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    why can't i pick both 1 year ago +9
    it would be better than living with my siblings 1 year ago  
    it's just sitting on the tip of my tongue :D 1 year ago  
    i'm a girl but money's okay with me 1 year ago  
    one tiny tiny tiny atom of broken glass every time. :D 1 year ago  
    who said it was actual poop? 1 year ago  
    welllllllllllll i'm already set to be single for life so 1 year ago  
    As you can't eat soup, I guess there's a nice loophole for ya! 1 year ago  
    Aaaaaaaand moving on. 1 year ago  
    a real blue waffle. mmmm waffles. 1 year ago  
    one tiny second of explosive diarrhea. 1 year ago  
    one sip. 1 year ago  
    What if you're alread- 1 year ago +1
    guess what i don't masturbate 1 year ago  
    A toy chicken 1 year ago  
    Um...... let's get this straight. You want me to eat the cup, not drink the liquified maggots. It's a cup made of chocolate and rinsed thoroughly. 1 year ago  
    one bite. 1 year ago  
    one bite 1 year ago  
    One miniscule bite. 1 year ago  
    Nobody actually said you had to have sex with them - I'll just sleep on one side of the bed and she can sleep on the other side. Also the bed is twenty metres wide. 1 year ago +1
    A toy shark. 1 year ago  
    mislcick 1 year ago  
    grandpa is deaaaaaaaaad 1 year ago  
    Ummmmmmmmm MENOPAUSE PEOPLE 1 year ago  
    One lick. That counts as eating. Besides - nobody knows what sh*t tastes like....... If you do you/your annoying younger sibling needs to be removed from society immediately. 1 year ago +1
    Actually they did.... 1 year ago  
    FEED THE POOR!!!!! 1 year ago  
    Well, it depends on whereabouts in the world you are. In New Zealand, the legal drinking age is eighteen. In some places, it's lower, and in others, including the USA, it's higher. I think we should all agree on eighteen, but that's my opinion, so shut up internet. 1 year ago  
    the musical was sh*t.  
    There is water in food.  
    Yes, but that's because he thought dynamite would be so powerful that no one would dare fight them again, causing no wars - peace.  
    I'd love to be a hot guy. Guys have life EASYYYYYY.  
    chips ahoy are evil!!!  
    one drop a day  
    what sort of question is this? and YES, I'm a girl, NOT ALL GIRLS ARE DAMN BOOK LOVING WUSSES.  
    Watch em for two minutes while their parents get a cuppa.  
    Let's think.... 443 metres, or 11 kms? Hmmmmm....  
    just cut it...  
    mauauahahahaha bow peasants  
    A kid in his toy car.  
    Turn it off and play video games together instead.  
    My school uniform. So I can burn it.  
    Just because I'm alone doesn't mean I'm lonely. -.- It's called a pet.  
    Both a girls...  
    I am a Harry Potter geek.  
    So I could strangle him. +1
    One ciggie.  
    Cross a river. In a helicopter. Five miles above it.  
    Caffeine. She's addicted to chocolate.  
    I can only say ten words per day please send MMMMmmMMMMmmMM!!!  
    Break up and find someone hot who cares about you, but if you chose the other option, if your bf cared about you, you wouldn't want to.  
    AHHHH 49 - 51 SEND HELP  
    Already seen both tho  
    I wouldn't go to jail for them though.  
    beaten at chess.  
    The whole sh*t about China being polluted is not true. Yes, the cities are slightly cloudy, but the countryside is still beautiful.  
    scuba diving gear?  
    Maths.. don  
    ew nutella  
    I can still be second smartest.  
    What the hell.  
    It's less obvious if you are in a crowd.  
    Kill me now.  
    Been to both, but Gelato and Pizza is amazing.  
    Ahem, husband/wife.  
    Actually it did, you moron. Read the description.  
    First of all, I can't drink beer so it would be Ginger Beer... and at least I could communicate with the Americans.  
    Then you need to go back to school, kid.  
    New Zealand and Denmark are the most peaceful countries in the world. Plus, New Zealand has a beautiful environment and it is allied with a whole bunch of Western countries.  
    Just a slight stomachache. I'll just sleep it off :)  
    I'm already both.  
    I was damn well dressed ten year old.  
    I go alone all the time. And I get popcorn and ice cream and candy and soda instead of a salad.  
    And you're a pedophile :)  
    She makes terrible music, but I will listen to her song for one hour.  
    Sexist Idiot.  
    If I spend money on gifts, I feel bad for spending that much.  
    Christmas is when everyone gets presents which is nicer than only you, when you have nobody to laugh at because of their bad gifts!!  
    I'll just go to school...  
    Um... read the description, you and those 620 seven year olds.  
    You don't need to die saving them...  
    Clearly you guys don't live in New Zealand...  
    All that would see is a lazy girl in sweatpants watching sh*t on Netflix.  
    No it isn't... How tf is it racist? Do you have any idea what that means?  
    Already am.  
    So you're the cunt who wrote that.  
    What the hell. You and the 1167 racist, sexist brats who liked your comment need to go dig yourselves a hole and die in it, you moronic, ignorant dickheads.  
    That's Thomas Edison :)  
    WWIII is expected now that Kim Jong Un and Trump are on the loose.  
    Physically never age = Stay beautiful forever, be smart forever.  
    If you had infinite knowledge, your wisdom which could fix everything ever, although it wouldn't be ruling, you would still have infinte power.  
    Anybody here see Justin Bieber and immediately click the other one? +1
    If there was no marriage, there would be no divorce...  
    Also why is everyone calling Hermione Hermoine?  
    Melanie Martinez was not in the 20th century.  
    Read the description, moron.  
    We're expecting one any second, with Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump on the loose. +1
    I would be a doctor. The baby would have a potential disease which could kill him slowly and incredibly more painful.  
    Meh, I'm already a midget.  
    I can still be smart.  
    Already been to Europe.  
    Knowledge is what you know, and learn, intelligence is a natural thing.  
    well that's ironic. also the website is www.rrrrather, it's on purpose. chill.  
    I would kill kittens.... chocolate kittens like easter bunnies.  
    I would share the apartment BUILDING with the whore. She would live seven stories below me, and we'd never meet.  
    As long as we have a skylight. I don't want to die of a Vitamin D underdose.  
    I have more of a chance of being brought back to family.  
    22% of the world is retarded.  
    What if I am a popular geek?  
    I'd kill the people I hate. And all those internet trolls who made fun of me when I was a noob. And Trump. And Hilary Clinton. And Kim K. And Kanye West. And the entire Kardashian/Jenner family. And Justin Bieber. And Nicky Minaj. And every other annoying celebrity that ever walked this planet and was not on the cast on Harry Potter.  
    I would die as it states in the question either way, but if I die on land I can be buried with my family.  
    polar bears are endangered. sorry.  
    If I had to, I would be in the front of the centipede.  
    Making a baby  
    I'd sleep with her. In bed. Just napping. Chill.  
    At least it saves, then you can get a new one.  
    I've spent six and a half years of my life wearing an itchy kilt... count me out.  
    When you're a girl...  
    ummmmmmmmm idk  
    Sorry guys.  
    I already have a small double chin  
    You son of a non-Harry-Potter-Supporter  
    No idea what this is, but Jessica is prettier. +1
    I'm pretty good in the music department anyway so tennis, get ready. We've got a new girl.  
    It's true that a lot of cities are polluted, but the countryside is still gorgeous.  
    It isn't funny, dude.  
    what's wrong with a little weight?  
    um idek  
    Then you, and the 150 people who liked your comment are uneducated, useless morons.  
    baseball is not my thing, but here goes nothing...  
    Actually, you both live in a Western society, when guest from Oklahoma, United States has a right of freedom of religion and speech, so you cannot deny them the opportunity.  
    Sheesh!! You are going a little overboard there - chill.  
    No they aren't, skill is something anyone can work on, whereas talent is more of a personal gift.  
    I'm already an only child.  
    babysitters aren't with you 30 - 40 hours a week.  
    Sorry, but I love L&P.  
    I'm not completely against or for abortion, but I personally would not want one.  
    Life will be hard without those red and white gummy bones I love, but I can cope. XD  
    Religion makes us unique. I'm not one of those mad devoted ramblers, I am agnostic, but I believe Religion defines us.  
    really? wow  
    life in prison - in monopoly  
    I think it's bad for the environment when they dig for jewels.  
    I'm already funny.  
    Feminism isn't about not being dominated, it's about gender equality, meaning theoretically, the ideal feminist sex is side by side.  
    I'm a girl.  
    Sorry Ginny. I love you, but Luna is amazing. +1
    I honestly, although I love 'Mine Craft' (hem hem Minecraft) ahem dragons ahem zombies ahem skeletons ahem creepers. Besides, Lego Friends!!  
    I would die because a picture of a lightning bolt papercut me and I immediately died.  
    What the hell. 37% is retarded. Marijuana can kill you.  
    skinny isn't necessarily unhealthy.  
    a camera  
    wth? +1
    Just like your spelling.  
    Good on you bitccccccch this is irrelevant you little liar.  
    Democretin. +1
    screw royalty.  
    Microscopic means tiny things like bacteria, macroscopic means big things like space.  
    We've already had this  
    I see BMW - I click. +1
    Excuse me? It's called a divorce.  
    I can cheat on them as long as we stay together >:)  
    Block 'im  
    None of it to no one - That's a double negative. So what they +1
    In Singapore airport. Where there is an amazing hotel. Where you can sleep. +1
    I would smoke dandelions. Because they are weeds.  
    it's called minecraft. so, $100,000 for logging on to minecraft for a few minutes.  
    more like DYING room  
    It's called a PHARMACIST. +1
    Try living in China, guys.  
    her* +1
    Fat is a temporary caloric imbalance, but stupidity is a permanent genetic malfunction.  
    This is so outdated... XD  
    I would stink of roses and honey. Chill.  
    Ah, the homeland.  
    I'm not gonna be on my period.  
    London has one of the largest suicide rates.  
    Obesity is often a genetic thing you can get rid of. Anorexia is a mental health issue.  
    Agnostics. +2
    for 2 days.  
    cute sunglasses :O  
    i am tiny.  
    Oh god. Motion sickness and gross bathrooms. S.O.S.  
    Call the police. That's verbal abuse. It's illegal.  
    Pencil is evil. the only thing I can tolerate drawing with is a fine tipped, dark black pen.  
    White middle class girl, good-looking, intelligent, loves animals. I think I'll be okay.  
    it could be suit pyjamas, it could be a swim suit  
    beef is sad  
    and have the perfect 'reletionship'  
    It could be one maths problem less intelligent ._.  
    You could pull over and live in a field your whole life....  
    um duh, it never said you couldn't be sexy/flirty if you were good looking.  
    I don't want to be killed by a Bosnian or whatever.  
    Godammit, I regret this my face is gorgeous but my shoulders are too broad.  
    French kiss = not the same as normal kiss.  
    I'm already a midget.  
    the word is JELLY.  
    water fight!!  
    I can get 'em in the big house for child abuse.  
    Oh my god what has my eight-year-old self done?!!!  
    Let's face it - Everone was put off by Regina George.  
    Read the caption.  
    Thank god that my car's battery is flat.  
    Were anthonyp2's famous last words.  
    Well... according to my mother a bunch of kids means two.  
    Ehhhh... I'm 11.  
    I'm a geek Harry Potterwise.  
    At this current moment, I have a bleeding nose from my bedroom being so hot...  
    Why is this so stereotypical? The guy is hitting, the guy is cheating!! #Feminism  
    This is so stereo-typical.  
    I won at the time  
    China is really polluted. Actual experience, I'm not being prejudiced. The city is really grey but the countryside is beautiful.  
    Oh God, I picked this when I had no idea what a totalitarian government was. Tween Problems.  
    It's called a fridge.  
    You pathetic creatures.  
    And you're a pedophile.  
    you're* one* I'm ashamed that a fellow Kiwi even if they were only eight years old was that stupid.  
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