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    Omg u guys have no taste!!!  
    Whats the difference???  
    Never said u have to actually let them borrow it  
    14% of people obviously weren't born before 2001  
    Already happened +3
    Well that is one of my dreams  
    Well I'm a girl  
    Well A has already happened to me so...  
    Either way your gonna die very quickly +121
    I'm surprised someone hasn't said anything about Lamborghini mercy yet haha  
    I'm not saying I'm for it but I'm not against it bc sometimes it's just rlly bad timing like you could be a teenager or you could've been rape you never know what is going on in people's lives  
    No responsibilities hell yah  
    I can run faster than I can swim and plus you could just climb a tree  
    I could spend all my money on an education  
    I can be rich lol  
    Books are always better than the movie  
    I can see where everything I my house is made from lol  
    I dont give gifts anyways I'm only 13  
    I already dont have my phone cause I'm always grounded lol  
    If everyone cared you wouldn't be a bum  
    As long as I lose my left arm  
    I hate cats they're so creepy  
    I'm gonna get bored eventually then it won't be good anymore  
    You could be street smart and then just get an education +1
    Either way the person is your enemy cause no real best friend would date your crush  
    I can get smarter duh  
    They said sick that could just be a cold it doesn't have to be a disease  
    Unless the soul mate is a bad person then their not real friends then they should be happy if you are have your soul mate and find some new friends problem solved  
    Bad drivers kill people a line at a grocery store doesn't  
    There is something obviously wrong with 24% of you  
    It's called a tablet or phone  
    All I'm gonna do is get fat if a have a chef lol  
    Okay 58% are idiots  
    Atleast beggars aren't sinning  
    If you're famous you already have millions of people who love you  
    The dogs can dry but with the fat guys they can't get skinnier and their breath is just gonna get worse over time  
    Either way my life would be over so....  
    I would rather my life be an imagination because then I can imagine my life however I want  
    37% of you are extremely selfish  
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