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Nope; How? 6 years ago  
...............I don't think you understand what 'dismember' means 6 years ago  
There's always that 1 kid who has to be soo immature 6 years ago  
Karissa, stop with the same questions over and over again. You have a lip fetish, we get it. #nooffence 7 years ago +2
Omfg theyre inanimate objects, they cant fight 7 years ago +5
al's looks like sh*t 7 years ago +5
after 3 comments, we get it .... 7 years ago +1
Realistically...a futuristic army vs one man? 7 years ago  
Everyone has their own opinions...but yeah 7 years ago  
I fúcking hate kids 7 years ago  
RWJ just turned into a cúnt, SD is just, well, HILARIOUS! 7 years ago +2
kfc is a grease bucket 7 years ago  
I just got contacts for my eyes, theyre a torture to get in and out as it, w/out the glue!! 7 years ago  
Green Ginger :D 7 years ago  
Bridesmaids was hilarious! Hangover 2 was the same as the 1st -_- 7 years ago  
Being irish fúcking rocks!!! 7 years ago +1
Cenea? -___________- 7 years ago +1
Missykaila is right, plus the exploding kitchen from PA2 is more than 1 door opening 7 years ago  
Joseph_Prophet already said what was on my mind! :D 7 years ago  
Ahh sh!t i thought you meant worse as in scarier not worse as in sh!tter lol PA3 TERRIFIED me!! 7 years ago +1
If you read this convo, you would know i skipped but for whatever reason it shows i had chosen both 7 years ago  
I heard that the ship/boat/whatever turns up, but not the people? Or is it just everything is gone? 7 years ago  
You can skip? yeah 7 years ago  
I actually skipped, but now seeing this its shows i went for the baby. oh well 7 years ago  
I guess im the 1 person who knew family was better than money 7 years ago +7
and yet we all choose the skinny one 7 years ago  
so why'd you choose it? 7 years ago +3
You didnt skip, you chose momma 7 years ago  
13% would rathe rdie in a fire than use comic sans? Okaaaaaaaaaaay then 7 years ago +9
Fúck up 7 years ago  
and end up looking like THAT? 7 years ago  
J = 60% 7 years ago  
Universe, so they can drop the whole "nothing created everything" bullsh*t 7 years ago  
Like you 7 years ago +8
Fred. Sucks. Immature brat 7 years ago +2
What kind of retarded question is this? 7 years ago  
The Q was who is better, not who is hotter. either way Angel wins 7 years ago  
Im 16 ............................... 7 years ago  
You chose your dad, actually 7 years ago +1
Zombieland was sh*t!! Walking Dead ftw! 7 years ago +2
This is just wrong 7 years ago +1
If you actually voted for any of these, you deserve to be shot 7 years ago +1
SMFH...cut off head will detach you from your body. cutting off your body will detach your head. In other words, headless or headless? 7 years ago +2
Im irish, i eat them everyday :D 7 years ago +2
Nope, you chose hetero 7 years ago +5
Im irish AND already white as snow! 7 years ago +1
Im irish, $ mean nothing to me 7 years ago +3
I get neither amounts of money :( 7 years ago +1
I live in ireland, so 4leaf clover all the way! 7 years ago  
they're both the same?? 7 years ago +1
Neither. Its cruel and abuse towards animals 7 years ago +1
Screw clowns! 7 years ago +2
accidently choose the 'shower' one. fml 7 years ago  
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