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Would you rather Drink two bottles of your own diarrhea from a sippy cup (Chunky :3) or Eat a 2 rotten salmon (Raw) 1 year ago 48 votes 5 comments 0 likes

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Im gay ffs 1 year ago  
I choose skip 1 year ago  
Give me a pump shotgun an you've got a deal. 1 year ago  
Sell a car. Hire A Chef. 1 year ago +1
My charcoal grill is LITTT 1 year ago  
I don't think there's Wi-Fi underwater. 1 year ago  
Ill drink mountain dew. I never drink water anyways 1 year ago  
A 16 inch twinkie?! 1 year ago  
I think lambos are ugly. 1 year ago  
No one said shes alive. 1 year ago  
My friend is LESBAIN?! 1 year ago  
Heheheeh 1 year ago  
I met donald trump once 1 year ago  
Cheating on a match test :3 1 year ago  
Both hit hard. But one hits harder. 1 year ago  
Live. I'm invincible 1 year ago  
They said nothing about sex 1 year ago  
I don't have friends 1 year ago  
I just have to breathe on a cow?! I picked the wrong choice then. 1 year ago  

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