only occupied by americnas, and always refer to everything as "this country" or "our government". believe it or not, but they are now allowing people from other countries other than the US to use the internet!!! 5 years ago  
every candidate has one issue that they are they most passionate about, and that they would sacrefice all other issues for, Obama's is healthcare reform. he has done plenty of things in the past that i dont agree with, but i believe the he did most of what he did so that he could have a real chance to reform healthcare in the US. I voted for him both times because i agree that we need reform in that area and its time to make sacrefices to see it happen! we need to learn to read between the lines when it comes to politics all the information is out there to be had if your not too stupid our lazy to look for it. dont let yourself be lied to! 5 years ago +1
i know every square inch of my house in the dark and have plenty of weapons stashed around. I welcom the challenge! 5 years ago +1
compound wrist fracture broken clavical combo from a snowbaording whipe out 5 years ago  
why? 5 years ago  
the technique used by country western singers is literally called the nasal singing technique 5 years ago  
have you ever listened to country homie? its the same style of singing with different instrumentation. 5 years ago  
have you ever even held a gun? 5 years ago  
and country is naisly and twangy 5 years ago  
i have helped raise many a steer, but never for show : ( 5 years ago  
soul and country are all very similar styles of singing in the grand scheme 5 years ago  
your'e crazy man 5 years ago  
i always go to ny in dec. its an amazing time to visit the city 5 years ago +1
Its called the affordable care act! why is that sooo hard for people to say? btw its already a law so you should have supported it or not years ago! too late now 5 years ago +3
are you implying that girls who have friends are sluts? 5 years ago +7
how sassy of you turd! 5 years ago +2
cat fight!!! 5 years ago +2
cock of the walk! 5 years ago +1
Well it's bulls and blood, it's dust and mud It's the roar of a Sunday crowd, it's the white in his knuckles The gold in the buckle he'll win the next go 'round It's boots and chaps, it's cowboy hats It's spurs and latigo, it's the ropes and the reins And the joy and the pain and they call the thing rodeo - garth brooks 5 years ago +1
congrats alex! now lets just kick out half of these fools and return this site to its original glory days! 5 years ago  
i actually used to do this when i was younger 5 years ago +1
oh the whimsy! 5 years ago  
they are studying our habbits and learning the patterns of our behavior! 5 years ago  
nobody will ever sing this song quite like whitney houston did 5 years ago +4
total tool bag! 5 years ago +1
i think its more sassy! 5 years ago +3
is that the movie staring dwayne johnson where he is always carying a 2x4? 5 years ago  
the more dominate individual always takes the bottom bunk 5 years ago +2
thats not greek revival. thats a farm house 5 years ago +1
on my way there soon 5 years ago +3
busta totally liquifies the mike in worldwide choppers 5 years ago  
if i were that guy in B i would change my persona to be the first amish wrestler! 5 years ago  
most of the white people in AZ are to busy hating on hispanics to worry about being racst toward black people\ 5 years ago  
i really hope A is similar to what actually happens when we die 5 years ago  
they are sheep its kinda par for the course for them... 5 years ago  
the circle of life 5 years ago  
teddy roosevelt 5 years ago  
i hate flying 5 years ago  
what are you basing your definitions of the spirit world off of? its very intriguing. 5 years ago  
anybody can cheat! it proves nothing about your skill or knowledge. 5 years ago +4
dont all girls love americans? 5 years ago  
when you meet the love of your life you know it. if you have to question it then its not them. 5 years ago +2
a lil fumunda cheese! 5 years ago  
i prefer music that is created by an artist rather than a marketing team! 5 years ago  
dude you are a tool! your emoticon is a guy flipping the bird and saying up yours! The second to most recent comment on this question was posted by you and its racist! so im not buying this BS peace maker story. you are in here trying to start sh*t with little kids. too bad this time you jumped into the deep end and got eaten alive! 5 years ago  
awwww im soo sorry! did i make you cry? maybe you should stick to the anime and video game questions so as to avoide an possible intellectual discourse! 5 years ago  
oh no! did someone get backed into a corner? 5 years ago  
"if we are splitting hairs" (your words) wanna split hairs? lets split hairs! 5 years ago  
i was commenting on his vote, but thanks for butting in and speaking for him since you obviously know exaclty how he would have fielded this one. you have done an amazing job of making yourself look ignorant! 5 years ago  
oh sorry I didnt realize that the chemical properties of ecstasy, meth and marijuana were capable of reorganizing a humans gentics, and actually physically changing their outward appearance. Can you briefly explain the chemical and physiological mechanisms that allow these drugs to literally contort a persons musculoskeletal structure, because im all ears? 5 years ago  
i must have read the question wrong. I thought it was asking which would you rather, not which is true of the world as it is currently. silly me (btw this is sarcasm) 5 years ago  
more specifically? 5 years ago  
what are those? 5 years ago  
where do they find you people? how about this if you dont believe me try it out and see what happens. 5 years ago  
your wording is confusing 5 years ago  
its a line from an old outkast song 5 years ago  
its not like your the first thing to poo in the ocean. 5 years ago  
dubstep is less music and more noise 5 years ago  
zing! 5 years ago  
there are some species in nature that exhibit hermaphoditism, and a few species that change gender as they age, but its not possible for humans to naturally do this. 5 years ago +1
dont everybody like the smell of gasoline? 5 years ago +3
i want all of these games! 5 years ago  
it would hurt like hell, but it def would not kill you. 5 years ago  
both these games were the most amazing arcade games ever! thanks for the memories! 5 years ago  
i swore off calculus years ago! 5 years ago  
wow! are you being serious? wow! wow! wow! 5 years ago  
if rastafarianism never existed bob marley most likely would have never becopme a musician, and most def not a ragae musician. 5 years ago +2
you never cease to amaze me 5 years ago +1
aardvark! 5 years ago  
# standing ovation! 5 years ago  
I take it back... dumb people should be allowed access to good stories too 5 years ago  
trust me i skipped about 150 horribly dumb questions before i finally had had enough and had to say something about it. aparently its called "freedom of the internet"? The constitution of the internet grants me the righ to talk trash on all the dumb people who insits on making pointles mundane points! 5 years ago  
please, i was a regulare before people like you and your anime counterparts caught wind of this site and started posting thousands of mind numbingly pointless crap questions. Next time you go to post a question just ask yourself, "is anybody going to get any intellectual or humerous enjoyment out of this?" if the answer is no then dont post it. its crap! and def dont post 15 consecutive crap questions. That is the absolute worst!!! 5 years ago  
a prisoner is RESPONSINBLE for serving the time for the crime they committed, and if someone refers to you as an adult they are complimenting you on how RESPONSIBLE you are. thus being a prisoner is a task. a prisoner is not free. Also, to be considered an adult you must be responsible 5 years ago  
every species is motivated to survive and reproduce. primates live in simple family pods. their reproductive success depends on their ability to function as a unit. As far as i know they dont practice religion. Our sofisticated societes would crumble and our reproductive success would be compremised if we didnt adhear to rules of conduct. religin is a reinforcer of those rules for some, but there are many other reasons why people dont go AWOL in modern society... success, family, laws to name afew 5 years ago  
ok so imagine freedom and responsibility as two other things that are inversley related.... how about winter time and summer time. so if we reask your question substituting in these two other polar opposites it reades, would you rather have no winter but no summer, or all summer and all winter. Does this make any sense? 5 years ago  
'We fail! But screw your courage to the sticking-place, and we'll not fail.' 5 years ago  
better exercise 5 years ago  
who cares? this is garbage! thanks for dumbing down what was once an insightful and intelectual site. I hope you leared what kinda campbells chunky idiot juice people like best! 5 years ago +1
it is an honor to die to fighting for truth and justice 5 years ago  
please explain to me what you mean by that? I am assuming you're referring to individuals in societies and government, but even if that is the "deeper meaning" the line of logic you are using is still fundamentally flawed. 5 years ago  
wooo hooo! IM FREE TO BE RESPONSIBLE!!!! this question makes no sense 5 years ago +2
does something have to be perfect to be great? i dont get the question? 5 years ago +4
face value 5 years ago +2
the need to inact social justic is a relatively primal instinct. you can even observe forms of justice desplayed in primate cultures. I am fairly certain that there are plenty of motivating factors that naturally exist amongst social groups that we could have been just as successful a species without religion. 5 years ago +1
good god!!! 5 years ago  
most of these questions are soooo dumb any more it really makes no difference... spin the wheel! 5 years ago +1
m-o-n-o-x-i-d-e... whenever disaster strikes it looks just like me 5 years ago  
diet water is a joke its not real 5 years ago +2
haha guess what? so did you! 5 years ago +5
its true it could be possible, but if it is possible then that would mean everything that we think we know abou the physical universe at this point is wrong! people once thought you could use magic potions to turn iron into gold... how colse is science to cracking that one? 5 years ago  
i wanna be like you hoo hoo! 6 years ago  
your logic is skewed 6 years ago  
I believe you are refering to worm holes, and those are theoretical as well! since youre satan im assuming you already know all of this and are just toying with one of your humble earthly servants, but just incase, before you start referencing star wars physics i suggest you look into einstens theory of relativity. It is IMPSSIBLE for an object with mass to reach light speed ( would require infinate energy and the objects mass would become infinate) 6 years ago  
i have a set of twister bed sheets! 6 years ago +6
do tell, satan? 6 years ago  
could, is the key word there. more probably it is physically impossible to exceed the speed of light 6 years ago  
im not sexist i just hate house work! 6 years ago +2
lord have mercy! 6 years ago +7
goin fishing in the dark? 6 years ago +1
considering that A is physucally impossible im gonna go with B 6 years ago +2
annunaki genetics! 6 years ago  
finger lickin! 6 years ago +8
that one has always plucked at my heart strings. 6 years ago +2
its the most important meal of the day! 6 years ago  
ill pay high taxes as long as my money goes towards funding good quality social programs, rather than lining the pockets of rich bankers 6 years ago +5
doesn't the existance of artificial intelligence kinda disprove the idea of god as a diety? how could we have created a version of intelligence that is soo much more efficient and comprehensive then god could? 6 years ago  
If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thro' narrow chinks of his cavern. William Blake 6 years ago +4
thanks for caring enough to comment! 6 years ago  
more often im like, "Who the hell is dumb enough to post such horrible crap!" 6 years ago +4
bloody revolution! 6 years ago  
thats sooo crazy, both of those are at the top of my places to live list 6 years ago  
sluggaz! 6 years ago +1
i could totally say soo many inappropriate things about what you just said, but im gonna leave that up to the other rrratherers to fill in the blanks! 6 years ago +2
yeah because we all know that obama is the first world leader in the history of the world to employ propaganda to accomplish his policy! 6 years ago  
what if his breathing problems are triggered from the exhaust produced by the oversized SUVs you see around every corner, that are constantly spewing gallons of toxic smog into the air that we breath? I would say that we should outlaw those, but how unamerican would i be if i even proposed that! 6 years ago  
Wooooo Weeee! 6 years ago +2
i could spit, curse, and kick dirt at the umpire! You're outta here! 6 years ago  
[email protected]#K McDonalds! 6 years ago +1
the only prob is that you can never actually prove that, and im sure the Dr who told him that based his diagnosis off of american cancer society/ big pharma backed propaganda research! 6 years ago  
second hand smoke is not deadly, thats propaganda brainwash! 6 years ago +1
its called strategery! 6 years ago +6
how bout them yankies? 6 years ago  
if all he has is a knife i have a feeling my odds of surviving are much better than 50/50 6 years ago +2
bigotry is no good. Let them serve if they wanna serve. as long as they know what they are getting themselves into, and are of age, I say it's totally their decision to make 6 years ago +7
lets not turn our back on the crop that is responsible for our nations initial ability to generate revenue and Be a soverign power! tobacco made us who we are! Lets learn to be responsible, moderate our use, and ignore all of this new age anti tobacco propaganda! 6 years ago +1
eugenics is fun for everyone! 6 years ago  
easy come easy go! 6 years ago +2
Are you talking about in america? 6 years ago  
david spade? 6 years ago +2
#2 was too damn high in my opinion!!! 6 years ago +3
stickl and move! 6 years ago  
hardest decision i have had to make thus far on rrrather! 6 years ago  
if i knew everything i have a feeling i would die a very happy man! 6 years ago  
no paper trail! 6 years ago +2
i feel like it should hit you hard like a dropkick to the chest! 6 years ago +1
boby is strait up dirty south! 6 years ago +4
not trying to toot my own horn, but... I got a G4 on my Lake Titicaca Champions of History assessment! 6 years ago  
lets let the bullet decide that one 6 years ago +4
not here for a long one, here for a good one! 6 years ago  
oooh that A has a nice ring to it! 6 years ago  
how is there a 40% chance of getting caught? do your friends not have doors on their bathrooms? 6 years ago +7
as long as they weren't ginger its all good! (jk) 6 years ago +2
im a big fan of live entertainment! 6 years ago  
the paper could be used to make a fire 6 years ago  
ability to start fire = ability to stay alive 6 years ago  
you could start a fire with the package, you could use the foil in the gum wrappers to fashion some sort of cooking surface, and the gum could serve as a type of glue to hold things in place for short periods of time. 6 years ago +1
many of my personal theories on basic fundamentals of life are very unpopular, but i kinda like the uphill battle! 6 years ago +2
I would request 1 get out of jail free card, so that i could do the same at some point. Then I would move on with life. 6 years ago +2
don't everybody like the smell of gasoline? 6 years ago +5
i dont know how common this form of genetic minipulation is. i feel like yosef could be an asset or a very loose cannon, depending on how advinced science is in the area of altering genes in 2050. 6 years ago  
dia de los muertos! 6 years ago +1
its instinctual. 6 years ago  
the only girl who could ever please me.... was the daughter of a preacher man! 6 years ago  
silent movies 6 years ago  
not for very long 6 years ago +2
im a man not a little boy 6 years ago  
i start every day with a raw lion heart and a chilled glass of childrens tears! 6 years ago +3
forrest gumop is one of the best movies ever made! 6 years ago +1
gay ol' paree! 6 years ago +2
come on ladies dont kid yourselves! 6 years ago  
all its missing is a monster truck being driven by pam anderson in her baywatch swimsuit? 6 years ago  
traditionally a west coast fan, but i feel like both are equal currently. 6 years ago +1
what you talkin bout willis? 6 years ago +3
give it a try and see what happens... better yet try punching out a brick wall! 6 years ago  
front wheel drive operates better on snow and ice 6 years ago  
you want something done right gotta do it yourself 6 years ago +4
ill make my own fate 6 years ago  
does the idea of interacting with real people scare you? 6 years ago +9
more bang for the buck! 6 years ago  
what is jeff the killer? 6 years ago +1
lets just get this over with 6 years ago +4
bring on the entertainment! 6 years ago +3
so you're saying that in our society today men have more pressure to look a particular way than woman? I would have to disagree. woman are subjected to many more image based standords. 6 years ago +4
bring it on 6 years ago  
HAHAHA WTF? these people never ceases to amaze me! 6 years ago  
who lives in a pineapple unde the sea..... ME? 6 years ago  
i feel like B is more effective over all 6 years ago +1
yeah sorry i have a bit of a life 6 years ago  
Don't care! 6 years ago  
they are clones 6 years ago +4
i believe that there is a intrinsic benefit to a person developing their will power through denying themselves certain earthly pleasures. If your choice to obstain from any activity stems from a desire to become a better person and learn more about other aspects of life, i find that to be very inspirational. 6 years ago +3
Anarchy! 6 years ago  
dont worry its happening world wide. 6 years ago  
More fat people should start cycling 6 years ago  
Best move ever! 6 years ago  
crunchy grooves! 6 years ago  
yeah he had been dead on ice for years until the perfect opportunity for a big publicity stunt came along! 6 years ago  
lets just get this over with 6 years ago +1
I stayed at a holiday inn express last night! 6 years ago  
are you under the age of 12? 6 years ago +1
i dont even want to know what you would consider to be good music. 6 years ago +1
fo real! 6 years ago  
Coors heavy = not bad 6 years ago  
What a wonderful world! 6 years ago +5
karma's a b*tch! 6 years ago  
i love to watch johnny depp play johnny depp in defferent costumes depending on the movie he is in 6 years ago +1
how so? 6 years ago  
ello govna! 6 years ago  
they say granpappy in australia? 6 years ago +2
ross is a weenie! 6 years ago +1
i doubt the "aluminum falcon" would be any more effective as a contraseptive than the old pull out method 6 years ago  
doctors work crazy hours! even when they are off they are constlantly having to do paper work and brush up on new research new techniques. 6 years ago +2
are we talking direct hits to the corn hole? 6 years ago  
haha i'll take on 20 "wizards" with wonds with my 12 gauge! 6 years ago  
they usually know every jack johnson and jason maraz song by heart! 6 years ago +2
life in the Chaste lane! 6 years ago +1
sentient life is a huge gift and we can always change our situations. we have soo many oportunities to help people and make this a better world. its sooo selfish to wast that! 6 years ago +1
i know its wishy washy but i prefer to leave the door open to some posibilities 6 years ago +2
no 6 years ago  
no youre obviously not. look it up english is the international language of business. It has been ever since you country concored controlled half the world years and years ago. As for the US dollar it is the global primary reserve currency. this meams that all other countries hold that currency in reserve for conducting exchanges of currencies and other business transacions. Look it up! 6 years ago  
shoot two then off myself 6 years ago +3
ooh wee! you really called me out! MY FACE IS RED 6 years ago  
hello! its called english and the US dollar 6 years ago  
there are millions of possible questions out there. pepole are just getting lazy 6 years ago +1
BJ McCocksuckerson 6 years ago +1
haha nice! how about.. What are Friends for? or Friends til the end! 6 years ago  
I have a radio show on 88.7 wxjm. 1200- 200PM thursday nights starting this fall 6 years ago  
its just very difficult to 6 years ago +4
funny you mention that, i was just doing it about ten min ago 6 years ago +2
67% obviously have no idea what they are voting on 6 years ago +2
ill just close my eyes run outside hail a cab and ask them to take me to the nearest house of ill repute 6 years ago  
i have but its always on random two word responses. my A material usually get like 2 up votes 6 years ago  
i like my showers the way my women like me.. coming at them from all directions! 6 years ago +4
oooh mama! 6 years ago  
a dog fights harder in his own backyard! 6 years ago  
batman clooney was like a turd wrapped in body armor! 6 years ago  
man you two crack me up! sometimes you're very intellectual and insightful and then you do this randome self promotional stuff! congrats your the coolest guy on rrrather! Glod medal in the special olympics! 6 years ago  
i dont get the whole wild sock fad. Who is even gonna see them? 6 years ago  
YOLO 6 years ago  
uh yeah... sarcasm is sooooo cool! 6 years ago +2
equations are the written languare of engineering. when calculations are off you have big problems. people can get seriously hurt. 6 years ago +4
seinfeld, frasier, friends! all these new shows are just ripping off old jokes from those shoes 6 years ago +5
what on earth could have been your inspiration to create this witty anecdote? it couldnt have possibly been the comment i made a few hours prior to it that was exactly the same!!! 6 years ago  
according to who? Pack up your middle school earth science book, JR! You sound like a little boy who knows like 3 or 4 facts and just keeps repeating the same info over and over. WE ARE THE UNIVERSE, WE ARE THE UNIVERSE, WE ARE THE UNIVERSE... your the one who sounds like a crazy hippy. All physical structures are made from the same material, but there are many more complex forces at work, some that we fully understand and some that we dont. pigs and foot balls are made from the same thing, but nobody in their right mind would argue that they are the same thing! 6 years ago  
no your argument is that humans and rocks are the same. i dont even need to argue with that rediculous comment. its so obviously not true its blatent. The unseen energy force im talking about is consciousness the energy we use to access, assimilate, and store massive ammounts of energy/information. It quite literally seperates us from every other piece of matter that exists on this planet (possibly in the universe). look, its ok. I dont expect you to understand this level of cutting edge, metaphysical, out of the box discourse. In the future ill try to remember what site im on and stick to the basic stuff they teach in high school science classes. 6 years ago  
i am working on changing this about mysefl, but if i have to be honest i think i care more what others think of me 6 years ago +2
oscar the grouch... that guy has seen some serious sh*t! 6 years ago  
a polar bears toenails! 6 years ago +1
get high and read fantasy? 6 years ago +1
Robert, Sally, Dan you come with me to get the car... Tyrone you go over to that abandoned barn and see if the coast is clear! 6 years ago +4
scientists have recently discovered balck holes that seem to predate the big bang. they display unique properties and would be one perfect example of energy that exists outside the "beginning" of our universe. you should pry your nose out of that 2001 middle school science book and look toward the future of astrophysics poindexter! *BITCHSLAP* 6 years ago  
Happy tree friends! 6 years ago  
1.21 gigawatts!!! 6 years ago +4
what even gives us the right to own pets in the first place? 6 years ago +3
it def has its issues, but i believe most of the people are generally good folk! 6 years ago  
why dont you forfeit your right to live? 6 years ago  
the force is minipulating energy fields that actually exist around us! where as magic is total BS! 6 years ago +2
if you give you shall receive! 6 years ago +4
as little as possible 6 years ago  
because we are descovering new forms of energy that are not part of the original explosion of energy and matter. do you really think we have it all figured out? we only see the tip of the ice burg at this point. human brains are capable of channeling energies that exist around us that are yet to be explained by science (consciousness/ collective consciousness). I dont know to what extent other species can interact with this energy, but it has something to do with the super developed neocortex in the human brain. its much larger than other species and it has given rise to many surprising characteristics in the human nature, many of which are still not fully understood. 6 years ago  
we interact with energies and minipulate our environment in many ways that rocks cant. on the scale of our knowledge of matter in the known/understood physical universe those two forms of matter are basically polar opposites in many ways. complexity, organization, capabilites, energy ineraction, ability to self replicate, the list goes on and on! 6 years ago  
so if we are going to say that you really did see the future, how would you trying to handel it in the present or in a less distant future change anything? perhaps it will be your attempts to discaplin them that end up driving them to commit these murders in the end. 6 years ago  
biggy smalls? 6 years ago +11
i say as long as both parties are of age and concenting then let it happen. who does it hurt? 6 years ago +6
wow! what an original idea! 6 years ago +2
the acquisition of knowledge! 6 years ago +3
jabba the hutt? 6 years ago +3
Angalina jolie? 6 years ago  
tom cruise? 6 years ago  
a rolling rock is not a living thing. that is just a collection of solid matter being effected by the forces of nature! 6 years ago  
Tech n9ne is one of the best underground artist at this point. Working with eminem woudl only destroy his street cred. 6 years ago  
screw the honor system! 6 years ago  
well considering that im constantly provoking arguments online, it would make me quite the hypocrit to vote for B 6 years ago  
dont cross that line! 6 years ago +3
as long as no individuals are singled out its all good! 6 years ago +2
both! its time to clean house! 6 years ago +1
an i would bring along my little violin to serenade him will he procedes to cry! 6 years ago  
all you have to do is come up with an obsurd catagory of questions like battle of the colors! then make it into a turnamate, which allows you to then ask the same crap questions over again in later rounds of the tournament. its the new craze thats sweeping rrrather. go ahead, jump aboard the bandwagon! 6 years ago +2
plenty of time to sleep when im dead 6 years ago  
What does smart mean in a breoader sens? Are we even really the smartest or is that just a fallocy we as humans commit when we observe our environment? i think all species evolve different methods of minipulating energy. our strategy is more effective than most in a quantative sense, but some species are adapted to interact with very specific energy types in order to facilitate key energy changes that are important to all life on earth. 6 years ago  
expand on that thought 6 years ago  
im making a statement to the powers that be. they cant controle me! 6 years ago  
its all about the big picture... who has time for the details! 6 years ago  
you cant shake my faith in the power of nine! trust me this whole dwarf planet thing is just a flavor of the week craze. its gonna pass! 6 years ago  
no you cant 6 years ago  
its called session beer, and its sweeping the world as the new hot craze in microbrewing. 6 years ago  
you have obviously never had piss water! 6 years ago  
dont mess with miyagi! 6 years ago +1
This Is A Stupid Argument. Both Wer Delt Huge Injustices Over Time. Its Really Not Important Who Had It Worse. Let's Just Be Glad that Its Not Like That Any Longer. 6 years ago  
the natives where treated as a nuscence and eradicated. the slaves were valued as prize posessions. neither were seen as equals, but it hard to make the argument that a people who were housed and fed and provided for by the white aristocracy was treated worse than the peoples who were slaughted by the hundreds and purposley infected with biological agents that their immune systems were not capable of fighting. 6 years ago +5
always! always! always! 6 years ago  
i try to do this every time i go out! wooo weee! 6 years ago +1
if they hunt it and kill it own their own in the wild, then its all good! 6 years ago  
downsize government! make people be responsible for themselves 6 years ago +1
ok this one was kinda clever, but i loathe the average 100th question question! 6 years ago +4
just call me mavrick! 6 years ago  
Dont pay your income taxes! they are completely unconstitutional and are inforced by a corrupt organization! 6 years ago  
fried green tomatoes... staring nicolas cage! 6 years ago +1
eyez on the prize 6 years ago  
the voice of a generation! 6 years ago  
Mobb deep! 6 years ago  
im almost positive the europens referred to the natives as savages. slaves were seen as an inferior class fit to serve their needs, where as natives were seen as godless soulless savages. 6 years ago +5
last of the mohicans! 6 years ago  
if you must ask then dont even worry about it 6 years ago +1
oops wrong choice... im a paramedic and i come across peoule i wanna slap every day, but i have to hold back. Its very unprofessional to let your emotions controle your actions like that 6 years ago  
i used to lie awake at night worrying that satan was going to take me to hell for the measly sins i had committed that day. I felt like i was in constant fear and anxiety ridden. im sooo much more laid back and happy now! 6 years ago +1
what up wit dat? 6 years ago  
the germans are hard core! 6 years ago +2
best i dea ever!!! 6 years ago +1
Fetch me a scotch on the rocks! 6 years ago +2
thats good! we need people like you to do our bidding. 6 years ago +1
i lump all of the "freedoms" you listed into the same catagory of niceties as electricity and tv. the powers that be have given us a bit of slack on our leash, but what happens as soon as a nosey reporter starts snooping around in classified business or if a particular sect of religion advocates ideals that dont jive with our global agenda? they seem to go away or be labed as evil. as long as you march to the beat of the drum your good, but try going against it and see how free you suddenly feel. 6 years ago +1
your questions sound more and more rediculous ever time i repeat them over.. please stop! 6 years ago  
we are all debt slaves. not much different than the olden days. we have electricity and tv and internet, but we still have to do exacly what we are told, show up to work evey day, and end up paying most of what we make back into the system in some way or another. not much has changed. its just packaged differently. 6 years ago +2
p p p poker face 6 years ago +2
we are here to efficiently convert enrgy from one form into another. we consume less organized energy forms and use that to power the creation of much more complex and powerful processes! 6 years ago  
im glad you think your soo free! looks like the brain washing techniques are working very well 6 years ago +2
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