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    *hates* 3 years ago +1
    A 6 3 years ago  
    I could Always leave Afghanistan and go somewhere women have rights. 3 years ago  
    You can't, read the author's note. 3 years ago  
    at least it's only 5 years 3 years ago  
    beanies exist. 3 years ago  
    condom 3 years ago  
    I have no dog. 3 years ago  
    i'm a boy. 3 years ago  
    kiss on the hand 3 years ago  
    I'm a boy. 3 years ago  
    I don't care. 3 years ago  
    My school only lasts 4 hours so. 3 years ago  
    Pewdiepie because hot. 3 years ago  
    whose class? 3 years ago  
    I'm a guy. 3 years ago  
    Tumblr is love. Tumblr is life 3 years ago  
    I can Always shave. 3 years ago  
    I can't eat anything that came from a pig. They're so cute. 3 years ago  
    mouth wash 3 years ago  
    We already do the other one. 3 years ago  
    It's a movie. 3 years ago  
    I am agnostic. 3 years ago  
    I already do it. 3 years ago  
    duck lol 3 years ago  
    I don't like either. 3 years ago  
    I'm 14 but already drank Smirnoff. 3 years ago  
    I am not religious myself. However i have nothing against religious faith. I just don't like fanatics. 3 years ago  
    If it's good famous. 3 years ago  
    Who? 3 years ago  
    I am cisgender. 3 years ago  
    No, they don't. 3 years ago  
    I'd yell "Just shoot me already! 3 years ago  
    If it lasts 3 hours, it's not good. 3 years ago  
    The image is so funny. 3 years ago  
    If i know it all, i'd be rich; 3 years ago  
    i'm lazy. 3 years ago  
    At least i get food. 3 years ago  
    He died. 3 years ago  
    I won't know anyone anyway. 3 years ago  
    HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA 3 years ago  
    My head. 3 years ago  
    I clicked the wrong one. 3 years ago  
    Wi-fi. 3 years ago  
    I'd get a cat. 3 years ago  
    Doesn't matter, had sex 3 years ago  
    It's not that bad. 3 years ago  
    AntivĂ­rus. 3 years ago  
    I won't have kids anyway. 3 years ago  
    i'm skinny 3 years ago  
    my voice is awkward. 3 years ago  
    Weird (not physically). 3 years ago  
    I don't have $100 3 years ago  
    Wut? 3 years ago  
    Who's Kadafi? 3 years ago  
    There aren't popular people at my school. People don't know anyone outside of their classes. 3 years ago  
    No because religion sucks. 3 years ago  
    Like it changed. 3 years ago  
    Christmas because food. 3 years ago  
    BURN THE COMPUTER!!! 3 years ago  
    Why does it matter? 3 years ago  
    Tropical sucks. 3 years ago  
    Because food. 3 years ago  
    I'm bad Lucky. 3 years ago  
    What if they fart? 3 years ago  
    So i can buy my own gifts. 3 years ago  
    But cats are cats. 3 years ago  
    I can Always buy other one. 3 years ago  
    At least i'll sleep. 3 years ago  
    Doesn't matter. Europe. 3 years ago  
    If they're true friends they'll understand. 3 years ago  
    I love cats. 3 years ago  
    i'd help em, after i finish laughing. 3 years ago  
    People are people, and it may help me not to hate them. 3 years ago  
    I can Always say "i'm tired i'm stopping and sleeping." 3 years ago  
    Who's Natalie Portman? 3 years ago +1
    Allow abortion or make homophobia a crime in here. 3 years ago  
    "all animals" includes humans. "all foreign languages" that includes animals. 3 years ago  
    food. 3 years ago  
    it means i'm traveling to somewhere with snow! 3 years ago  
    Edge 3 years ago  
    A ninja 3 years ago  
    About? 3 years ago  
    What. 3 years ago  
    Work like 30mins everyday. 3 years ago  
    I'm a teenager. 3 years ago  
    I'm an atheist. 3 years ago  
    I may sleep at daytime. 3 years ago  
    But Family :/ 3 years ago  
    Doesn't matter will have sex 3 years ago  
    who's Gandalf? 3 years ago  
    A thief, but a good one. 3 years ago  
    I don't like either. 3 years ago  
    I don't even like dogs. 3 years ago  
    I just don't like Michael Jackson and have nothing against Bieber. 3 years ago  
    If i can write, i can read. 3 years ago  
    I don't drive 3 years ago  
    Doesn't matter had sex 3 years ago  
    I can Always watch the other one later 3 years ago  
    I'd name it Peppa 3 years ago  
    That's like the bestest thing ever 3 years ago  
    Hospital exists for this. 3 years ago  
    Beanie 3 years ago  
    I'd wish for what i'd buy with Money. 3 years ago  
    Just live together and have kids. 3 years ago  
    Just make a man breed a fish. 3 years ago  
    Come on. A lot more people died at the Holocaust. 3 years ago  
    Get a damn phone with ear plugs. 3 years ago  
    Aww. 3 years ago  
    Sex is sex. 3 years ago  
    Boobs. 3 years ago  
    Nope. 3 years ago  
    Of course. Not na asshole 3 years ago  
    lol i have youtube. 3 years ago  
    WWIII because the world wouldn't end. 3 years ago  
    Wut? 3 years ago  
    I'd be a terrible lawyer 3 years ago  
    Piercings. I'm not against tattoos or any bullsh*t. I just like piercings better. 3 years ago  
    Money, because being imortal is just scary. 3 years ago  
    i'm 110 pounds so... 3 years ago  
    What? I'm smart already! 3 years ago  
    I won't have kids but, hey, i'm going to the future! 3 years ago  
    I don't like taking photos, so... 3 years ago  
    I live at a beachy city, yet i hate surfing. 3 years ago  
    Harry potter. Being a billionaire must be boring. 3 years ago  
    I'm dead. I don't care. 3 years ago  
    i can Always use a tablet 3 years ago  
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