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    wealth comes with fame. 10 months ago  
    i would listen to brian may then listen to like... shawn mendes 10 months ago  
    robotic replacement, wheelchairs, crutches..... 10 months ago  
    you can get cash as a gift 10 months ago  
    farmville and dlc's? gotta get the boys 10 months ago  
    i don't care either way because my birthday is 5 days after christmas so.... 10 months ago  
    30%.... what has life come to? these corrupt and racist people don't realize what there life would be like if they were gay. 10 months ago  
    finally i can stop seeing my ugly face 10 months ago  
    bro..... i can control my crush to do whatever i want >:3 10 months ago  
    the elevator will break down cuz too much wait 10 months ago  
    this made no sense to me at all 10 months ago  
    wish everything is free for me and my family. 10 months ago  
    queen, pearl jam, david bowie, elton john. 10 months ago  
    around 28,829,900 did in the holocaust, only around 1,000 people died to 9-11. 10 months ago  
    i don't even use itunes 10 months ago  
    either way your gonna be hated by hundreds, thousands, even millions of people. 10 months ago  
    immortality is the only thing that keeps me up at night. the fact that the world is gonna collapse at one point, and you have no choice but to watch everybody suffer, i would hate that. 10 months ago  
    live life as long is kinda the same concept of immortality but then it wears off. everybody you love will die, pollution, everything will suck. 10 months ago  

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