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    Doom has come  
    their sexy what?  
    12 is still in brackets meaning its actually 48/2=24*12  
    Guest is completely correct using BEDMAS (Brackets, Exposition, Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction, however, Multiplication and Division should be done left to right, and Addition and subtraction done after Multiplication and division, but still left to right) so that means this is 9+3=12 AND 48/2=24*12=288  
    No, its 48/2*12  
    two is incorrect  
    Actually, 48/2(9+3) = 48/2(12) = 24*12=288  
    As long as you pay.  
    It used to be a DVD rental service and not an online film and TV service  
    But after that?  
    It's a paid subscription service  
    So kids can show their individuality and their interests in what they wear like merchandise and stuff.  
    The geniuses probably already have  
    TOR browser is available on all operating systems  
    So you then?  
    Ill be honest, tese result's don't look friendly  
    you are a good person.  
    maybe so, but then who created God? Humans.  
    Itls a very confusing thing, Don't get lost in the horror that is the US  
    Alright, this can be right with a simple explanation, Macs are used for Creation, Music creation, Video editing, Game development, where as PCs are used for performing the task that macs make possible, Listening to music, Watching Videos and playing games. Simple  
    incorrect spelling  
    yahoo is the sh*ttiest  
    WTF bruh, edge is crap  
    satan my man!  
    nor is that an ipad 3  
    who even uses linux +12
    steam ftw  
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