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    Not my hair hair my hair on my head hair  
    If your a girl you cam have kids without a man  
    Look at that good stuff  
    I don't have motherfking secrets btch  
    If I'm popular through school and college and I'm not getting my dream job popularity ruins my chances  
    If I got choose the people I hated it would be one male I hate and three banging hot females I hate so....... Sex  
    Clean it  
    I see them bit I know they ain't true so f**k you all and have f**king nightmares you silly little pr!cks  
    Small dogs I don't mind bit why do keep barking bog dogs don't do that sh!t and it's not about age or small have more energy  
    The guy in the pic not look miserable just grumpy  
    Bad drivers are not ment to be driving  
    A girl in order for this question  
    The my best friend would have to be t  
    Money is basically wishes  
    I don't like that pic of the aliens I'll pass ww3 it is  
    Earphones it perfectly fine  
    That perfect girl will come right awah cause Im not waiting  
    Friends with benefits  
    But with knuckle dusters.....and a gun  
    Both have tiny penises  
    You living twice pointless there's another who are not even living I would give all the money to them so they can experience living and having a life  
    if I'm immortal I'll get old and saggy I would probably ash if I was over 150 yrs the ash would just moving and it would be all blur ash and one would be red representon my heart it fades away oh wait immortal a another ash turn F!cling red  
    My phone is useless with out Internet  
    I don't to fly next birds the creatures creep me out and plus if I did it would on the news that flying man has killed all birds  
    Harry potter world every one is poor as sh*t Harry potter never made money and then you want to hogarth and learn bullsh*t I rather learn in a world wealth not fame but wealth and I live in the the real world because technology is devoping  
    I'm dead though  
    Press the wrong button  
    I would go back in time to kill Hitler mother and Hitler mother nothing personal just you son's a twat  
    make new ones  
    it a French kiss not a kiss  
    it's cooked.....right  
    dc is a smaller group  
    make sure I have a short time on hell then go to heaven  
    Into a pit on balls  
    In that pic it looks like their been in bed  
    So I would find love but not true love that's ok  
    In a baby pool  
    Overworked to play games  
    Don't like ice cream I prefer ice lolli  
    Jump off a cliff... onto a king size bed  
    Eat the bread and mustard +1
    I have not tried twitter so ima stuck with Facebook  
    People share  
    Think about the money your earning for doing crap  
    Take a gun and shoot the air and make everyone run  
    10p for ya  
    Extra keys and you always get a replace instead of spending a lot of money on a phone  
    I would be smart but still hot and popular  
    Kid is 5-15 or adult is 19-27  
    No secrets I have  
    I always have extra keys  
    Mistake Cars are better  
    I would get really old on earth  
    I would not go them to go see what happen to the and why people 2014 they look so ugly because the future is always better than the past  
    Girls well stab it in your [email protected]¥  
    No one ever notices  
    1% said yes who did I bet it's a 6yr old typing  
    Don't worry about the tongue look at those teeth we did not invent toothpaste and a toothbrush for reason  
    Hahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahah I can't breath  
    Yeah I was thinking the same thing just sleeping no sex  
    Carry air fresher for the rest of your life  
    Take the cup who's want to take part in human centipede  
    Well girls are lucky  
    No reason and when u having s3x the girl doing on u that's a problem  
    Well if u want be to choke  
    Don't question  
    If u were like 40s and the were in there 70s or if the child was under 10  
    Give the ugly person a makeover and 4 baths  
    Err so what if your a girl if the shark is a girl (I'm boy  
    Paint the holes on my fingers  
    that's gross I'm a boy I don't even have a choice I'm not gay  
    The sh*t taste like pudding eat it!!! Who would not if it was I'm public scoop in something eat it!!!!!  
    Pooping out a shuriken.....probably have cut on my @$$  
    Has to be the cutest dog in the world or a pug  
    Isn't boyfriend and girlfriend fine  
    Mario kart because I have never played super smash bros  
    Dye my hair  
    Your friend that's gross whos does that  
    Your friends are on the Internet but the dislike you  
    These presents better be good  
    If inside the presents are cash?  
    The pic shows a lot of presents so yeah I'm going with it  
    Never wait in line  
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