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    how about noooo...  
    i know my sibling will not save me  
    i swear these jb ones are being made bye 9 year old fans  
    a guy wanted to jump off a 50m cliff so he got 50m's or bungee cord  
    kill the tiger and use it's skin as a blanket  
    free lobster stuff it down your pants when you get out  
    clean up on isle 9  
    oxygen deprivation is the best way to die  
    fist fight under the water  
    I would probs jump edward and steal his shoes  
    already there  
    Your not you when your hungry  
    I am a dude  
    an eternity in heaven 80 years on earth  
    you can't punch grandmas  
    at least i can still enjoy my self after  
    i already do this  
    Mean while in australia  
    just drink it  
    mean while in australia  
    I piss in the pool while standing out side it JK  
    I can jack off while it is dark so no one can see  
    I had no regrets with this question  
    F*** picked the wrong one  
    i would rather blue waffle  
    there is always anal  
    make someone your b*tch  
    can I rape the walrus  
    Q:How do you know your wife's dead A: she can still root good but the dishes are piling up  
    this is kinky +1
    Kadafi looks badass  
    what if you walk next to a hot girl and say I would like to ( you know were I am getting at)  
    Jesus's sacrifice is more better then my whole life  
    at least I will look fabulous  
    don't want her too drunk  
    so I can get my ball's checked bye chicks  
    I can just pirate good quality movies  
    that is creepy m8  
    so I can buy other people more gifts and my self my choice of gifts problem solved  
    ask my friends if I can borrow there computer  
    I would try and go out with my crush and let my worst enemy catch me doing it.  
    I don't want other people wiping my ass.  
    Is there friends with benefits  
    I am Christian and I approve of gay marriage! +1
    Harvest there organs and make them watch MUAHAHAHAHA  
    Kick them in the balls Battle won  
    I will let him SUFFER FOR HIS CONSEQUENCES!!!!  
    I would like to experience it one day  
    even though i will get fat i will be happy  
    yay more wet dreams!  
    never saw it and hope to see it one day  
    go outside and punch trees  
    to get homeless off the street and start new life's  
    I think they are both girls  
    when I hang around tv stores this is what i do most of the time  
    at least they are hot  
    I can just jump off and the snow will absorb the shock.  
    Pepsi tastes like chemicals  
    at least I don't live with the guilt of taking other peoples things  
    Would want to know the truth then cry about it in bed  
    I am patient but not with dumb drivers  
    my opinion on today's music is just loud noises and crap about how people want hookers.  
    As long as I am always with god I am happy  
    I wish for the knowledge to get 100 billion  
    Bilbo your a hobbit. I'm a what?  
    If it's from a hot chick yes  
    I think instant death is better then having a slow an painful death being average  
    I think this has happened to me to many times that I am used to it :,(  
    at least I will have company  
    last time I had a pig it was called dinner  
    Pc 4 life mac cant run any games  
    at least I will look fabulous  
    I will know how to rule everything  
    I will not have a demon baby.  
    All I'm missing is a turtle shell.  
    Can I have the drugs you are taking?  
    what if i had realy F**ked up dreams  
    i will act as a ghost and scare the sh** out of every one  
    I will dress as a sheriff and kill my best friend +1
    now I feel bad  
    lets be honest we would all choose the money at the end of the day.  
    prank my friends bye falsely diagnosing them with cancer  
    I would get a native sleeve. +1
    if I hated some one I could stab them then rewind and repeat then when I am satisfied just rewind and don't do it.  
    I would like to know the cause of death so I can prevent it  
    I would like to know the cause of my death so I can prevent it.  
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