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    What about rape?  
    No you just don't understand why we support it  
    If I were the kid I wouldn't care because I wouldnt have feelings yet.  
    People are considered dead when they have no brain activity left. So babies should not be considered alive until they have brain activity. They don't have brain activity until they are born, so technically they aren't alive yet.  
    What about rape victims? Should they really put their life at risk having a baby that they never even wanted?  
    I feel like the only reason people are against abortions is because they believe in god. I do too, but you HAVE to keep religion out of political debates. This country was built on freedom of religion, so is it really fair that everybody has to follow laws that Christians voted for JUST because of their religion? If you took god out of the picture entirely, and actually thought about WHY people have abortions, then maybe you would all change your minds. Its not fair how this country is following Christian beliefs when we also have people of other religions. +1
    You could fill up 10 pages with all the "who would you rather have as a president". Stop asking  
    My dad doesn't allow me to date other races, I don't care what colour he is, personally  
    If you feel abortion is wrong, don't get one  
    Why would you hope anyone to get raped  
    I have a lot if friends in new jersey  
    No, I am right there with you  
    Blockbuster is dead  
    Yes but religious fanatics don't do anything but cause problems. +1
    A game where you take a revolver and one bullet, and you spin the cartridge around and shoot at your head. Its a 1/6 chance of you dying  
    Biased much?  
    I don't see the point in not having sex until marriage. Why? As long as you love the person you do it with, its fine. Its not an act of saving purity, you can have sex and still be pure. Sex is natural. You aren't giving in to temptation, you are experiencing being a human with actual attractions, and that's okay.  
    If only I knew how technology worked  
    Girly girls aren't always fake. It's just a lot of us go too far with it. I love to wear pretty feminine dresses and do my hair and makeup everyday. I don't, however, make sure I look perfect and try to mask the fact that I have real problems. These pictures are really biased. +1
    Wigs and I'd never have to shave again!!  
    I'm a visual artist so yeah...  
    It's so much more exciting and fun to open gifts! Cash just shows that the people giving you it don't want to make the effort of choosing something especially for you.  
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