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    Both would suck, but with B at least I wouldn't be the bad guy.  
    I know! *cries*  
    Sorry 'rents, a girl has needs.  
    I love red.  
    This show is my lobster! +1
    I'm going ta Hell anyway.  
    It doesn't say I still couldn't take hot BATHS.  
    52% of people are lying, and you know it.  
    One word: shopping.  
    You just blew my mind.  
    it's what my family would want.  
    Ew. Just ew.  
    Sex slave?  
    I don't really think there is such a thing as true love.  
    The Flash, anyone?  
    I like the way I look already, but I would love to be more confident and flirty.  
    I'm Canadian so.....  
    Doesn't say it would be ugly when grown up.  
    Like if you chose A b/c of Tyrion Lannister.  
    Smoothies are a drink made from food, so........  
    I'm a girl, but I'll still "Come and Get It."  
    My dad scares me!  
    Doesn't say for how long.  
    Two words: CYBORG SEX.  
    Doesn't say what speed the car has to be going. Or whether it's in a public area.  
    buy a wig  
    I watch movies with subtitles already.  
    the odds are FOREVER in my favor.  
    If I lived forever, I'd have forever to get that money.  
    I suck at hiding.  
    Bow down, b*tches.  
    Well, now they have one of each.  
    Booze, sex, and driving. Need I say more?  
    Variety is the spice of life, my friends.  
    I feel the need.....the need for speed.  
    More fun, less potential awkwardness.  
    Living the good life!  
    Cuts shaving in half!  
    Learning's overrated.  
    Avid animal lover here. No brainer there.  
    Hippies rule all.  
    I can hold it like a fracking camel.  
    I have no best moments.  
    Tough love, b*tches.  
    First comes MONEY, then comes MARRIAGE.  
    I do that anyway!  
    DORKS UNITE!!!!  
    My birthday is 4 days after Xmas, so.....  
    Retro is in ppl.  
    Depends how hot he is.  
    I do both anyway.  
    The cat pic almost got me.  
    Doesn't say what kind of disability.  
    I'm sexy and I know it!  
    I'm always hungry so this was a no brainer.  
    Marriage is overrated.  
    Hot and crazy. I like it!  
    One word: BRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!  
    Some secrets are better left alone, trust me.  
    Aren't both pretty much the same thing?  
    More days off. Wheeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!  
    Question: is it pasteurized?  
    So, basically live the same life I already do.  
    Your comment made my day.  
    Hahahaha! Oh.....wait, you're serious?  
    Awwww! Here, piggy piggy.  
    I'm more of a cuddler, myself.  
    In prison, I feel safe.  
    As the man said, "Holding things in can give you cancer."  
    Message to ALL Mac users: Seriously?!  
    True dat.  
    Whatever you do, don't look her right in the eyes!  
    First: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Second: ew. Third: Wait, no that's it.  
    I get away with lying anyway!  
    we can work on the sex ;@  
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