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Would you rather Go through puberty very slowly but with minimum effects (less acne/mood swings/typical puberty problems) or Not go through puberty until you're 20, but then go through it very quickly (over the course of a month) with maximum effects (horrible acne/insane mood swings/worse puberty problems) 2 years ago 25 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Curiosity Experiment: There are two people, both dying. If you kill one now, you will save the other. There is no chance for both of them to survive. Would you Kill one to save the other or Let them both die painfully 2 years ago 68 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Never have sex, ever or Always have to have sex with whoever wants to do it with you, no matter what. 2 years ago 30 votes 3 comments 0 likes
(Girls) If some freak radioactive accident happened and all the men in the world got periods, would you Kindly offer to help them with their period struggles or Cackle loudly, sit back, and eat popcorn. 2 years ago 27 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Save a dying rhino or Save your best friend 2 years ago 38 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Eat a bowl of bugs or Kill a polar bear 2 years ago 35 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Your best friend and your sibling are hanging off a cliff. You can only save one of them. Save the best friend! or Save the sibling! 2 years ago 28 votes 5 comments 0 likes

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But you are not an object... but yes you could make an object that can phase through walls or withstand bullets 1 year ago  
I'm already there 1 year ago  
I'm so confused 1 year ago  
Snow day 1 year ago  
Rebecca is actually ok now. She's not a horrible singer anymore. She's a youtuber now and came out with another song and is pretty good (Saturday). I liked her Draw My Life video. 1 year ago  
Heaven sounds boring 1 year ago  
I would be such a dapper pickpocket 1 year ago  
At least i'm happy 1 year ago  
They taste.... the.... same... 1 year ago  
Pirates are at sea for so long. Months/Years at a time. They don't take showers or brush their teeth... and they get scurvy because they can't pack vegetables because vegetables don't really last in storage for years/months. 1 year ago  
I can refuse customers and only take the ones I want to... also it doesn't say I can't have another job as well. 1 year ago  
You can't live on minimum wage... Cashier jobs are usually minimum wage... 1 year ago  
The world of LOTR is much more complex than the world of Harry Potter. Tolkien had to start from scratch - a whole completely new world with new countries, races, languages, and customs - whereas Rowling started from the world we already have. I love Harry Potter and I'm not saying it's worse, I'm just saying that Lord of the Rings is more complex. 1 year ago  
One does not simply choose between Dumbledore and Gandalf 1 year ago  
Mentally never aging would be the one where you'd be dumb af... mentally never aging means no new knowledge. 1 year ago  
Are you a child? 1 year ago  
I'd wish for free coupons for everything ;) and a scholarship to any college ;) and infinite wishes. 1 year ago  
The only argument I will accept 1 year ago  
Less of the present would be changed if 9-11 hadn't happened than if the holocaust hadn't happened. Always choose the time in the past that is closer to the present... or you might wind up not existing. 1 year ago  
Do you know how expensive they are. The batteries are expensive AF and don't last very long. 1 year ago  
I have two friends who are always speaking Spanish to eachother and gossiping (one is from Mexico and the other's learning Spanish) and there's some juicy stuff going on 1 year ago  
But Apple products suck, I never use iTunes. Might as well have something that I can enjoy. 1 year ago  
Apple products suck 1 year ago  
DEAD 1 year ago  
As long as I'm not the one caught in the nude 1 year ago  
If you rewind one milisecond and then resume on milisecond and rewind again (rinse and repeat) that's the same as pausing. Also I make a lot of mistakes... 1 year ago  
Piercings take so much work to not get infected 1 year ago  
I wish people would leave their religion to themselves, I can't believe they have not realized nobody cares that they believe in God and that everyone can have an opinion. 1 year ago  
Very slowly - like you wouldn't be done with puberty until you're 30 1 year ago  
Are you dense, Colorado kid? 1 year ago  
Honestly so many people want it to be illegal just because they think it's disgusting? I think asparagus is disgusting, you don't see me trying to burn you at the stake for eating asparagus 1 year ago +5
Both 4 each... Apple sucks but dogs are great... I've actually never have Coca-Cola but I love Pepsi... Playstation over X-box. 2 years ago  
Mate, you don't have to blow up about it, calm down. All I was doing was telling you what it said. I'm not getting on your case. Learn how to spell, though, and maybe you'll make less mistakes... 2 years ago  
aw, 107 2 years ago  
I could tone it down so it doesn't sound so much like singing 2 years ago  
There's a big difference between drag queens and just men wearing makeup... 2 years ago  
I'd rather have dudes wearing makeup than have to wear dude clothes. Seriously, y'all don't have many options. I like skirts and dresses and stuff. Plus, some guys look cute with makeup. 2 years ago  
I actually don't know what you mean, be clearer in your wording. Do you mean the way it pours out? 2 years ago  
Only 'cause I just know the one song by A and I know at least two or three by B 2 years ago  
Rubbing a dog's nose in their accidents? Do you mean like putting it down by it so they smell it? Bc it sounds odd the way you phrased it... 2 years ago  
Not a big fan of pork. Kinda grosses me out sometimes. 2 years ago  
Mate I can always shave it later. Just another thing to shave, nbd. 2 years ago  
It says "if you were a 10 year old male" 2 years ago  
Weeell considering I don't have one and I exist, I'd say nah 2 years ago  
I actually don't know who dan and brian are 2 years ago  
My fam kinda needs it 2 years ago  
Robot body parts can't feel or heal themselves. 2 years ago  
But you have to spend 2 years in the prison, so you can't escape. 2 years ago  
I think you need to find something better to do than try & convert everyone to going vegan... 2 years ago +3
Psst... Not going through puberty until 20 also means you'd basically have a child's body until then. If you know what I mean. 2 years ago  
The opinion that people should not have control of their own bodies and who uses them is wrong. 2 years ago  
Look at the pictures I chose - This is about abortion. There are sometimes horrible cases where a pregnant woman wanted the baby, but something went horribly wrong and the fetus is dying and taking her with it. The only option is abortion. But then in come the extreme "pro-life" people. They harass the woman, tell her she's a horrible person, send her death threats, even tell her 5-year-old child that she won't get a baby sibling because her mother was going to kill it. The pregnant woman's abortion appointment arrives. But she's too scared. She doesn't show up. She carries through with the pregnancy, getting sicker and sicker as her organs fail. Finally, she dies in childbirth. The baby is born, and lives for 2 hours, all the while in pain, before dying as well. The "pro-life" people mourn the loss of the woman, put together a beautiful memorial service, ignoring the fact that they caused it. 2 years ago +1
Not personally, but someone else's cousin. 2 years ago  
I did not put it in the explaination section because the experiment relies on the voter to choose without knowing everything. It's sort of a pro-choice vs pro-life experiment. 2 years ago +1
People 2 years ago  
*excorcist *you're 2 years ago  
The dubs sound so horrible and forced and corny, can't stand 'em. 2 years ago  
JFK is closer in time, less sh*t to get screwed up 2 years ago  
If you haven't already guessed, this is about abortion. There are sometimes horrible cases where a pregnant woman wanted the baby, but something went horribly wrong and the fetus is dying and taking her with it. The only option is abortion. But then in come the extreme "pro-life" people. They harass the woman, tell her she's a horrible person, send her death threats, even tell her 5-year-old child that she won't get a baby sibling because her mother was going to kill it. The pregnant woman's abortion appointment arrives. But she's too scared. She doesn't show up. She carries through with the pregnancy, getting sicker and sicker as her organs fail. Finally, she dies in childbirth. The baby is born, and lives for 2 hours, all the while in pain, before dying as well. The "pro-life" people mourn the loss of the woman, put together a beautiful memorial service, ignoring the fact that they caused it. 2 years ago +1
He looked at them, a wicked gleam in his eye as he swaggered towards them. His fingers hovered above his revolver, eager for a fight. 2 years ago +3
Start eating 5 lbs of liver and i'll give you $5 when you finish. 2 years ago  
I'd be out of place with option B 2 years ago  
Option B would make it easier to crack your skull open and you'd get brain damage or die. Option A is simple... don't use your claws. 2 years ago  
Juice is my favorite thing. Plus, soda is juice too >.> So i could drink soda, too. 2 years ago  
Waffles with vanilla ice cream & strawberry syrup, a strawberry banana smoothie, Chocolate milk, chicken nuggets, canadian bacon pizza, a sprite, and a mcdouble :) Make it as long & fulfilling as possible. 2 years ago  
There ought to be SOME gun control, though... just background checks and such. Completely outlawing guns would be pointless, considering that anything illegal is for sale on the black market anyway. 2 years ago  
Check them for bite marks, obviously 2 years ago  
I''d run at the first sign of them turning 2 years ago  
There are too many Elise B's on YouTube 2 years ago  
I'd stick them with the bill and sneak out the back door. 2 years ago  
I'd advise them to break up with their partner, rather than continuing to cheat on them. 2 years ago +1
At least in an elevator i could be stuck with somebody else for company. 2 years ago  
"miseribel" wow 2 years ago  
Not all murderers are serial killers.... 2 years ago  
People get over not having a parent. It's better for them to be able to live their life fully. 2 years ago  
First-time skydivers get an experienced person with them to make sure the parachute opens :) 2 years ago  
I thiink you did not pay attention while reading it... 2 years ago  
I'd rather die at the same time. 2 years ago  
Scar Jo isn't a slut... pff 2 years ago  
Drowning is actually one of the worst deaths. When the salt water fills your lungs, it feels like you're burning from the inside (so i've heard). Not to mention, the panic of realizing there is no air to breathe. 2 years ago  
If you're at sea, that's too much swimming before you could ever reach land, too much time before you could float to land on a raft (you would probably starve) 2 years ago  
THANK YOU 2 years ago  
Guest from California is an idiot, because if you go back - especially THAT far in time - and change something, the impact would be SO dramatic. THe farther back in time it is, the more things would be changed. You don't know what could happen. One of the people he killed could have gone on to give birth to somebody WORSE THAN HITLER, or any NUMBER of things. Y'all need to THINK. 2 years ago  
Kittens are abundant because cats reproduce fast, polar bears are endangered. & I've seen dead kittens before... it's a sad sight but you get over it 2 years ago  
The specific act of intercourse in which a child is created. Not just any time that you have sex, just the specific time that results in a child. 2 years ago  
Walk off the earth is great 2 years ago  
1) It usually happens when you're a baby, 2) it can help protect against some STDs 2 years ago  
Aristotle found out the earth was round by looking at the shadow it cast on the moon. 2 years ago  
I'd keep a diary & make sure to write on my hand in permanent marker to read the diary every day & write in it. 2 years ago  
But you can choose a different school. And that's the way it ought to be. 2 years ago  
Literally the same thing XD 2 years ago  
Not true! You just can't have the word "orange" and the end of the sentence. 2 years ago  
Changing the past is too dangerous. Honestly, people, think! 2 years ago  
Audio books are harder to pay attention to, books you don't need electricity for & it's easier for you to lose yourself in them. 2 years ago  
With telekinesis you'd have to move your hands and stuff, with Psychokinesis, it's all controlled by your mind, so you could just sit still and do it. 2 years ago  
Getting pregnant after 40 is kind of cruel to the baby. They would lose you too soon. Nobody deserves to lose their mom, especially not before they're 40 or 50 years old themselves. 2 years ago  
People in general look better with clothes on 2 years ago  
I'm a girl, doesn't matter when i squirt 2 years ago  
Dumb questions are funny 2 years ago 2 years ago  
No culture... hmph 2 years ago  
Nothing is worth the horror of being buried alive. For 5 or even 30 minutes? Maybe. 100 years? Hell no. 2 years ago  
Eminem's music has more meaning to it. 2 years ago  
America's got Talent has some pretty cool acts sometimes. American Idol is just people singing... 2 years ago  
There would have had to be a chicken to fertilize & keep the egg warm. 2 years ago  
'Cause everybody is an asshole 2 years ago  
FOR THOSE OF YOU SAYING THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE: Wrong. Talent is something that comes naturally, while skill is something you earn. 2 years ago  
To the 44% who chose 8 siblings: It is basically impossible to find a house that can fit 8 children that is within your price range. Seriously, 5-bedroom houses can be soo expensive. And most of them only have one or two bathrooms. And 8 mouths to feed takes a lot of money. So if you're not a millionaire, 8 children in one house is horrible. Everybody has to share a room with at least one other person. I only have 4 siblings, but sharing a bathroom with even that many people is horrible. 2 years ago  
Nicki is actually famous for something. 2 years ago  
Lady Gaga has a really good singing voice. Just because of the way she looks and dresses doesn't affect her talent. She's way more talented than Britney. 2 years ago  
Being pro-choice doesn't mean you have to abort the child. I believe people ought to keep the child if they can, but still have the freedom of a choice. 2 years ago  
Usually raspberries or just artificial color. 2 years ago  
You don't die from marijuana???? WTF? 2 years ago  
Wowww..... wow... wow... 2 years ago  
Homosexuality is found in over a thousand species. Homophobia is only found in one :) Which seems unnatural now? 2 years ago  
That has nothing to do with Feminism tho. Feminism doesn't shame girls for liking to fit into the typical roles, nor does it shame girls for wanting to be the dominant ones. 2 years ago  
Doesn't say you can't break up with them 2 years ago  
A horrible relationship doesn't mean beaten?? & You can break up with the person?? 2 years ago  
Red wine gets old fast. White wine if refreshing. 2 years ago  
The bible never said you go to Heaven when you die.. 2 years ago  
Answer A is a double negative... so either way I'd have to give it away. 2 years ago  
Marijuana isn't bad for you & it's not addicting. It's a baby drug. 2 years ago  
I misclicked xD 2 years ago  
I don't think you know what scientology is 2 years ago  
Rap is poetry set to music... just like regular songs, some of it is stupid/junk and some of it is really good. It just depends on who's doing it. Although I still like rock music better. AC/DC & Green Day for life. 2 years ago  
You = Prejudiced 2 years ago  
i don't need makeup ;) 2 years ago  
You can always put on more clothes and blankets & create heat with fire (so you don't have to pay for electric heat). You can't take your skin off, and it's reaaaaally hard to cool down a room naturally (without electricity) when the temperature is so hot. 2 years ago +1
Bruh, on the hottest place on earth, nobody else is going to be there. Just you, sweating your balls off. 2 years ago  
The King's Speech was a really good movie. Plus comedy. 2 years ago  
Except it doesn't say whether you could turn the invisibility OFF. You might get stuck invisible forever. Think things through, people. The flying one just says be ABLE to fly. 2 years ago  
Being surrounded by people who are taller than you is very comforting. 2 years ago  
Annorexic is not a body type. Annorexia is a sickness of the mind that causes sickness in the body. Someone can be annorexic and fat at the same time. 2 years ago  
Pen is neat, pencil is smudgey & annoying :P Makes my hands feel dirty, too 2 years ago  
Inheritance, stupid 2 years ago  
Unless you got it through a blood transfusion. That's happened before. 2 years ago  
Even if you know they're not faking (via facetime or skype, since that's pretty damned impossible to fake), internet relationships are pointless and empty. You can't hug, you can't see each other, all you can do is text or maybe do a voice/video call. 2 years ago  
I prefer chubby/curvy. 2 years ago  
i like my face 2 years ago  
Sports are boring 2 years ago  
Pig meat is worse for you than beef... arthritis galore... lol 2 years ago  
LMAO the angry religious people here 2 years ago  
California has LA and Hollywood :) 2 years ago  
Since when is there ebola in Texas.. 2 years ago  
That's some sexy attention to grammar right there ;) 2 years ago  
Or just... don't cut it... lmao 2 years ago  
Sometimes people who are bullies are going through tough times and they don't know how to deal with it. 2 years ago  
Did you not comprehend the title... it says "you or your gf" 2 years ago  
It's called breathing through your mouth 2 years ago  
Have you never had good sushi. 2 years ago  
kinky 2 years ago  
you'd have to drink a loooooot of liquid just to maintain your current body weight, & you can only survive on a fluids-only diet for about 40 days. 2 years ago  
pretty sure the picture says it all 2 years ago  
... my mom had me when she was 40... 2 years ago  
And everyone knows immortality sucks 2 years ago  
'Cause that's how AIDS works 2 years ago  
27% of people are ignorant morons 2 years ago +1
having gay men attracted to me? Sweet. Gay guys are hot. 2 years ago  
Have you never seen Rambo 2 years ago  
That wouldn't mean you don't have kids?? If you impregnate a girl, you have a baby. Being a guy has nothing to do with it. 2 years ago  
You choose whichever one you would go for if you were gay. 2 years ago  
Satan is actually just the dark side in everyone. Satan is yourself. Do some research, kiddos. Satan is you. A deal with Satan is just a deal with yourself. 2 years ago  
Correction: they're just ignorant, uneducated people. 2 years ago  
Wow.... lemme tell you a thing, sweetheart... Marijuana is not bad for your health, and it is good for your brain (if your brain is fully developed - which usually is at the age of 25). The only reason Marijuana might get you screwed is if it stays illegal. Drug sentences in prison are unreasonable, and if Marijuana is legalized, people can enjoy it without being victims of the "justice" system. 2 years ago  
Where did you get the molesting from? 2 years ago  
Woooowwwwwwww 2 years ago  
I feel you bro 2 years ago  
Technically everybody is a geek, they're just called Nerds. Geeks are all about entertainment (comic books, movies, etc.,) and nerds are about academics & such. 2 years ago  
Says the one who has no idea what these words actually mean... 2 years ago  
Cold helps you sleep :3 2 years ago  
It'd ruin my favorite song to have it play 50 times in a row... i'd rather stick with listening to the song I hate rather than losing my taste for a good song. 2 years ago  
Considering gay people exist... 2 years ago  
Having NO SENSES AT ALL for up to FIVE HOURS is a lot more terrifying than losing just one sense at a time. 2 years ago  
Tall girls & short girls are both nice 2 years ago  
And guest from Massechusetts doesn't realize that 64% of 213,051 is not 64 people. 2 years ago  
They will barf it up... 2 years ago  
But shaving the hair on my legs after it hasn't been shaved in a long time takes a lot of work, THAT much hair would be a nightmare. 2 years ago  
BLASPHEMY 2 years ago  
duuuhhh 2 years ago  
American Football is boring to watch 2 years ago  
Werewolves have awesome abilities & (in some stories) transform at will. Vampire have to suck on blood & kill people, while wolves don't have to kill people if they don't want to. 2 years ago  
Ew orange spray tan tho 2 years ago  
Do you realize how wrong that sounds 2 years ago  
America is communist 2 years ago  
I can't live without fruit 2 years ago  
Homosexuality is in the brain. People are born with it. There is nothing that can change who you are attracted to. Homosexuality is found in over a thousand species... all of this means it IS natural. Homophobia, however, is only found in one species, and is a stupid thing that is taught to everybody. Which seems unnatural now? Also, people are assholes and often blinded by their religion - which of course, well, everybody should follow, right? Nobody ought to be able to determine for themselves what they believe! And obviously, a book that nobody can prove true, must guide the laws of the world. Perfect logic. 2 years ago  
Never bothered adding Twitter to my regularly-used social media... 2 years ago  
Family Guy isn't as funny, and the jokes carry on for too long, so they get old within the first 5 seconds... South Park ha good political satire and silliness. 2 years ago  
I'd show up at Yulin fest, save the dogs, and burn everyone else there. 2 years ago  
Hearing aids tho. Plus, being blind, you couldn't watch movies. There are subtitles for deaf people. Also, some of us like reading books. Audio books suck. 2 years ago  
Superman is too much of a perfect-goody-to-shoes-nice-guy, it makes him boring. Spiderman is better. 2 years ago  
Pro-choice is not pro-abortion, Pro-choice is when you think that people ought to be able to decide what to do with their own bodies. 2 years ago  
*Voila, not Wala... "Voila" is french for "There is". "Wala" is English for "Stupid". 2 years ago  
without any equipment, it says.. 2 years ago  
Spelled is spelled spelt in England, but Spelled is spelled spelled in the USA 2 years ago  
Being the smartest would be a lonely existence. I'd have nobody to relate to. 2 years ago  
And here we see an uneducated individual, who, rather than doing research and observing things that happen around them, chooses to spew ignorant bullsh!t. 2 years ago  
Absolutely nothing. There's nothing to be ashamed of. 2 years ago  
Accepting fat people doesn't encourage them to be fat, & at least you're not being an asshole to them and encouraging them to develop eating disorders 2 years ago  
Fat shaming can cause anorexia and bulimia, you idiot 2 years ago  
This is stupid logic??? 2 years ago  
Husband or Wife 2 years ago  
But some people don't want fame and just being wealthy you won't be quite so famous as you would if you got your money from being famous. 2 years ago  
The school system is f**ked already, the last thing we need is an a**hole. I heard a story where a teacher failed everybody on a test - regardless of their actual score - because she thought it would make them work harder and be more motivated. Some parents are abusive, they will yell and verbally abuse their child for failing in school, some might even beat them, and then other children are stressed enough already, often suicidal. 2 years ago  
Are you... are you an idiot...? 2 years ago  
A flu only lasts 24 hours, a cold isn't so bad and doesn't last long, and usually i can't get rid of computer viruses. 2 years ago  
option B should have been "always have people you're not attracted to, be attracted to you." 2 years ago  
That means you'd be in debt for $100 then 2 years ago  
Teenage girls have done a lot for science in the past several years, they just don't get enough recognition 2 years ago  
why 2 years ago  
Pasty skin is not fun 2 years ago  
tfw you didn't get to celebrate Christmas as a child 2 years ago  
Didn't say at what volume... i'd just have it playing at the lowest volume possible lmao 2 years ago  
fruit > chocolate!! 2 years ago  
Worst enemy because at least after they break up, your crush isn't off-limits for you to date. But dating your best friend's ex? :/ 2 years ago +1
1) Making it illegal won't stop gay people from loving each other. 2) Some people theorize that where the bible supposedly talks about homosexuality, it's not actually talking about homosexuality, rather that it was translated wrong and was supposed to read "men shall not lay with boys", referring to pedophilia. 2 years ago  
1) Most people are pro-Gay rights, (in the USA, Canada, and UK, at least) & 2) Not all Christians are against Homosexuality. 2 years ago  
It never said it was a question of hotness... I honestly think Emma Watson is a great actress and an intelligent individual. Physical attractiveness is superficial. 2 years ago  
And right above, here, we see an uneducated individual. 2 years ago  
Don't tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon. 2 years ago +1
If you're a dude :3 2 years ago  
Neeeerd 2 years ago  
I accidentally clicked Rebecca before I read it... I'd rather get rid of JB, i like Rebecca Black. She makes good stuff now. 2 years ago  
What 2 years ago  
Break your legs & be stuck in the snow all alone to freeze to death 2 years ago  
You keep using that word... I do not think it means what you think it means... 2 years ago  
Not if you're a good one 2 years ago  
Prostitution pays well, i hear 2 years ago  
The majority of car accidents are caused by men :) 2 years ago  
I'd finally be able to play any music i wanted 2 years ago  
Marriage is not needed to prove your love to someone. You can still love and procreate, just without some superficial title. No divorce means that people would not be able to get out of abusive marriages and they would be forced to live a horrible life until one of them dies. I can't believe the amount of people who chose option B! 2 years ago  
Are you an idiot? 2 years ago  
Nobody ever said that? It's literally just a preference. 2 years ago  
True. They could gas out the entire planet, killing all forms of life, and then live here, or they could imprison us all, probably eat us to absorb our life energy. 2 years ago  
9-11 was more recent, therefore preventing it would most likely not change things as drastically as preventing something that far back in the past would. 2 years ago  
The one who knows when people are lying will let it slide, therefore the other one gets away with their lie. 2 years ago  
Although you do have to feed them pre-digested fish >.> 2 years ago  
Mentally never aging includes your brain not growing, as well as Physically never aging includes your brain not growing. Either way, your intelligence will remain the same for the rest of your life. 2 years ago  
Doing it wrong, you are 2 years ago  
Starbucks is expensive and i like coffee and I don't care about iTunes because i have YouTube B) 2 years ago  
Neeeerd 2 years ago  
Why was this ever a competition tho. 2 years ago  
I'd rather have an average or slightly above average intelligence that I earned myself, rather than be the smartest person in the world and have nobody to talk to/relate to :/ 2 years ago  
You wouldn't necessarily become selfish and rude. People don't change unless it was in them all along. Besides, winning the lottery doesn't necessarily mean you get rich and stay rich. Most people just lose the money right away. 2 years ago  
In this economy? 2 years ago  
Plot twist: By some miracle, you survive your attempt until the day appointed, living the rest of your life in pain, and still dying on the appointed day. 2 years ago  
But it's still unavoidable, like it says up there. Even if you avoid cars, a car could crash through your house/whatever building you're in, and kill you in a freak accident. You could be in a plane and that plane winds up crashing down & hitting a car, making it (technically) count as a car wreck. 2 years ago  
If I knew the cause, I'd spend the rest of my life in fear of those things, and that's not fun. If I just knew the date, I would know to live every day to the fullest before I die. Plus I would know how much time I have left to complete my bucket list. 2 years ago  
Hogwarts might have Wifi now, considering that Harry Potter was set in the 90s and internet wasn't as common as it is now, some muggle-born students might have persuaded the faculty members to let Hogwarts have Wifi. 2 years ago  
But it doesn't say that you'd be a wizard, so you'd just be a muggle, unable to go to Hogwarts, unable to do magic, just living a normal life, unaware of magic :/ 2 years ago  
That's an oddly out-of-place religious comment 2 years ago  
That's an oddly arrogant assumption 2 years ago  
You could trigger a chain reaction, though. It's safer to go into the future, where you can't change things, than it is to go back into the past. In order to get rid of Trump, you'd have to kill his ancestors, which could set off a horrible chain reaction, because you don't know what the people he's related to have done, you don't know who he's related to, and you might wind up making it so that a very important person doesn't exist, or that instead an even worse person is born because the significant other of the ancestor you killed went off to marry somebody else and created a worse person. 2 years ago  
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