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lol i vote B  
lol i vote B  
lol i vote B  
lol i vote A  
lol i vote A  
lol i vote A  
lol i vote A  
lol i vote A  
lol i vote A  
lol i vote B  
lol i vote A  
lol i vote A  
lol i vote for A  
lol i vote A  
lol i vote for B  
arr, i'm a pirate yohoho!  
meow meow,mhmm yes i know right! but quack quack really likes to woof woof! neigh  
hitler would be fuhrerious  
lol easy  
deal with it +1
suck my hairy unwashed balls you fat piece of sh*t, go eat your whopper and big mac!  
how about no? +1
cos i'm a d*ck ;) and i like to ruin peoples lives  
gay as in happy xD +5
no both option :(  
that makes sense :) +1
dont care if he did a good job  
dont care +2
obama won +2
obama won, so all these comments make no sense ;)  
dont know who he is, still he'd do a better job +4
dinner with obama  
... +2
neither +1
he's dead  
dont care, 2 years old anyway lol  
she doesnt do anything duuh  
anything besides baseball +3
both gay as f*ck  
neither, dont care about basketball +1
it's called FOOTBALL btw +5
dont know who they are sorry +1
ronaldo obviously  
wwe is fake as lady gaga +1
dont care about handegg +1
Hala Madrid!  
pools are better  
I'm from England. so it's my duty to choose them +2
camels ftw  
only americans and other countries who lick their a** call it "Soccer" +2
means you have class and wealth ;)  
and what are those things? +2
CR7! +2
too many americans  
neither, one's a pointless game and one's called handegg. simple as that  
hate the sea  
i'm using chrome now ;)  
read mind  
true love is gay  
show my guests that i have m$$$y  
yahoo sucks +3
stop trolling you bunch of candy lickers +8
least i look young +1
there are people aged 50 here? wow that's creepy as f*ck +124
i'm a guy..  
candle wax, mmm yummy  
i wanna kill those who voted for b! stop trolling lol  
well duh! +5
whats garbeg? +7
duh +1
that pic made me laugh lol +1
huh? whats viddy? +399
come on laugh, jeez!  
skill is talent  
both disgusting  
true love doesnt exist, just brainwashes people  
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