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    I'd call it my Batmobile +2
    mini breaks? +1
    There's a lot you can do do un-haunt a house soooo.  
    I had mine when I was 18 and it was my first and it was terrible.  
    Screw. That.  
    Tom Hiddleston  
    with peanut butter. Trust me. Try it.  
    You're bound to become YouTube famous  
    Well if we're sleeping together, then we have a thing so as long as I keep that thing going, i'm good. Plus, I've already lived with hauntings... Not fun..  
    Mine wouldn't be JB sooooo  
    Tom Hiddleston...  
    Younger would make them 8... So, uhm, older haha  
    Rick and Morty  
    Well with these as the only options..  
    I don't have an annoying grandma  
    Then they could see what kind of jerk he was haha  
    You haven't met my mother...  
    I don't want no male looking at my vagina or anything..  
    I already have street smarts  
    I don't have friends hahaha  
    I like food...  
    You can lose that sh*t, you can't grow yourself  
    Hermoine is a badass. Bella is just stupid.. +1
    I've gotten friend-zoned far too many times :(  
    I'd be dead. Really. Please, don't waste your time while I'm being buried..  
    Then you can build your wealth  
    I love both though!  
    Then kill them. +1
    Tom Hiddleston!!!!!!!!  
    Win Compilation's down make me laugh till I cry...  
    Tom Hiddleston  
    Illegal downloads woot woot  
    Hmm, a little bit of people or thousands? 29% of people are uneducated of the Holocaust.  
    If you kill Hitler, you same thousands of lives!  
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