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    clowns scare me.  
    stubbing ur toe is a mother!x  
    I hate hate HATE snakes !!  
    I am the youngest out of 4 and there all girls so I get all there clothes hehe x  
    family first then lovers.  
    I cant answer this.  
    secon that!  
    dat boy be missin out!  
    im small already soo...they would be down to my knees  
    I couldn't kill anyone x  
    rather have the pain on me than on any one else x  
    I can not believe harry didn't win!! dw I will have him if know one wants him! that is fine with me!x  
    I don't see the point in uniform, I think that the way teenagers express themselves is partly through there clothing.  
    I clicked on this one purely coz I found the image funny! pahah!  
    liam!!! , 17 is like the perfect age!  
    I would end up punching her!  
    28% r just lazy!  
    that would be a fun game to play with ur kids ! haha "find the next $200 and u get to keep it!"  
    I physically cant answer this. +1
    I don't drink x  
    yh, its not right, it will never be right. but they don't need to keep paying for what happened. half the people who were even there r dead now. so why should Germany, this generation, keep having to suffer for it? +1
    im sorry but, that's just so bad, don't u think that they already feel horrible for what they did? maybe half of the Nazis wanted to do what they did to the Jews but I guaranty u that the other half were forced into becoming a Nazi , just think about that before u accuse every German person to be a Nazi. +3
    r u serious ? +1
    half well not even half nearly almost all the people in Germany weren't even there , they never did anything. okay. people stop hating on people who weren't even there!!! +1
    not every war is coursed by religion, even if there was no religion there will always be something to make war over.  
    I would have chosen being beautiful but I already am soo... I kinda had to choose being funny. Awkward. Ha. ;)  
    I agree with this!  
    God is real  
    is this even a question?  
    dirty dancing is a classic!  
    I think more exiting stuff happens at night x  
    money doesn't make happy.  
    I believe that giving it up for someone who u r not with or r with but no married is just not right coz ... it isn't really special u don't have that kind of bond x  
    im scared of water so... A MOUTAIN IT IS !  
    there rge same thing?  
    harry styles!  
    darkness and water...combied ...i would hate that! worst night mare ever!!x  
    i hate water so... no thanks x  
    if i dated someone who was 10 year older than me he would be ...26....but if i dated someone who is 10 years younger than me...he would beeeee....7...that is a very gross thought.  
    i can get an hearing aid x  
    i wouldn't want people talking about me if they wanna say something say it to my face!  
    i am a Christian to but there isn't anything wrong in dressing up and having a dance x  
    i already am the youngest and i like it x  
    i am not risking my health for money no thank u!x  
    I don't agree with abortion because ur just as bad as someone who has killed someone else ...why r we any different?  
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