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    I enjoy chocolate.  
    quicker death if I fall.  
    I drink 2 two-liters a day anyway.  
    I don't mind big guys. Sometimes they're uh...proportionate in other ways as well lol ;)  
    commando---because I don't like my nips showing through my shirt  
    Hell is repetition.  
    I have an Ipod. But my phone is all the way Android :)  
    I'm 22 and I love Spongebob.  
    Just keep Swimming. Just keep swimming  
    I never wear white shirts lol  
    hell. if it tastes like chocolate, why not. Now I'm not gullible enough to say "oh it tastes like pudding? Yeah, I'll eat it". No, no, no. That's like yellow snow tasting like like lemonade. geez.  
    Mila Kunis  
    I can have bacon any time. Dinner with Morgan Freeman is like one of my bucket lists! +1
    older. rawr.  
    Batman wins yet again ;)  
    Books, of course.  
    friday friday  
    I laughed my ass off just now.  
    Keifer Sutherland!!!!  
    Jacob, because the vampires disgust me in those movies (the whole series does).  
    keep a move on, then.  
    Burn, baby, burn!  
    ^ damn straight +9
    Kill the fiance.  
    Blind date: Could be sweet. Could be rapist. Online: Could be sweet. Could be rapist. It's not really a competition here.  
    with love SHOULD be trust.  
    Mine is easy since he was emotionally abusive. Forgive, forget, but you're dead.  
    I've seen both movies but i'm not having cancer. Sorry, Mandy Moore, but I'm going with the Notebook.  
    This is the 21st century. I'm asking him out!!  
    I'm a girl (Why does this matter), and I choose Mila Kunis. She's sexy, and loves video games. I mean....what MORE can you ask for?!  
    You know everyone secretly said yes but some of them were guilty and put 'no' but they're like (yeah, I would). lol.  
    I know, right!  
    I personally enjoy Human Centipede. To me, it's a classic horror movie. Maybe not a porno but the girls are pretty. +1
    watch it. It's on Netflix. You'll never see a better twisted horror movie again (and this one is 100% scientifically proven).  
    I have an aversion to worms. But I'll eat a cricket. Can I have garlic bread? :D  
    my entire internet history includes: Youtube clips of random animals eating, guys getting kicked in their balls, quizzes, dirty pictures, Batman obsessions, Harry Potter sites, and Ebay. There, one question out of the way. NEXT  
    I get a lot of stuff done with ten wishes  
    Michael Jackson all the way!!!! THRILLER!  
    then Kudos to you!! :D :D  
    doggies :D  
    i like cheese  
    there are other things to do than just sex itself. There are...ways around it ;) +1
    go for the happy  
    that's how much I despise Justin Beiber.  
    HARRY POTTER! (and anything but Twilight, but,.....) HARRY POTTTERRRRRRRR  
    EMMA WATSON FTW!! :D :D :D :D  
    You either get busy livin' or get busy unicorn-in'.  
    this goes well with the question of living in the Harry Potter world---so being a witch (I'm female) would be of extreme help! :D  
    I'd have some weird tv.  
    one bullet in a gun, spin the barrel. You put it to your head. Depending on the gun, you have one out of so many chances you can die, but you'll have that one chance that the bullet will hit home. So this is, would you die for 100,000,000 dollars?  
    Prison: food, cable, shelter....and if you're lucky, you can have friendly guards and inmates (the good natural friendly, not the go behind and molest you friendly).  
    I download music cheap and legally....and I LOVE COFFEE  
    On the grounds of my own morality, I absolutely refuse to answer this question. I'll kill myself before this happens. +1
    I have three tattoos :)  
    I'd look soooo cute!! and my clothes would be sooo much cheapter in the little toddler's section lol  
    Tom Hiddleston.  
    This is the question I'd prefer a BOTH since I believe in both creationism and the Big Bang. But I lean towards God than Big Bang because I'm certain God created the Big Bang. But I accept all other theories as well because, face it, none of us know what REALLY happened.  
    I like clowns. that is all.  
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