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    No-one would get arrested for drugs.  
    Purely because I'd want to drive the vehicles myself.  
    Doesn't say there can't be a separate staff bit I can be in ;)  
    I'll take the gift cards and sell them. I'll be better off that way :)  
    I could always sell some of the gift cards if I wanted.  
    I'd rather kill myself.  
    Or with the KFC guy telling me it was finger lickin' good?  
    Without time, how am I going to enjoy my money?  
    I'll just have the tiger taken out.  
    Doesn't say I can't do it really soft.  
    It will be a cyanide tablet :P  
    Come on, that's just mean.  
    He/she meant the person that posted the question, and not the person that said about women being the strongest gender etc...  
    A really fast one, so I don't feel anything.  
    I'll punch a tyre or the seats, won't get damaged that way.  
    Hard question...  
    A phone or a children's toy :P  
    I used to have an iPhone 4S, and my mum has a S3. The S3's way better, trust me.  
    I'd join in by making the bed for them  
    Assuming they mean these pictures.  
    I'll just walk away when she needs to be protected...  
    It depends which model of Mercedes or BMW they mean.  
    I'm not even going to dignify such an irony with a response.  
    I won't be around to give a sh*t.  
    What if they're not poisonous snakes?  
    Secrets, but only because I'd have a load of shallow assholes picking on me.  
    Shit, wrong answer.  
    Lol, that's the one I am using  
    Yeah, considering cows don't have penises.  
    Blue waffle isn't real, lol.  
    Lamborghinis have horrible gas mileage anyway...  
    I wanna drive myself.  
    A controller on a PC :P  
    It doesn't say I can't chose to steal from people who truly deserve it.  
    ...And I accidentally vote. Didn't mean to click on either...  
    How about I'd rather get raped up the arse with a sizzling fork that's been left on a pan for a few minutes than either.  
    So, be in one of the best places in the world, or potentially have Harry the Horny Bear in your bedroom :D  
    Don't really give a sh*t, however it would be funny if someone cut his hair with the bottom of a lawnmower.  
    Tighter vag ;)  
    I volunteer at a charity shop, I'm not that much of a cunt :(  
    But you just did.  
    Can I kill myself instead?  
    Out of those two, an iPhone. A Blackberry would break as soon as I look at it the wrong way.  
    I'm 17, so for me the question reads "date a MILF, or go to prison for being a nonce". No brainer, this one is...  
    Only so I can cripple them.  
    Satan isn't real  
    Bass guitarist here, 'nuff said.  
    42% of people have stopped evolving :D +1
    Beat the sh*t out of the Bieber fans :D +1
    If I had to listen to solely today's music, I'd end up killing myself.  
    So, have a virus, or have a virus?  
    Unless you're famous for being a child murder or something like that.  
    Easy, that I'll be allowed to change as many laws around as I like.  
    Everyone that voted no is simply an asshole. +1
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