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    I didn't say that u can only be popular u can popular and also smart  
    That's offensive to other people! If you are a Christian that's good for you but don't hate on other religions  
    Only child sooo  
    This impossible  
    It doesn't say by myself I could have friends and family and the police with me or around me so I am safe  
    I don't wana control anyone  
    It wasn't their fault it was hitter the devil boo hitle like if you agree hitle sucks  
    U guys are idiots u don't grab food with ur hands u grab it with a spoon or fork or something it's not disgusting u are just over reacting +1
    Remove the butter duhh  
    It doesn't say dirty it could super clean  
    Because u could wear what really expresses who U are  
    I am 10 so too late  
    I don't wear makeup I am 10  
    I could have a good relationship while being famous  
    The more the meriore  
    It could be a nice ghost  
    Neither I like who i am  
    It doesn't shay how ugly  
    It doent say dumb at what  
    Www neither  
    I am 10 so I don't wear bra now  
    It doesn't say they can't improve  
    It doesn't say that friend can't come over  
    I could do what ever I want in the meantime  
    It doesn't say they don't give the money back so ya  
    I could be hated by people I hate and can still keep my friends  
    It never said hated by who  
    Neither I am a girl  
    Likemma u are a idiot chocolate melts as well  
    Anyone can win Simon he is an idiot  
    Your raises  
    Plus I am 10  
    I could kiss her one the cheek  
    Darn it I pressed the wrong thing  
    It's to cold T night  
    I am a girl so idk  
    I am a girl  
    Candyyyyyy duh  
    If I don't go to college I don't get a job  
    I am 10  
    Wiggmuzzle Facebook hates you too  
    As long as the group has my style of thinking  
    Agreed Indians smell horrible no offense  
    If I live long I can make sooooooooo much money idiots  
    Lemon is acid  
    I don't have an annoying grandma  
    If I lose my keys I can call for help  
    Oh my god I was just scrolling down I pressed the wrong thing  
    I love lions  
    Who said has to be something major it just be sick which could mean sore throatm  
    Schizoid that is sort of true but you can still be popular by being smart  
    Seeing someone gain is better than losing  
    I have awesome style coz I am 10 now  
    I had awe  
    Facebook is still amazing  
    You can do everything from google  
    Oh no I meant google  
    She is a kid  
    Dogs are amazing  
    This was hard but games are awesome  
    Sorry but friends are more important t  
    No siblings I am the only child  
    Omg that baby looks weird  
    No I love my family  
    I don't do in a  
    I clicked by accident  
    If I die in a train crash people will find me and come to my funerel  
    If I am famous I am rich duhhhh  
    Neither they are both ugly  
    Omg this hard  
    I am already a kid  
    Actually 18%  
    I am not fat so I want look bad if I double and if I do I can lose weight  
    I love water  
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