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    I heard about that saying long ago, and I sort of agree with it. I'm a natural loner, I have trouble relating with other people, I just want to be left alone most of the time, I'd rather they don't talk to me unless absolutely necessary, I don't seek other people's company, etc. Though today I have second thoughts about that saying now that I know its origin… 2 weeks ago  
    What kind of […] would desire to cause mental illness? 3 weeks ago +2
    I should have gotten fired ages ago. 3 weeks ago +1
    Hell is other people. 3 weeks ago  
    I already have A; I hate to interact with other people. OTOH, I have never been able to see those 3D images hidden beneath autostereograms; that would be nice. 1 month ago +1
    End droughts, put out wildfires, clean up contaminated aquifers, streams and groundwater aquifers... the list is endless. 1 month ago  
    They would be considered a White/American Nigerian, White/American Ethiopian, or White/American whatever-nationality. 1 month ago  
    for now 1 month ago  
    You wish. 1 month ago  
    I stand my ground. I have indeed committed the acts for which they have accused me. I have done nothing wrong. I am a criminal because I said the truth, not what the plaintiff wanted to hear. I refuse to obey a law that forces me to lie, to consent to a lie. I will serve the sentence as many times as necessary. But if you want me to shut up, you have to kill me. 1 month ago  
    There are beings in the Lovecraftian Universe who could use Yggdrasil as a toothpick and swat Níðhöggr like a fly. Cthulhu, who is merely a Great Old One, could give the Æsir and Vanir a run for their money. 1 month ago +1
    My decade-old third-hand PC with Linux at home vs the brand new MacBook with which I have to deal at work. A no brainer.  
    My mind is already like an iPod. So many stuck songs...  
    Sex is overrated. True love is harder to find.  
    if you ruled you would be the problem  
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