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If you were at Freddy Fazbear Pizza Place and DIED... Would you rather become... Foxy or Bonnie 3 years ago 52 votes 11 comments 0 likes
If you could fly/teleport, would you rather... visit a good relative whenever you want or time travel because why not? 3 years ago 55 votes 4 comments 0 likes

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nigg no 2 years ago  
smoke weed every day! XD 2 years ago  
so you guys want to go out everyday with suits , then go home to take it off, JUST TO PUT IT BACK ON AGAIN! 3 years ago  
how do you play? 3 years ago  
if]d rather b***h slap the person who made this 3 years ago  
NOPE 3 years ago  
im not gonna have one so... BOOM! 3 years ago  
no one said it could be a doll or not... 3 years ago  
nobody ever said they would be temporary or not 3 years ago  
*walks out the room and slapped jmbsonic55* 3 years ago  
nope 3 years ago  
even though there is pros and cons about it. id rather be the richest person 3 years ago  
if your immortal, then you have to see everyone die. thats sad. 3 years ago  
XD, its a 50/50 3 years ago  
damn 3 years ago  
Outside? what type of game system is that? 3 years ago  
NOT LIKE THAT 3 years ago  
i picked "go to heaven". why? 3 years ago  
WHATS IN THE BOX?! 3 years ago  
what> 3 years ago  
XD 3 years ago  
none 3 years ago  
im a kid, so... 3 years ago  
who else thinks that in the Super Mario 3D Land that Bowser was an ARSE to beat? 3 years ago  
Mario could just grab a super star and "kill" him 3 years ago  
WHAT!?!? If you already have a 3DS tha nyeah, you would probably want an XL but i have 1 and i feel the need to have a 2nd 1 3 years ago  
id have 2 Wii Us 3 years ago  
Yes, Yoshi Time! 3 years ago  
Yoshis not yetis 3 years ago  
Yetis island is like a boss! 3 years ago  
#NINTENDO4EVR 3 years ago  
i could slide on land with oil 3 years ago  
Lets Go BITCHES 3 years ago +1
Me: *gets in "Undertale battle" with coop and goomba* Mario: what do you think this is, UnderMario? 3 years ago  
Dont do drugs kids 3 years ago  
Its a me, Malakai 3 years ago  
cause y not 3 years ago  
its a me, Malakai 3 years ago  
you mean wii 3 years ago +1
if i could, i would 3 years ago  
its a go time! *runs and falls* oops sorry 3 years ago +1
i saw Nintendo 64. i clicked it right away 3 years ago  
ds 3 years ago  
#ssb4life 3 years ago +1
mgs 3 years ago  
gb 3 years ago  
thingy 3 years ago  
Acorn Fly ability! 3 years ago +1
noo #nintendo4life 3 years ago  
bring back Yoshis island 3 years ago  
Chapokemon 3 years ago  
2 3DS yass 3 years ago  
#ssb4life 3 years ago  
i no kill them! i spare them 3 years ago  
1ce 3 years ago  
i don't have a twits 3 years ago  
I've seen angry gpas vids 3 years ago +1
ya angel 3 years ago  
lol the thing for the "spend a night in a tiger cage" is at... 69percent 3 years ago  
ya 3 years ago  
duck tape that mouth 3 years ago  
ya 3 years ago  
i don't have a funny bone 3 years ago  
i ment to click the other 1 3 years ago  
i could buy it! 3 years ago  
kim 3 years ago  
nither. I'm 10 3 years ago  
idont punch hard 3 years ago  
ya!!!! 3 years ago  
and thats why you wear helmets kids 3 years ago  
they never said how hard! 3 years ago  
niether but ill go with this 3 years ago  
my mom doesn't give bad punishment 3 years ago  
f it 3 years ago  
none 3 years ago  
could probably spare them somehow 3 years ago  
ya 3 years ago  
nither. I'm A PACIFICt ok 3 years ago  
idfk 3 years ago  
robo arm! DUH!!!!! 3 years ago  
if i fly i could less likely die and to live underwater... well there is sharks 3 years ago  
ya laughing gas HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA I would be "laughed" to death!!!! XD.(i know it is real) 3 years ago  
idfk 3 years ago  
love is rich already. love is life 3 years ago  
id take the red one first than take the blue one and put it in my pocket 3 years ago +1
both but... the red one 3 years ago  
ya 3 years ago  
ya outlander 3 years ago  
i wouldn't give half a dimly darn care 3 years ago  
ya and you didn't say we couldn't have something on like a spacesuit! 3 years ago  
right! 3 years ago  
you didn't say how long 3 years ago  
im batman 3 years ago  
ya 3 years ago  
ya AMP 3 years ago +1
ya 3 years ago  
honestly i feel that if i sleep with either i would die in an its ant.(16 inch thing would go too far. Huge person would eitherr crush you or eat you!) 3 years ago  
i no girl 3 years ago  
everyone would die from lave! DUH!!!! 3 years ago  
t not 3 years ago  
id rather die from a heart attack! F"#? that 3 years ago  
Sponge bob sqare pants!!!!! 3 years ago  
i dont know 3 years ago  
i have keys and a trakfone but its an old one, plus I'm probably gonna get a new one this year if i keep my grades up 3 years ago  
#vanossgaming 3 years ago  
Just keep er going! 3 years ago  
MULAN!!!!!! 3 years ago  
ya 3 years ago  
i can just sell it 3 years ago  
i no need car 3 years ago  
well... Bareally 3 years ago  
i never use my tv. 3 years ago  
Being smart is popularity 3 years ago  
right 3 years ago  
they naval said any amount of time! 3 years ago  
ya i dont wanna get shot (I'm whits you racest ass) 3 years ago  
it only lasts for like... 5 or @ most 20 seconds 3 years ago  
ya Val 3 years ago  
i would flee or spare it 3 years ago  
no trump!! 3 years ago  
wow 3 years ago  
umm y not 3 years ago  
oh shi. idfk 3 years ago  
ya i live n the USA 3 years ago  
I've gone there @ 10-years-old #1yearago 3 years ago  
#NOPAY 3 years ago  
u not 3 years ago  
if not than this one 3 years ago  
umm do you have to kill them 3 years ago  
but you can use chrome as "faster internet" 3 years ago  
neither i use safari 3 years ago  
umm whats an outside.. OH...... ITS A NEW GAME SYSTEM I THINK? 3 years ago  
umm i would be... YOSHI #mario 3 years ago  
my finger slipped 3 years ago  
oops i picked the wrong one oops 3 years ago  
y not 3 years ago  
oh shi 3 years ago  
ya + you only go in there for 1 day since you didn't do anything 3 years ago  
Dr.Pepper is pepsi 3 years ago  
peepsi 3 years ago  
lol 3 years ago  
i don't watch anything bad 3 years ago  
ya 3 years ago  
i... dont... wanna...die!!! 3 years ago  
ya Stabby 3 years ago  
Yoda:may the movie be with you. Me:(eats a movie). Yoda:umm. thats not what i meant. 3 years ago  
my job not a 3 years ago  
i wouldn't even go to a job 3 years ago  
ya 3 years ago  
(best friend) 3 years ago  
i have a girl bf 3 years ago  
win cause i don't wanna see blood 3 years ago  
piggy 3 years ago  
lol 3 years ago  
i already have a mac 3 years ago  
lol 3 years ago  
i had to pick[ 3 years ago  
#mj4life 3 years ago  
none 3 years ago  
more wishes 3 years ago  
#love4ever 3 years ago  
its all free because you can't put money in ur ear 3 years ago  
no 3 years ago  
moneyyyyyy 3 years ago  
ya 3 years ago  
yet again y not 3 years ago  
none 3 years ago  
ya 3 years ago  
because y not 3 years ago  
LOL XDXD 3 years ago  
if you were immortal than you would have to see everyone die :( 3 years ago  
i love this 1 3 years ago  
lol 3 years ago  
ahh 3 years ago  
ahhh f it 3 years ago  
i can't even 3 years ago  
idfk 3 years ago  
TRUE 3 years ago  
no 3 years ago  
i do 3 years ago  
i know besides, 1 less family if you pick the first 1 3 years ago  
aniimals!!!! 3 years ago  
NOPE 3 years ago  
XD 3 years ago  
XFD 3 years ago  
YOLO 3 years ago  
exactally 3 years ago  
ill say "can you say tokyo?" then if they say it ill go to tokyo ! 3 years ago  
nope nope nope noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooope 3 years ago  
basicall 3 years ago  
aliens would kill us and ww2 would be less dangerous 3 years ago  
if i pause than i could basically teleport and i could move if I'm gon die 3 years ago  
id have a little tatoo 3 years ago  
r 3 years ago  
im tall id rather be a bit talle 3 years ago  
money money money money money money on my mother fricken mo]ind. got the money but i ant got no time 3 years ago  
brains are better than bronze 3 years ago  
money money money money money money on my mother fricken mo]ind. got the money but i ant got no time 3 years ago  
money money money money money money on my mother fricken mo]ind. got the money but i ant got no time 3 years ago  
date cus if i know that id basically know the cause of my death 3 years ago  
lol my dream vacae is to have it never end XD 3 years ago  
flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 3 years ago  
oops wrong one lol 3 years ago  
money money money money money money on my mother fricken mo]ind. got the money but i ant got no time 3 years ago  
money money money money money money on my mother fricken mo]ind. got the money but i ant got no time 3 years ago  
niether 3 years ago  
money money money money money money on my mother fricken mo]ind. got the money but i ant got no time 3 years ago  
i agree 3 years ago  
i did 3 years ago  
jk 3 years ago  
yep i didn't even look 3 years ago  
lol idk if ill even get merried 3 years ago  
wedding 3 years ago  
lol me too XD 3 years ago  
f it 3 years ago  
ooh i havent voted yet but omg this is hard 3 years ago  
lol i hate oceans but i love pics of them 3 years ago  
i love lightsabers but cmon have some love 3 years ago  

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