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I like sports and my favorite is baseball. I played outfield for the Watkins Mill Wolverines My high school. I an going to be a sophomore.

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    Not saying I want to be a thief, but it is better than being a beggar 2 months ago  
    Can I use a drawing app on my phone, tablet, or laptop? 9 months ago  
    ***************************** 10 months ago  
    How is it not 100% see scary things that aren't there. The not scary because there not there 10 months ago  
    Ew flash games work on Chrome 10 months ago  
    Dr. Garay the best lawyer 10 months ago  
    Dr. Garay the best lawyer 10 months ago  
    And I don't know 10 months ago  
    This question is worded wrong 10 months ago  
    I won´t know if anyone showed up to my funeral.  
    Pay your to love to marry you.  
    I would make billions doing shows  
    Dr. Strange-Doolittle-Who  
    And hottest, DUH  
    Can I go on vacation with anyone I want?  
    No more freedom of choice +1
    Just choose B  
    Draw an army to kill my enemy, than onto the good stuff  
    For option a if you were to draw someone dying would they actually die?  
    No weapons, poison, and ATOD to use  
    Ugly old person picture  
    Yahoo! I use Google like a normal person  
    Yahoooooo! Youoooo! Are some s**t  
    I can legally change my name  
    Fast travel +1
    Probably gonna happen with Trump as president  
    Pre 1800's you would have to create a grandfather parodox  
    I'd wish nine times for more wishes and use one of the ten and do that until I got every wish I wanted  
    Data is internet connection  
    I would change my name  
    What kind of a question is this  
    It could taste like a nasty tasting food  
    Reds Apple Ale  
    Can I watch TV online because if not I choose giving up computer.  
    A Mac is a PC. PC= personal computer  
    I love baseball  
    of corse  
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