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Would you rather watch Louis CK or Bo Burnham 5 years ago 125 votes 3 comments 0 likes
What's more annoying? People who celebrate Valentines Day? or People who complain about it 5 years ago 156 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Do you have a tumblr? Yes. [Comment] or No. 5 years ago 219 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Who is a better role model? Marilyn Manson or Justin Bieber 5 years ago 207 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Which was more disturbing? A Serbian Film or The Human Centipede 5 years ago 149 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather watch It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia or How I Met Your Mother 5 years ago 143 votes 3 comments 0 likes
During which more did you cry more? Marley and Me or The Notebook 6 years ago 250 votes 16 comments 0 likes
How would you answer the door on Halloween? Punch every kid in the face? or Answer it naked? 6 years ago 295 votes 14 comments 0 likes
If there was no google which would you use? Yahoo or Bing 6 years ago 452 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Who's hotter? Bam Margera or Steve-O 6 years ago 199 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Never be able to masturbate? or Kill a stranger and get away with it? 6 years ago 541 votes 18 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be straight edge for the rest of your life? or Or never eat your favorite food ever again? 6 years ago 381 votes 11 comments 0 likes

Mansonluv23 has posted the following comments:

i will murder you 5 years ago  
best show 5 years ago  
make love to a train 5 years ago +2
2 spoopy 5 years ago  
DONNIE DARKO 5 years ago +1
Alaska 5 years ago  
already do 5 years ago +1
it was graded based on performance 5 years ago  
P.E 5 years ago  
All Quiet on the Western Front...nope 5 years ago  
gumgoo 5 years ago  
Kimberly Wyatt's my favorite 5 years ago +1
gumgoo 5 years ago  
best katy song besides you're so gay(: 5 years ago  
wednesday! 5 years ago +5
manson!! 5 years ago  
PARTY ONNNN!!! 5 years ago  
lmao 1 guy 1 horse 5 years ago  
#NORAGRETS 5 years ago  
i have a phobia of foot fetishes 5 years ago  
make sure it's from concentrate 5 years ago +2
changing the sky would also mean changing the water's color 5 years ago +2
they already do 5 years ago +2
"The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma." 5 years ago +4
ew 5 years ago  
Rosie O'Donnell did do her voice 5 years ago +1
hate the way silk feels 5 years ago  
Michael Cera, Marilyn Manson, Lacey Mosely, Amy Lee 5 years ago  
i'd have to go to school regardless 5 years ago  
*stairway 5 years ago +2
im angry all the time soooo.... 5 years ago +1
#CUT4BIEBER 5 years ago +1
lemons 5 years ago  
Favorite Band 5 years ago  
what if you're not a close minded b*tch? 5 years ago  
lies 5 years ago +3
round house 6 years ago  
i don't drink 6 years ago +3
pretty sure my neighbor is a pedophile... 6 years ago +1
close-minded much? 6 years ago  
worst bands ever 6 years ago +2
fuucking stereotypes 6 years ago +3
Wooh! rockin' some docs right now 6 years ago +4
feels so weird to be dry 6 years ago +1
HEROS!!!! 6 years ago  
russell freaking brand 6 years ago +3
i already have claustrophobia... 6 years ago  
haha the beach here is gross 6 years ago +1
0mq kony 2O12 lolz #stophim 6 years ago +2
without friendship how can they want to be partners? 6 years ago +4
i admit i have a girl crush on ellen page 6 years ago  
straight edge mother fuucker 6 years ago +3
i fuucking hate rap 6 years ago +1
im a girl and i haven't 6 years ago +1
who says i'll sleep 6 years ago +2
straight edge...sorry :/ 6 years ago +1
fuccking steezers 6 years ago +3
im impatient 6 years ago  
>:) 6 years ago  
possibly 6 years ago  
cause its thin and you only move it in once 6 years ago  
umm no 6 years ago +1
i cried for literally an hour 6 years ago +1
mmmm 6 years ago  
wtf tampons absorb better 6 years ago +2
sweet 6 years ago  
im against their food 6 years ago  
time for cake and sodomy 6 years ago  
hey why not try it? 6 years ago +2
honestly doesnt matter. as long as they're loving parents it doesnt matter if they're gay 6 years ago +2
who cares if shes gay?? 6 years ago +5
i like being short. 5'2" 6 years ago  
no but i dont eat them 6 years ago +6
does my hand count? 6 years ago +3
joey!! 6 years ago +1
billie....yum 6 years ago  
not my favorite but i still like them 6 years ago  
faaaaaame 6 years ago +1
lol this makes me laugh 6 years ago  
thank god for callouses 6 years ago  
you ever see a live birth...ew 6 years ago +3
conceded b*tch 6 years ago +3
high school is hell 6 years ago +4
paper breaks 6 years ago  
technically St. Nick WAS real just not the typical santa we know today 6 years ago +3
my nails would just break; they're really weak 6 years ago +1
i hit it early and got made fun of for wearing a bra -.- 6 years ago  
liz gillies 6 years ago +1
the dude masturbated with sandpaper 6 years ago  
wear a bag over my head 6 years ago  
we're already fcked anyways 6 years ago +2
gays are god people too 6 years ago +1
hence kidney beans 6 years ago +1
no hands 6 years ago +2
im not going near dead saw south park 6 years ago +3
i already have a dirty mind 6 years ago +2
i hate sweating 6 years ago +5
lol this makes me laugh 6 years ago +1
comb when its wet brush when its dry 6 years ago +3
why would i go to hell for having a stud in my nose 6 years ago +3
orgasm 6 years ago +4
orgasm 6 years ago  
none 6 years ago +2
yummm 6 years ago  
im used to it 6 years ago  
i don't wish i know 6 years ago  
what about that lady on obsessed who washed her ass with a toothbrush 6 years ago +1
would have a heart attack 6 years ago  
CHOCOLATE 6 years ago +1
onion rings 6 years ago  
only overly religious people who feel the need to judge others by how they follow rules that are outdated....and this is coming from a christian 6 years ago +1
mount and dew me 6 years ago +1
westboro church would just judge me 6 years ago +1
ughh none. i hate preppy girls who wear them 6 years ago +2
i love green day but i'd get tired of them :/ 6 years ago  
i dont smoke weed 6 years ago +2
just chew the glass down. it'll be like rock candy 6 years ago  
metal 6 years ago +2
i loved killer klowns(: 6 years ago  
my shaving cuts don't usually hurt even though they bleed more 6 years ago +1
protection 6 years ago +3
farrenhight 6 years ago  
stop with the loopholes 6 years ago +1
fishy 6 years ago  
orgasm 6 years ago  
if they're too cute they look/act like little girls 6 years ago +1
im straight but i would go with my gay/bi friends 6 years ago +2
doesn't really matter...both 6 years ago  
bothh 6 years ago +2
wooooh parade! 6 years ago +1
channing tatum might be slightly retarted 6 years ago +3
at least not nauseousness 6 years ago +1
periods can be light at times 6 years ago  
umm who cares? it's just the way they were born 6 years ago +4
i spent my whole summer indoors anyways 6 years ago +4
so she can get rid of her stupid boyfriend living with us -.- 6 years ago +3
we all know mileys a slut anyways 6 years ago  
lol men only...biitch please it's hypothetical 6 years ago +3
i love how most girls voted for whack a mole...come on now let's be serious 6 years ago +5
just because it gets better not only involves gays but others who are bulled as well. still, both great campaigns. 6 years ago +1
wtf are other girls really that dumb?? it should be way more 6 years ago  
at least ill have genitals 6 years ago  
yesss 6 years ago  
zombie 2 looks like a tard. 6 years ago +4
smash that fuccker with my big ass 6 years ago +9
no pun intended 6 years ago  
like a boss 6 years ago +1
howard!! yum 6 years ago  
none. straight edge 6 years ago +4
i always wanted to know what a boner felt like 6 years ago +2
i love roger 6 years ago  
lol i just liked the picture 6 years ago +1
my doctor makes be get naked... 6 years ago +1
NEIL 6 years ago  
if i believed in god i would go to heaven?? 6 years ago +1
it is 6 years ago  
i want 1000000 in singles 6 years ago +2
is mayonnaise and instrument 6 years ago +1
YA NASTY 6 years ago +5
im not alone if i have my hands 6 years ago +1
obvious troll is obvious 6 years ago  
pomeranians are so fluffy(: 6 years ago +4
i never even got nap time in preschool 6 years ago +1
yerrow power 6 years ago +2
i hate bacon 6 years ago +3
i wouldn't want to change the past. everything happens for a reason 6 years ago  
i thought the second pic was a girl at first... 6 years ago +1
i like some eyeliner on a guy sometimes(: 6 years ago +4
ill already be going to heaven. why pass the opportunity 6 years ago +2
taylor swift looks more clean 6 years ago +2
marilyn manson 6 years ago  
omg i just like the pcture xD 6 years ago +2
guys only?? im not gay but im sorry they're both very attractive 6 years ago  
it already happened... 6 years ago  
hillary is more of a man than obama 6 years ago +14
OTEP 6 years ago  
howard sterns kinda hot....dont judge me 6 years ago  
i'd like to stay a girl please(: 6 years ago  
i would love to be a gay man for a while 6 years ago  
wtf. stick thin girls aren't sexy at all 6 years ago +4
i believe in god but technically evolution is real 6 years ago +7
california has sh*t tap water :/ 6 years ago +3
i feel like shooting myself as soon as each come on the radio 6 years ago  
Wooooh 6 years ago  
YUM howard 6 years ago +4
girls can answer. im not gay but im not a pussy to admit i would gladly date penny 6 years ago  
i love to troll 6 years ago +1
i picked a random one. i dont feel like doing math 6 years ago +4
ehh neither 6 years ago  
katy perry is pretty but an air head 6 years ago +1
none 6 years ago +1
b*tch, you're never too old for disney 6 years ago  
im a christian and i hate religious fanatics 6 years ago +9
orgasm 6 years ago  
its not rape if you like it.... 6 years ago +1
enough with this question. the joker wins. period. 6 years ago +8
im a christian and think being gay is NOT wrong at all. and yes i do believe some atheists are a lot nicer than the jugdemental christians i see.i would respect my child no matter what. 6 years ago +6
ww3 wont happen. and i like zombies. 6 years ago  
that would be exciting 6 years ago +3
immortal until the rapture at least 6 years ago  
i'd bang both 6 years ago  
i think people will get a kick outta my fcked up mind 6 years ago  
girls can think girls are sexy and not be gay...or maybe shes a lesbian or bi. whats it to you? 6 years ago  
guys can answer 6 years ago +2
fuuck you 6 years ago +9
i wear both o.0 6 years ago +4
ice age sucks 6 years ago  
sorry mom and dad... 6 years ago  
none 6 years ago  
i love the mentally insane 6 years ago  
lol south park 6 years ago +3
ew 6 years ago +2
why is it 49% and 50% 6 years ago  
the food sucks too 6 years ago +1
lol its awkward to talk to dads about periods and bras 6 years ago +4
guuuurrl 6 years ago +3
oww 6 years ago +1
why not give em a show? 6 years ago +1
ehh my beach is gross 6 years ago  
im not a niigger 6 years ago +2
i just like breakfast sooo 6 years ago  
faggot 6 years ago +6
surprised with the results.... 6 years ago +375
dentures 6 years ago +1
darren criss....yum 6 years ago +5
3 some please?? 6 years ago +5
roger is a bisexual drunken alien who has multiple personalities...brian is a boring dog 6 years ago +10
michelle obamas kinda manly 6 years ago +5
nope. he made it all up 6 years ago +1
i just hate the food 6 years ago  
less work 6 years ago  
again bothh 6 years ago  
ahhh both!!!! 6 years ago  
ughh i love both of them 6 years ago +1
its comfy 6 years ago +5
whats wrong with a little hair? 6 years ago +8
eww 6 years ago +1
i already moved :/ 6 years ago  
orgasm 6 years ago  
daran crisss 6 years ago  
trolls make the internet a better place 6 years ago +2
don't smoke weed(: 6 years ago +6
sweatings gross 6 years ago +1
only cause i love the goth kids on south park 6 years ago +1
i think guys with nail polish are sexy 6 years ago +3
both are good but mayo is gross by itself 6 years ago +6
ABORT 6 years ago +6
eww neither 6 years ago +1
my grandma would just forget 6 years ago +5
i dont wanna get molested 6 years ago +2
aren't they the same? 6 years ago +7
pugs are so ugly they're adorable(: 6 years ago +5
What if God created the big bang... o.O 6 years ago  
i already laugh when someone dies 6 years ago  
Honestly, Howard Sterns pretty hot 6 years ago  
i hate bacon 6 years ago +1
lil wayne looks like a piece of sh*t 6 years ago +2
Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum 6 years ago  
ROCKK \m/ 6 years ago  
i. fuucking. hate. kids. 6 years ago +4
ive already been shhhhed 6 years ago  
snapes kinda sexy 6 years ago +17
i dont 6 years ago  
shes gonna die anyways 6 years ago +1
white out 6 years ago  
i cant stand all the english accents 6 years ago  
i just like the x-files theme song 6 years ago +3
the revenge would be sweet 6 years ago  
at least my worst enemy wouldnt eat me 6 years ago +7
burger king has onion rings(: 6 years ago  
that'd be kick ass 6 years ago +1
both are good to make fun of 6 years ago +8
mmmmmm robert downy jr 6 years ago +1
im already the whitest person here 6 years ago  
marilyn manson 6 years ago  
my mom yells too much. my dad takes it easy on me 6 years ago  
'MERICA 6 years ago  
just press your lips on it. not your teeth 6 years ago  
wear a butt plug 6 years ago  
canada has tim hortons 6 years ago  
i love a good personality 6 years ago  
i need a new phone anyways 6 years ago  
lol ryan seacrest tried to high five that dude 6 years ago  
if a murderer goes free they kill more people. 6 years ago  
texas is filled with hillbilly rednecks 6 years ago  
3 way please?? 6 years ago +10
my dog already humps me 6 years ago +1
i am a loser with kick ass loser friends 6 years ago  
bam and steve-o?? sign me up 6 years ago +1
my fat would protect me 6 years ago +3
RENT IS TOO DAMN HIGH 6 years ago +3
my uncle survived lightning 6 years ago +2
hipsters are douchbags 6 years ago +1
HEIL 6 years ago  
you can tell her your bi...she'll probably like it. i know i would 6 years ago  
theres always masturbation 6 years ago  
girls have genitals.... 6 years ago  
orgasm.... 6 years ago  
i would just give them sh*t for it 6 years ago  
im an open book 6 years ago +1
both put me to sleep 6 years ago  
pugs 6 years ago  
salty 6 years ago  
VERY NICE! 6 years ago  
you get a kick ass cast 6 years ago  
MR. BACON 6 years ago  
without hearing theres no music D: 6 years ago +3
if you chew it down good enough... 6 years ago  
doesnt matter had sex 6 years ago +4
hobos scare me 6 years ago  
doesnt matter had sex 6 years ago +6
cyberbully was funny 6 years ago  
pigs orgasms last for 30 minutes...soooo.... 6 years ago +1
VERY NICE 6 years ago +5
orgasm 6 years ago +2
insidious was funny as hell 6 years ago  
:/ i love them both 6 years ago +1
family guy used to be funnier... 6 years ago +1
cartmans badass. he made that kid eat his parents 6 years ago  
dude mclovin is actually pretty hot 6 years ago +9
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