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    Lose weight  
    Depends. Is the arms dealing legal?  
    You can get happy. Using Zoloft.  
    I can  
    Already have  
    Climb a ginormous tree.  
    I'm a girl, and I chose games. Gamer girls unite!  
    Prosthetics people.  
    You kill them, eat them, and hide the remains.  
    Holy crap this question is exactly 50/50. Nice.  
    I have book smarts already.  
    Well, you can always get smarter.  
    Already do both.  
    Take a bath. Duh.  
    You have oxygen.  
    That's exactly 50-50  
    I'm so not getting in the middle of this.  
    I can do Luna's voice perfectly.  
    Emilie Autumn, Black Veil Brides, or Blood On The Dance Floor.  
    As if that's a question.  
    Anime would so awesome you have no idea. Fairy Tail, Soul Eater, Fruits Basket (because what's not to like about an adorable little boy who turns into an even more adorable bunny), Naruto, RE:play, Black Bird... +1
    Bring it on b!tch, I'm Batman  
    Clearly, you have never seen Avatar.  
    You could bury people alive. +1
    How bout I just shoot myself.  
    I thought it said owe, not own.  
    I am a ninja!  
    Be able to buy all the band merch I want.  
    Not a problem cuz I hate chocolate.  
    So the tree is basically me.  
    If I had long hair I could dye it like anime characters and got to conventions.  
    I can't survive without music. Music saved my life. +2
    No one said you have to drink the champagne.  
    Both are adorable.  
    You can always get prosthetics for each.  
    Well, I could go out with her for like a second and then break up with her.  
    You ca get drunk off of Purell. My brother got arrested for it.  
    I'm already an atheist so that wouldn't really be a problem. People seriously misunderstand atheists. It's a matter of not believing in a higher power, NOT worshipping Satan. +1
    Lose all of my friends or just some of them?  
    Reese's all the way  
    I feel like being a man would be much easier because men don't get period cramps or have to have babies.  
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